Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shopping For Hari Raya

I spent the whole day with my daughters today shopping for Hari Raya. For me, to shop with my daughters for Hari Raya always be the most difficult part. Especially when they already claimed that they are grown up tenagers. Hhhhmmm...whatever it is I am still their father and their custodian until they get marry and the responsible tranfers to their husband.

I have read an article in one of my favorite blog. It says that taking care of our girls just like a shepherd taking care of his flock of sheep. You want to know what does it mean? Ok...let me tell you what I can understand. If the shepherd takes care of his sheep, he will ensure that the sheep will have enough grass to graze. He will move from one place to another to find another greener pasture. He will not leave the sheep and lead the sheep back into the farm. He needs to alert all the time to ensure that all the sheep are safe and sound and not being attacked by the wolves or the beasts.

Similarly, we cannot leave our girls with too much freedom and make sure they are always in our radar. That is why in Islam, if the parents provide their daughters with sufficient ad deen and arrange their marriage to the rightious person, the parents will be granted jannah. And the responsiblity immediately transfers to their husband from the parents.

By the way I also bought 2 pairs of shoes for my wife.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Nasi Kerabu

I would say Malaysia is a food heaven. You could find abundance of food every where, night or day. There are plenty restaurants open for 24 hour. The place for food could range from simple food stall or street food vendor to exclusive restaurants. You also could find all sorts of food here. The price is very reasonable compared to other places in the world.

If you would like to taste the originallity of Malaysian food why dont you try Nasi Kerabu or Salad Rice. It originates from the state of Kelantan resides in the East Coast. The funny part is the rice is blue in color. I believe the blue color because of the herb. It will be served with ayam percik or bbq chicken showered with spicy cocoanut gravy, keropok(fish crips) and salted egg.

I just had it yesterday with a cost of rm14 equivalent to $4. You got quarter chicken! It will end up with full stomach through out the day. Enhoy your self!
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Blooming Season

My plumeria just blooming. Both I bought the cuts from Sg Buluh nursery. Its about a year finally I saw the flower. They are beautiful and added to my collections. At first I was not sure what would be the colors and smell like because I did not mark at the cuttings. There are few more that I could not regconise the colors.

Luckily I have friends from Plumeria Addicts face book that could advise me about the name. The yellow is named Spider Yellow and the other I am still waiting the reply from PA fb. Dont you think they are pretty?
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are they Impossible?

There are few things in my life that I would adore to achieve. My passion to write a book is never perish. When come to think of it the spirit of writing is dying off gradually. I could say that I am just not ready. I have to sit down and think what is the topic or subject that I am familiar with and start to pen down the ideas. Hhhhmmmm......the fact is TIME is against me now. But I still keep in mind that one day I would write my own book. Sometimes the spirit ascendingly high but at time it falls apart. How to deal with this kind of problem?

Why when you are getting older you might think that there are things you would like to achieve but it seems impossible? You already missed them when you were young but would it be possible when you are at present? Yesterday I post a tread in my facebook about having six packs ab. I received such a wonderful and hillarious comment....hahahaha........ It is quite impossible for but possible for those who is disciplined and determined. Is life about being macho? Obviously not! Life is about how to please Allah swt.

One thing that I have to concentrate now is about photography. I need to master it as soon as possible. This week end I will spare some times with Hadi to improve my lesson. Everything is time. I need to spare some my valuable time.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Island Hopping And Snookling

If you come to Sabah never miss to visit small islands with crystal water and sea water activities. Even I have been to Sabah many times and many years ago, I havent got the opportunity for sea water activities. The fact was I never experienced before. Similarla when I visited Tioman Island, I never bother to have sea water activities. No need for scuba diving because you need a special license. Snookling must be the least.

Since the next day i.e. Saturday was a free day, we managed to arrange for islands tour. The cost to visit those three islands was RM150 including lunch. Our flight was around 5.00pm and we still have plenty of time for the islands tour. We departed from our hotel at 8.00 am and the tour guide was already waiting for us. With a short safety briefing for the dos and donts, immediately we embarked into the boat.

I thought the journey would be more than 1 hour instead we reached the first island i.e. Island Memutik within 15 minutes. At the first glance of the small island I was fascinated for its beauty and tranquality. Since we didnt have much time and have another two islands to visit, we spent in this island for only half an hour.

