Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Intermark

Tomorrow is the last day for us to occupy the building and I have to move to our own office. It is almost a year I am staying in this office for the project and it is sad to leave and to say good bye. The project still having hiccups here and there and in the process of fine tuning to freeze everything. Oooopppssss.......sorry to mentioned about work.

The place that I really miss is the food court. I love the ambient and the quietness of the surrounding. When I reached my office I will settle my bag and computer and went down to the food court for nescafe tarik. Sometimes I would prefer to have roti canai, nasi lemak or noodles as a main breakfast. When the time for lunch, I would grab my book and find a quiet place at the corner and start my reading with a cup of guava. I could go through few chapters and this is where my reading continues.

Parking pass is provided by the Contractor and to morrow would be the last day. I would still prefer to park my car here but the walking distance to my new office is quite substantial. Hhhmmmmm...... I just called Binjai Tower for monthly parkibg and would cost me more than rm200. This is the parking rate around this commercial area.

I would miss this place dearly.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scubee's New Born Baby

Yesterday we went to Malacca to visit Scubee's new born baby. How cute and lovely is the baby. Is this little girl resemble Skubee's? Hhhhmmmm......might be when you see her nose. We were not stayed very long and about 2.30pm we seeked permission to go back.

A Trip To Malacca

I have not been to Malacca since Safwan left MRSM. It was about 2 years ago. Yesterday my wife and me went to Malacca to visit her friend and my friend at Masjid Tanah and Merlimau respectively. One thing nice about Malacca is the towns and villages are clean and quiet. We went to a Madrasah near Masjid Tanah to deliver zakat and for my wife to meet her friend. We were there for a short while only. Then we straight to Merlimau. When we reached Merlimau and having local asam pedas for our lunch, we when to Assaujaah Mosque for our musafir prayers. Its a new and beautiful mosque.

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Weekend

Since I have been concentrating for my quilting work, I have no more time for cooking. Hhmmmm.....I thought I could kill two birds with one stone but I just failed. There are many other project that I wish I could start and complete. It is pointless if I managed to start but fail to finish it.

This weekend would we a long weekend with Monday a public holiday. I dont know how to squeeze my time table to fit everything. Tomorrow morning I and my wife will attend Haj course. It would take half a day. I told Ubai to manage himself to go back to Dungun. Sunday I would pay a visit to my friend in Malacca. His wife just delivered a baby girl. Monday would be free for me to continue my project. Lets see what would happen....

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Am Not Feeling Well

I started sneezing last Monday and it wont stop. Then I realise that I would catch a fever. When you sneeze for two times, it is good but if you have continuos sneezing that is the sign of fever. I was not in the mood and I was having runny nose.

I was not in the office yesterday. I could feel the pain to my entire body. The temperature was slighly high. I need entire day rest and to recuperate.

It is good the experience the fever and it is the sign that god is forgiving my sin.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ready to Hand Stitch

I always believe that time is mine. I am the one to manage it. People used to say they dont have time. But I always think find the time and try to make it happens. I know somebody may disagree with me, anyway lets manage it properly.

I have completed assembling my patchwork blog last Saturday. I cut all the fabrics for the frames and borders and my wife helped me to sew and join them. How does it look? Doesnt it look great? With proper tools the measurement almost accurate and faster. Now it is ready to put onto the frame and stitch.

Visiting My Daughter

I received a call and sms from my daughter and asking me to visit her at Temerloh. told me that you are going to be ok and not necessarily for me to visit you. As a father I knew what is in your feeling and what you really need. Yes, you need my supports,  caring and loving. I was planning to visit you with Umi next Sunday. You were adamant for me to visit you yesterday. Alright....alright I will go with Hadi. Since it was a short notice, Umi could not make it and Sarah and Yusuff qere not feeling well.

Umi had already cooked for our lunch wit fried fish and sambal udang. Alhamdulillah Hadi was willing to accompany me. We departed about 8.30 am. The drive to Temerloh would take 1 hour 45 minutes and I will call you when we arrive. 

