Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baju Batik

Niat di hati nak ku miliki, tapi saiz tak ada. Apa la..... Design yang aku tak berkenan tu pula yang berlambak. Hhmmmm....bila boleh aku miliki lagi.... Pegi Pasar Baru memang banyak tapi coraknya mak datuk......macam kampung. Aku bukan nak kutuk orang kampung ok.... Jangan salah tafsiran ye.... Yang dalam gambar ni harga pun boleh tahan juga. Tapi tak adelah mahal mana. So sapa datang Bandung untuk cari baju batik, elok datang ke Paris Van Jawa.

Trip To Bandung

Kali ni aku memang ambil cuti panjang. Banyak benda yang aku terpaksa uruskan. Tapi sebelum balik kerumah aku break journey dulu ke Bandung. Niat utama nak cari fabric untuk project quilting aku. Setelah aku tilik habis habisan, aku hanya perlu satu hari satu malam je untuk berada di sini. Aku bertolak dari KL naik Airasia pada pukul 6.50 pg dan selamat tiba pada pukul 8.10 waktu tempatan. Aku terus pergi ke Pasar Baru untuk beli fabric.

Sampai je, kedai Sona tak buka lagi. Aku pun pi menilau sat gedung ni. Then turun balik. Nampaknya tak ada banyak choice. Color pun pudar pudar. Memang tak sesuai untuk quilt aku. Pilih punya pilih adalah satu dua yang berkenan. Pas tu jalan lagi. Jumpa pulak kedai ni yang jual jingam fabric. Borong lagi. Perut dah lapo. Aku pegi food court makan sop buntut (kita panggil sop ekor), tilapia bakar, avocado juice dan air suam.....semua sekali rm35. Wow mahai jugak depa belasah aku.

Lepas tu pegi beli luggage dulu. Dah tak kuasa nak kendong barang2 yang berat ni. Habis dekat sejuta rupiah dah. Beli satu bag beso and satu bag kecil. Masuk semua barang dalam beg mudah nak surung. Teringat pula nak beli kain pelikat. Turun tingkat satu terus beli. Dah tak kuasa nak ronda ronda. Keluar je, depan dah sesak. Jam dah pukul 11.30 pagi. Aku jumpa penarik beca terus suruh dia hantar ke hotel. Waduh....memang penat....

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sambal Tumis Sotong

When you are alone, what should you do? I dont think that I can let TV3 corrupt my mind for the whole day and I dont think I need to lay on the bed for hours. Yes...I have many alternative activities. To engage myself with something meaningful and fruitful is more encouraging isn't it? Tak kan nak lepak dengan member gossiping again and again.... I think, I got enough gossips and politics. Sometimes  I adked myself what is the best way to please myself and people surrounding me? The only thing I realise is just to be ME.

Finally I opened the freezer and looking at my frozen squid. It would be a good idea if I cook sambal tumis sotong with nasi nelayan. It would bring me back to my mother that I learned how to cook nasi nelayan. Then I saw somebody posting a recipe how to masak asam sotong garnish with spring onion, red chilly and onion. This also brought me back to those yester years where I mother presented me this menu after coming home from school.

I was wondering which choice I have to make. I posted my my enquiry on the facebook for my fans to vote. It seemed that everybody suggest the sambal sotong is the yummy here we go.....

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Morning Routine During Weekend

I am feeling little bit ok eventhough my runny nose and coughing is not fully recuperating.  Ah.......I have to be strong being orang bujang perantau. This is life and perlu hidup berdikari dan kuat. Nowadays to do a washing is so simple and quick. All you need to do is pour the detergent,  set the water level and switch on. Wait for 40 minutes and finally everything is ready to be hanged.

Those years we were living with tight budget. Money was not enough to buy a washing machine and meant for the rich. I remembered when I assembled my dirty clothes and put in the bucket. Soaked with detergent and wait until the next day. The first two clothes were ok to brush. But when the next turn of other clothes it was tough to brush everything and I tend to rinse only. Finally I did it daily before my bath and eradicated my precious hours and energy.

I still remember my friend used to brush his teeth while his feet stamping the soaked clothes in the bucket. It was a good idea which you could complete two activities at a time...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tiba Tiba Aku Demam....

I am not feeling well since two days ago. I was sneezing in the sponsor meeting and I knew that I was already caught a fever. Oh...not again. The next morning my body was feeling bad but I got to chair a meeting at 8.00am with my contractor and I had an appointment with Zap. I went upstairs to meet Gareth and informed him to cancel the meeting and replaced for next Monday.

I have no mood to work after being exhausted for the whole week dealing preparation for the meeting. I have decided to go to the clinic and resting at home. I got a day mc, and drove straight home. I took a warm shower, medicines and lying on my bed hopefully I got a speedy recuperation.  This morning I work up at 8.00am and wondering what should I do today. I open a can of baked bean for my breakfast and still wondering how to spend time for today.

After I completed my shower and dressed up, I drove to Pasar Ikan Bintulu to buy squid for my breakfast ( mmg semangat sangat sangat berkobar untuk masak sambal tumis sotong dengan nadi lemak) and mackarels for my fish curry mamak style. Nak makan luar pun dah rasa kembang tekak. And this weekend is the best time to practise my talent as a chef (ramai orang tak tahu yg aku memang pandai masak. Ni bukan tipu tipu tapi mmg betul betul).

Aku call my friend Kabang a local guy to join me for dinner tonigt to have a taste of masakan utara......

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Rindu Rinduan To Nasi Lemak

Since I came here for the past 5 months, having nasi lemak in the morning is not my registered menu. I tried once, with sambal sotong but the taste and style was not I expected. I left the table and went to the counter for payment, and asked how much I need to pay. With nescafe tarik and nasi lemak cost me for rm8. Wow...never expected that much! I tried to find other restaurants and stalls for scrumptious nasi lemak but nothing suit my troat. The gravy was thick with plenty of grinded onion.

The best about Bintulu is its pasar melayu near muara sungai. It opens near 4.00pm and ends about 8.00pm. There varieties of seafood to enjoy and is very cheap. If you buy ikan tenggiri, it would cost you only rm16 per kilo. Similarly fresh squid only rm12 per kilo. Now I have a better idea..... and my idea would save mykitchen expenses. Since I adore for nadi lemak sotong I would never forget to bring my turperware and ask the seller to fill and pack for me.

Last weekend my wive prepared for me nasi lemak sotong and the sotong was coming from Bintulu. I used to say ' From stove yo the table'.......

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Precious Heirloom

If I were to gather my memories, I think I have many sweet memories that could make me proud of it. Today, my wife showed me the quilt that I made 15 years ago. It was made of from ABC cross stitch blocks altenated with blue and navy  gingham cotton fabric. I made specifically for Kiz when she was 4 years old. was a very long time ago.

The quilt is still in a good condition since my wive have kept them inside a sealed plastic bag.

My Green Kitchen

Dont you like to own a green kitchen? It is not to have a painted wall with a green colour all four corners but to live your kitchen with green plants. Here I have collected few such as lemon balm, parsley, mint, rosemary and oregano to enhance my cooking. Many people asked me how to grow and where did I get the seeds? Ooo...oooo.... This is easy like a piece of cake. I bought them from Sg Buloh nursery for rm12 per pot.

But becareful when you brought them at home. Never leave these plants in the garden coz you would end up your plants without leaves because the snails would love to chew them right to the root. But to make you kitchen looks wondergul, just simply arrange them on the window sill. You would enjoy the beauty and just pluck them and put in your cooking. Especially your roast lamb....