Our next Island was Manukan Island. We could no longer wait to swim and snookle along the beach. The fine sandy beach and crystal clear blue sea water made us felt invited and overwhelming. Now was the time to enjoy. The best part was when we started to snookle and feed the fishes. There were many fishes coming and surrounding us for the food. Thanks to my friends for bringing the bread from the hotel. It was a great advanture. I dont really recognise what the fishes were but it was amazing when you try to touch and and hold the and if only we were lucky.

About 10.30am we moved to Sapi Island. This island is the biggest and bit crowded with people. It seemed that the areas were restricted due to many crowds. It was hard to mice around especially near to coral area.
Now I know what can I get and manage for the next visit. There are camping areas provided for those who would like to erect their tent for nights stay. You could bring your own food and manage your activities. The best part it just like a fantasy island.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Strolling Alone

I just finished my evening walk along the main road adjacent to the water front. I just wondered what was I looking for. I kept on walking with a slow pace and started to look around anything interesting. What I needed now was to have a nescafe tarik. Hhhhmmmm.....where should I go. I entered one building which was a wet market. Then struck to my mind that my wife asked me to buy dried shrimp.

I walked till the end, finally I saw few groceries shops selling dried fish, shrimp, squilt etc. I bought ikan bilis and dried shrimp for a kilo each. As I waked further I met Bazar Filipina. had already changed.

Quite surprise when I entered the mall and could find there were few shops selling pirated CDs and DVDs.
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Just Had My Breakfast

It is a luxurious breakfast. Yeah...when you stay in the hotel with breakfast provided and everything is free, you tend to eat a lot. May be it is not you but me.....hihihi. Further more you stay in 5 stars hotel. Abundance of food to choose.

I just had a western breakfast and nasi lemak. This is heavy breakfast and possibly I can skip the lunch today. The nutritionist informed that never skip the breakfast because it acts as jump starter to boost the energy for the day. With the age is increasing and the mwtabolism is decreasing, it is time to be choosey for food.
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What To Eat?

We returned to hotel about 6.00pm. It was almost dark and time for maghrib. Few of my friend request for seafood dinner. It was too early for me to eat. I had already eaten too much for the day. Breakfast at the hotel was amazing. During the presentatuin and question and answer I ate two kuepow (steamed bun). Then having another lunch. Wow that was really too much.

When I reached my room, I need a good rest and a shower. I thought of going into the pool but the pool was not big enough and quite numbers of people in it. Hhhmmm......what should I do next. Lets walked along the see front and see what I can get. Perhaps I can have a very light dinner. As I walked along, there were many stalls selling all sort of seefood. They looked very appetizing but too much for me to swallow.

I think KFC is just nice for me....
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu

I just arrived Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I feel quite tired and sleepy. What I need now is a warm water shower to moist and revitalise my body. Hopefully I will enjoy a serene and sound sleep.

I have finished unpacked the bags and ready for tomorrow's assignment. It is great to be here again after so many years never return back. Pretty much different from 18 years ago. Ok.....let we see what will be the updates tomorrow.
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Leaving For Kota Kinabalu

I am leaving for Kota Kinabalu shortly. Few times I have been to Kota Kinabalu but those were few years ago. Not only I stopped at KK but I resumed my journey to Sandakan using the main road. We passed Kundasang and few mountny areas. The road was not paved. Along the way we were fighting to remain our body fixed to the seat. By the time we arrived Sandakan our muscles already shrink and painful and need little bit of rest to recover. It was 22 years ago.

Then I travelled to KK quite frequent when I worked with MAB. After I left MAB, no more trip to KK. After 17 years I am coming back again to KK. This is not a holiday trip but a business trip. Let see what I can update in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The New Model

I was at the hotel entrance and there were kiosks selling bicycles, paintings and other decorative and children items. While waiting for my recess to end I stopped by at the bicycle area. I love to see these bicycles model because they are unique. They are not mountain bike bicycles but very casual for cycling on the road. Obviously they are imported.

When looked at it, I tried to imagine cycling along the beach or water front during the breezing season. It must be wonderful. The price was not that expensive but very trendy. I asked the sales man who would buy the bicycle? He showed me the photos of the club and events that explained the market is pretty good. Do I need to buy one? I dont need one. The mountain bike is waiting in my studio to be repaired.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

My New Ring

Last week I received a call from my vendor telling me that my new ring is ready. Now I remember about the ring. I asked the vendor to tailor made my ring since March and I lost the receipt anyway. I was not really fond of ring until my friend influenced me about his varieties of rings.