We arrived at Temerloh toll and I would expect to reach you camp at 11.30. We set the GPS but we could not locate the map and it was frustrated. We passed Temerloh town but still unsure where about the camp until we have to stopped for few occasions to ask the locals where is the camp. The sign to the camp is so poor. Never been accurate. This is a public place and how come the signages were so inefficient. Eerrrgggg...... We have to manuver for sometime to locate the area and by the time we reached your camp it was 12.10 pm.

After registered at the entrance, I parked the car and walked to the other registration tent. It was nice to see you were there smiling at me. Yeah.......3 weeks were just like 3 months.

Target For SPM 2013

Weekend has always been a hectic schedule for me especially at the beginning of the year when school just opened its session. There are curriculum and co- curriculum programs. I am not directly involve but sometimes you just need to participate occationally.

Last Saturday morning I got to attend similar program like the previous week. Its time for Hadi and how he would prepare for his SPM. If anybody ask me about him, hhhmmmmm.....I have given him all the tips and motivation for him to follow. The obstacle is to fight within himseft to surpress his desire. I told him that to be successful ones has to work for it and it never comes without sacrifice.

Sunday morning is the time to send Ikhlas to school for his football training. 8.00 am they will start and end at 11.00 am. So I told Mitchel for drawing replacement class for Saturday. Now every Saturday I will send Ikhlas at 1.00pm for his painting class. I got to wait for 2 hours and now I am thinkinf how to benefit my 2 hours waiting.

The piano class for Shamim and Adah I have terminated because of few reasons. Now I am going to register to another class and by February they will have a new teacher and hopefully something better would appear. I still need to spend Sunday morning for them.

Sometime I thought of having a guitar lesson. Would it be ok for me???

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Project

How do you plan your time during weekend? Let share with me though. Weekend is the most precious time for me to spend. I will ensure that whatever I do, it got to be something productive and beneficial. That's why I always have my own project at home and I would get my wife or children to involve as well. Let we share the spirit of being together.

Last Saturday I spent the whole day to complete my patchwok quilting motives. I can not remember the name, but I called it ' The night star'.  Why I choosed that name? Because I use a dark fabric with small stars as the background. It looked awesome. Since I managed to have correct and practical tools, the speed of my patching was improving tremendously.

This design will give a beautiful bed spread when it is ready. This coming weekend I am going to put the boarders and batting with cotton roll and ready to stitch with my newly arrived quilting frame. I asked Shamim whether she would like to have it? She just gave me a broad smile and I knew she liked it very much!

Painting By Ikhlas

Sometimes you dont really know somebody's talent until and unless you try to exploit it. And the result might be awesome that you had never imagined. The best thing to do when you discovered the talent of somebody, try to develop it. Not to let it parish forever.

I discovered that Ikhlas has a painting or drawing skill when I saw he drew robots or transformers. Those were long time ago. I try to find a drawing class but hardly any in Rawang until recently I found out about My Art Studio. Since then I saw his improvement in painting

Last Saturday I went to his class and met Michell, his painting instructor. She showed me Ikhlas painting. Wow....I have to praise for his efford. Later Michell gave me a number and asked me to vote for drawings displayed on the wall. The scene was about elephant performing on the stage and suddenly the fire occured. One ugly elephant try to help the other.

From twenty numbers of drawings I adored number 18 but there was no fire. After much thought,  I selected number 9. Then I passed my vote to Michell. Finally I asked Michell which one belong to Ikhlas. She said numbered 18. I thought of picking 18 as the best painting initially.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

School Program

I prepared myself early this morning to attend school program. The program about how to excel for PMR result. It is a join efford by parents and teachers to propagate good results for all student. Shamim will facing her PMR this year and I would hope she will get an excellant result. There were many parents present in the gathering and it was a good sign that parents were very concern about their children's education. As for me, every time is a concern about my children.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Back To School

It is already a week the school has started. My life, as usual,  busy and hectic. What to do? Life has to go on and thank Allah that I still have chances to look after my family. I could say that this month is the most money I have spent. Kids came back from school demanding for tuition fees, books, sports etc. Ba,  teacher asked to buy this and teacher asked to buy that. This need to change and I deserve the new one.

