Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hai, Long Time no See

i left and kept on silent for more than 3 months. Not because i left no ideas or news but time just not permitted me to write. The internet at home was so slow. I think the snail races faster than my internet. So forget about down loading photos. Cyber cafe is out of question. Time was so envy with me and i got to carry my IT gadget along and start to unpack my bag.

January, the schools opened. I got to think about my children's books and uniforms. At night they would complaint to me that teachers want this and that and make me real mad sometimes....He....he.... this book is not right and we need other books ...Oh god...i think i was fully exhausted, luckily my wife patiently helping me to resolve those issues. End of the day i calculated and almost RM2000 I had spent for books and uniforms. My sixth child starts kindergarten and need further attention.MY Eldest will sit for his PMR examination in October and my daughter will sit for UPSR. Another money spending for tuition fees. Sometimes i just pondered how the lower income group to cope with this expensive and escalated situation.

My travel to Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava are in the pipe line and yet another story of Turkmenistan. Now I'm in Kiyanly, Turkmenistan for the OGT jop. I dont know when suppose to be permanent here but just not ready to station here for another 6 months. My thought more to my family coz I've left them for the last 2 years when i was in Sudan. The country is different from sudan. Perhaps i should write in detail about Turkmenistan when time allows.