The shining ruby stone I bought when I was visiting Egypt last November. I asked few goldsmiths to tailor made to my existing ring but nobody could do it. There was one but too expensive and have to send to Hong Kong. Finally I met a vendor from Afghanistan and he claimed that we can do it. He showed me few samples to convince me. Yeah....I agreed and we made a deal but I have to wait for 3 months.

Now I got my new ring as my birthday gift from myself. Dont you think it is nice and glamour? Can you imagine how would I talk to my friends and waving my fingers to have that glittering effect??? Haha.....I feel like UMNO Datuk now.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Hana Nursarah

Today is Hana's birthday. She is two years old. We dont have any celebration because we had already celebrated twice. First during Kiss's birthday and second was during my birthday. There are so many people amongst my relatives celebrate their birthday in June. Yeah...we have spent too much in June.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something To Share

Why few people reluctant to share their valuable knowledge with others? People may think that if I share with somebody I cannot control the market and prohibit me from exploiting the opportunity? If somebody never share their knowledge or experience it will go with them to the grave and never benefit anybody. People wont appreciate him or her but curse him or her to rot.

I would like to share my experience especially dealing with cooking recipes. One day my wife asked somebody who was selling cakoi about the recipe, and she refused to offer the recipe. Ok...fair enough and that was her right to do so. We respect her decision anyway. In some occasions you bought a recipe book but the recipes inside never give the correct ingredients and measurements. So what would you do? Curse the author for not being honest? Hhhhmmmm.....people go to classes and learned how to cook the correct way and our easy way out just to get them for free?

I admire those who honestly like to share their valuable knowledge. They never lose anything. Allah says that those who shared their knowledges, Allah will increase the knowledge onto him and shower his blessing. Are we ready to share our knowledge and experience now?

Now I would like to share something with you. If you like to have good cookies recipes for cooking please buy this book. You can order from My wife have tried few of them and they are splendid and marvelous. Just a good time for you to try for Hari Raya.
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Life Is Not That Easy

I went to visit my daughter at he hostel. Today is a school open day and parents were invited to participate in the fiesta and meet the form teacher and getting the mid-term results. My daughter's results were not very convincing. The results were like a yoyo spinning up and down. I spent more than 40 minutes deliberately talking to the teacher. I was not sure whether the teacher started to get bored with my perpertual speach or I was branded to lepas geram. Hhhmmm.....I did not think that I wanted to lepas geram but more to suggestion.

First I asked why need to shorten the school holidays? Lets they enjoy their holidays without being harrassed with assignments and studies. Let they feel free to release the pressures and improve their quality time with families and feel rejuvenated. Once they completed their holiday, they are fresh and the mind is energetic enough to accept the challenges. To shorten the holiday is not going to improve anything. Just like to increase the volume of an ocean by throwing a bucket of water. No spiritual effects at all.

Secondly, why need to extend the class period up to five in the evening. They are kids and not adults. Their body and mental demand enough rest in order to be healthy. They are not robots without feeling and emotion. With classes to attend and the assignments to finish, they are studying round the clock and the results are not impressive any way. How about the teachers? Nobody can work beyond the limit because once the energy has reached the plateau, it never climbs up again instead slowly declining.

Thirdly, why need to rush and speed up to finish the syllibus if the students never understood anything being taught? It may benefit the bright students but how about the slow learners? The school is not boosting the morale but instead killing the students spirit and ability of learning.

Schools and teachers only wanted the best results but the way they implement the system is very wrong. I know the system is not actually coming from the school or teachers but from Ministry of Education. By the way I try to console and motivate my daughter not to panic. There is time for her to thorough her revision and gather a new spirit and confidence.

You know what happened to the teacher? She just smiled at me and proposed to say out loud during PIBG. hehehehe......but I like the teacher. She is so cute.....
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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Birthday

Today I got so many wishes of happy birthday from my friends through my Facebook. Then I replied to all of them any special gifts for me.... I am 47. I dont know how many more years left for me to live.....hhhhmmmm.