Hhhmmm........I have been immuned with all those demands for the past 15 years and these demands never stop for another 15 years. So I have to bare with it for 30 years and no complaint. Life is like a wheel. It always cycles up and down, back and forth. It just a routine and it will be right back to where it started from.

This weekend I need to find exercise books for iklah and adah for their home tuition. Who is the teacher? Yes, I am the teacher.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quilting Frame

My quilting frame has arrived and are still nicely in a box. Now what I need to do is to unpack it and DIY all the assemblies. Oooo....this is the hardest part of me to assemble the. This particular job I normally handed over to my son to furnish them. I thought of asking Hadi to do it. It is not free but I pay for his effort. I was about to ask him last night but he was not in the right mood anyway. Better ask him later.

My quilt for Ubai is progressing very well. For the block of eight patches almost completed by hand stitched but the background block going to start very soon. All I need to do is finding for the roght template.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Gamelan : A Classical Javanese Music

Have you ever heard about gamelan? It is a Javaneses Classical Music. It is a soothing and smoothing music that you would like to enjoy. I would also say that it is a relaxing music. When I was in Jakarta and Bandung last week I bought two of gamelan music. I would recommend you to have one if you are in Jakarta or you can order from the internet.

She is Going to PLKN

Last Friday I sent my daughter to PLKN service. What is the meaning of PLKN? I only know about kidmad negara. After being at home for a month after her SPM, now she left again for another 3 months. She looked so exited to join the group. She will be meeting with new friends, new experinces and a new life.

I sent her at Selayang Stadium as a gathering place and we reached there about 9.00 am. The parents and friends were there to give their wishes. This was the second time after sending Safwan 3 years ago at the same place.

To Kis,  take good care of yourself ok.....

Friday, January 04, 2013

Angry Bird Tshirt

Now you can see how Yusuff react after wearing an angry bird Tshirt. I asked him to give me a special post to take his photo and this was his posing. So naughty and remarkable. I bought him 3 Tshirts. 2 with angry bird pictures and one with a joker Mr Bean. He loves them very much.

Sending My Daughter to PLKN

My schedule seems to be never cool. Every time I have to go through such a hectic schedule. My wife was sending Ikhlas to his new school and I took the opposite way to send Kiz to Selayang Stadium for her PLKN for three months. For Kiz I dont worry so much coz she could manage herself efficiently. This was the second time I sent my children for PLKN. Safwan was the first.

After she registered at the camp, I sent her to board the bus and time to say goodbye with a message all the best and take good care.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Colonial Houses

If you come to Bandung, dont miss to drive along jlan Cipaganti. The road is covered by a shady boulavard and provides a cooling ambient. This is not the one I want to take about. The very interesting chapter is rows of colonial banglow during the dutch time about 70 years ago (I might be wrong about the historical period). Some of the owner still maintain the authenticity of the original design and some had already undergone massive renovation. I liked the 45 degrees pitch roof and it looked very outstanding. It reminds me of my tour in Vietnam last year where their houses are very much French.

Something to Cherish...

Oh god.....I forgot the exact word! If in Thailand they called it toot toot. If in India you named it rickshaw. But not I have forgotten what the local called it. Never mind let put that matter aside first.

In Indonesia, taking a taxi or a cab might cost you a fortune. Especially when we in need of a taxi and it happens to be a massive traffic jam. If you are touring alone, anything would do. You can take a motorbike or a toot toot. But being with family with small kids around it is quite impossible to ride a toot toot.

Yesterday, we went to Mangga Dua Square riding a toot toot. It was cheap but somwtime they may charge you more. I said to my kids you never experience it in Malaysia..

I Met August

When I was in standard 2, as a monitor of the class 2 blue, I was introduced to August by teacher Jamilah. He came to my kampung following his father as exchanged teacher from Indonesia. When we entered the class, teacher Jamilah informed and introduced August to all of us. We were vary happy to have a foreign friend. During that time we never new Indonesia. We only new about KL but never imagined how was KL. Everybody seemed to be naive. But we were happy to have a new friend. I was lucky because August stayed in my area and we can have more time to know each other. The secondary school where his father taught just accross the road.