My wife presented me a birthday cake. Thanks for her time and effort. I love to receive this beautiful cake and perhaps many more wishes to come. Being an otai or senior, all I want is to have a good health and have the strength to do every good deeds. My Allah bless my life with barakah and bountiful to the end.
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Visiting The Orphans

I finished my duty around 12.00pm and immediately rushing to my hotel to check out. Our next trip is to Kuala Trengganu with a very special mission. On the way we stopped at Restoran Liza for lunch. I was having lunch with Bolok the day before and would love to enjoy sambal sotong and plenty of fish and seafood BBQ again with Ubai.

We thought of staying in Kuala Trengganu for a night but Ubai proposed to go back to KL after our mission accomplished. I agreed with him. At least I can take a rest and celebrate my birthday with my family. How nice it would be. Through out the journey, I was enjoying my dreaming until Ubai woke me up when we reach at Kuala Ibai. The lunch really leaving me flat like a punctured tyre.

I have lost their contact numbers. All I could remember, he told me ealier that he runs a food stall at Pasar Payang. That would be our first location. I have been once to Pasar Payang nearly 17 years ago when I bought a batik silk for my wife. We went upstairs to in search of Abdullah and Bilal. There were no sign of them. The area was quiet. I approached a man who was preparing a noodle soup and asked about Abdullah and Bilal. The man quite puzzled and seemed not recognise them. After spending for few minutes we decided to proceed to an undecided journey.

I have another chance to make it and I was convinced that I would able to make it. I have to have faith in Allah to get us close to them. I have been to their house once, and brought by my local KT friend but that was during the night visit where I could not recognide the surrounding in the dark. Finally I called Muhammad to know the name of the village and its directions even he himself have not been to their home. It is Kampung Bukit Tunggal.

Ok...we have the clue now! The traffic was slowing towards the SZA bridge. It was already 3.30 pm. The weather was humid and bright. I asked Ubai to drive slowly and observed for the kampung sini.... Oooo... Ooo..
. We saw the sign to the left before the traffic light. As we entered the Kampung, now we noticed that we were confused by the directions. We drove round and round the kampung until we got stuck. Oh my god....what were we supposed to do. There were many kampung by the name Bukit.....

I was almost gave up until I met a young man and asked about the house. I have to gather the right words and description and explained in details to that young man about my friend's (arwah) family. After a deep thougt, we were directed to the house.

When we arrived, the door was opened and suddenly was shutting. I gave salam repeatedly and managed to squirk the door. Alhamdulillah Abdullah was there and immediately I entered their house. They are my friend's children. They are totally orphans having no parents (mom n dad) due to cancer. They just like my own children.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last night I met Sal. We talked a lot of many topics. It was very interesting. He is still in Turkmenistan working with Turkish Company. He is contented with what he have now. Gossip? We have small gossipping here and there.....hihihi.

We had a nice sweet and sour ginger fish ( ikan siakap), seafood tomyam and fried rice. One hour later Hj Moktar joined us and our discussion and gossip extended until 10.30pm. It was still early though but I thougt I need to go back to the hotel for an early rest. We need to watch the match at 2.45 am Netherland vs Germany.

I have somework to do today before we drive towards Kuala Trengganu beforw zohor. Once everything is ok we will return to KL today. Ooo....tomorrow is my birthday and a rest day for me. Let us see what my wife is preoaring right now. Any suprises??
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paka Residence Hotel

We arrived last night around 10.00pm. This is my first stay in this hotel. Not too bad but acceptable. When I checked in and asked about the unsangkarably boleh tahan juga. A room for RM258. Almost the same price to Double Tree Hilton adjacent to my office. That is the price of corperate rate. When taking about hotel rate, it is better to book online because the rate is much cheaper.

I have another stay until tomorrow before return to Kuala Lumpur on Friday morning. I guess that I would meet my old friends and hang around with them for a while and share few small gossip.....hihihi.

I am waiting for Ubai right now to go for teh tarik and diner. Where and what to eat, let we find out. Obviously no mamak stall but for a quick Thai food must be fine...chow...
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yes, it is tough to finish my reading. Does it mean that the habit of reading is dying? No, it is not. It just a matter of reorganise my time and schedule. Yesterday, I wrote about reading and today I would like to continue writting about reading. Hopefully I would continue my reading habit but I should also increase my reading of Quran that provides me peace and tranquality.

I discovered a new novel written by Jodi. I always love to read her book. I think the book was first published in 2011 and do I need to have it? I picked up the book and read the synopsis to know what was it about. The feeling to buy the book is great but ultimately I would have to say no!

There are few non fiction books laying on my rack waiting for me to read. I was too ambitious when I bought these books. It is time for me to read the book about negotiation since I would practise that duty in near time. At least I have new ideas what to do when we cannot derive into a better conclusion.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Where Is My Reading Time

Since I returned home from Turkmenistan, hardly I could find and manage my time to read. I try very hard to finish my novel but I just failed. There is a novel entitle Bourders still sleeping inside my drawer in the office. I have read half way through but I never know when to complete my reading. I am still reading another novel at home but still a long way to go. I never give up though, but the mood and the time is not with me now. Oh has been 4 months and yet I am struggling to finish them.

Sometimes I just love to be stationed or working overseas apart from being far away from family. I would have plenty of time to read and concentrate on my hobbies. Can you imagine that each novel I could finish within two weeks. Four books I could finish within two months. Dont you think it is great! When I was at the bookshop at KLIA yesterday, I thought of buying books but my inner self just told me to stop! Stop for being foolish.

I think everybody would agree with me that time is flying incredibly fast. Day after day, week after week has passed and yet so many tasks unfinished. Are we just being lazy or mismanaged our time appropriately? Oh dear......actually I am run out of steam now.....
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Am Not Feeling Well

I am not feeling well since yesterday. I am having a sore throut and a runny nose. Thank god I dont have a headache right now. I feel lazy to do almost everything. Should I sing the Lazy Song rendered by ....... Even I am lazy to sing a song Bruno Mars ....hehehe. I know what will happen if I sing this song. My children will laugh out loud rolling on the floor. Hey......who say I could not sing? Hopefully tomorrow would be fine for me and my health would be improved. I have plenty of things to manage and settle at the office.
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Saturday, June 09, 2012

New Trousers From Uniqlo

I went to KLCC for a while and asked Ubai to take care of the kids. Yes, my intention was to find trousers from Parksons. I knew there was a sale. It was nearly 11.00 am. I went down the escalator and my direction was walking straight to uniqlo. Better find out what it can offer me. I walk from one area to another until I saw the trousers area.

I picked up one according to my size and went to a fitting room. Alhamdulillah it fitted my well. I was contemplating either to have one or two. There are few colours I have to choose and match with my shirts. After a long thought, I choosed the brown and gray colours. While waiting for the trousers to be altered, I lead my eay to ISetan.

What am I suppose to find? Lets go to the lady's accessories. I need to find a purse for Kizz birthday. I went to level 2 where there were plenty selection of lady's purse. Wow....the price was remarkably expensive! Do I need to buy for her? I dont think so because it is not her status to have an expensive purse. What I am worry is she might lose it in her hostel and there were many cases that somebody had stole her money. Let me shop with her a find a reasonable one!
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KLCC Garden and Water Park

Today is the last weekend of school holiday. When looking at my small children, I feel so guilty for not taking them for holiday. Finally I promised to bring them to KLCC Water Park. It just a small water park meant for small children. I know they would enjoy playing and soaking in the water plus the weather is not that good. The temperature soars especially during night time. I hope this a good idea to bring them here.

We woke up early and my wife was busy cooking nasi goreng in the kitchen. Everybody is excited especially Yusuff. As usual I asked Ubai to accompany me and packing the food and clothes to put in the car. Right now the surrounding and embient is gloomy. I am not sure whether it is going to rain or because of haze. Now the number of children in the pool is increasing. In a while there would be more people are coming. It seems that are ignoring me right know because the are engross with the water.
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Friday, June 08, 2012

A Bowl of Laksa

I had a bowl of Laksa for lunch yesterday. When the waitress came and put the laksa in front of me, I knew that the laksa must taste good. The aroma and the smell already drove me crazy. It was awesome. I was eating at Belanga yesterday.

One thing about laksa, especially laksa utara, it must be served with otak udang or shrimp paste. Then the taste would be better. But there are people dislike shrimp paste and it should be served separately instead of adding inside tha gravy. As for me it does not matter coz the shrimp paste would give an extra 'kick' to the laksa.

When I was young I like the laksa from the late arwah Pak Non. The taste was phenomenal. He used to sell the laksa with his motorbike selling around our housing area. During that time a bowl of laksa cost only 50¢. It was 30 over years ago.But the one that I had yesterday was RM9,90. There was a huge difference.
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