After he left Malaysia in 1976, we have not met or exchanged any news. There were no email, sms or internet. We were kept far apart and gradually separated and hardly remembered each other. For me, thank god has presented me with a strong memories. Really appreciate that.

I hate fb initially. The beauty of fb is, it manages to search and unite your old friends that you have not met for years. I would say a good place for jejak kasih. There is a fb of my old secondary school i.e. Sekolah Menengah Gurun. I joined the forum and saw a tag line by August sister. Started from there I managed to track August after lost touch for 36 years. When I started to indroduce and refresh the history August seemed to have forgotten. But he could remember other friends and his old school.

Before I left for Bandung and Jakarta, I inboxed a message for him saying I would like to see him. I was waiting for the message and was in vain. I thought we just did not have any luck to meet each other or he just too busy.

I was sleeping in my room after asar after went out to Mangga Dua Square. The phone was ringing and I was reluctant to pick up the phone. Who else would call me apart from receptionist. I ignored. Suddenly Ikhlas answered the call and passed me the phone saying somebody would like to take to me. Immediately my thought of August. Yes...he was waiting for me down stairs. I asked for few minutes to get ready.

When I came down, he was waiting at the lobby patiently and when I greeted him, we were speechless for awhile and hug each other. I offered him to sit at the cafeteria where we can chat, drink and reminisce all the memories that nearly dissappeared.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Indo Snacks

If you would like to buy indo snacks, you can buy at Pasar Baru at the ground level. They are selling varieties of snacks that could tempt you till the end. You can have smoked banana, fried cheese banana, all sorts of kerepek and many more.

I entered the area and was appeased by the sellers to look into their shops. I heart one lady said to me 'Abang Gantang' sila masuk....  am I really look like abang gantang? Waduh...... Finally I stopped at one shop and ask for keropok melinjau. My wife and I like it veryuch but not fory children. One kilo is for rm35 to rm40 depends on the quality and size and I bought for 2 kg. It is very nice to eat with nasi dagang and sambal belacan

Avocado From Bandung

If you ask me about Bandung, it is like Cameron Highland. Full of flowers ang fruits like strawberry, goosebery, blue berry. Surprisingly, I found avocados here. It is so fresh and cheap and worth to buy and bring home for family. You can take the seed and germinate in the polybag and insyaallah it will grow and you are the only person to have avocado tree in you area....hahaha.

I asked my driver to stop at the fruit stall to buy avocado. The price only rm3 for a kilo and I asked for 2kilo. At least I can enjoy the taste of avocado with my wife. No wonder the people in Bandung have no pimples because they consumed avocado...hahaha. My childen asked me to buy the a pineapple as well. It was so sweet and juicy.

The only thnig that we missed here to have rabbit sate. Never mind we will come again to Bandung.

Tangkuban Perahu Bandung

Our trip to Tangkuban Perahu was full of stess and tension. I could not comprehend the massive jam towards the top. The traffic started to increase and piling up unnecessarily. When I asked the driver he said because of school holiday i.e liburan. Luckily we dont experience such situation in Cameron higland and Gunung Jerai. Oooopppsss....che Mat told me about the jam recently in Cameron Highland.

We were stuck from time to time to give way for other vehicles to decend. I thougt of what can I view at the plateau. There must be nice restaurants, gardens etc. Finally I was told that the parking up there was limited and people were waiting for the empty spaces.

Finally we reached the top. I was surprised to see many people around. As expected there were many private vendors approching us for their goods. This is typical Indonesia when you reach at any tourist destination. Even you have said no politely but they were persistant and demanding you to purchase their goods from sky rocketed price to the rock bottom. It was irritating indeed when they just didnt let you go away. The problem was when you bought just to get rid of them, more people will come to you.

We climbed and brisk ourselves to the edge of the volcano to see the volatile pit. It was huge and you can feel the scent of sulfuric gas around you. My kids started to accused each other who had fart. I just smiled and ignore them. We took few photos and quickly wanted to go down and leave the place.

I just wondered why we need to gp up there in the first place. I would not recommend this place to be visited. need to pay for entry fee about rm500 each.