Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kitchen Hood And Hob

One day, while I was having my lunch in the kitchen, I saw a vent fan was running. I asked my wife why she on the vent fan. She informed me that the hood was not sucking anymore in other words was not working. Probably the motor is not working. Similarly, the hob is not working perfectly. Since then we have not arrange for any services. I was not sure whether can be repaired or not. I remembered the hood and hob were installed about 6 years ago when I had a new kitchen cabinet. Hhhmmmm......that quite sometime but they still looked new. Another sign of money again.

When I was at KL Convention Centre to participate in the homedec exhibition I saw plenty of suppliers for hood and hob and other house accessories. Then came to my mind I needed to have the new one. I went from one booth to the other just to find the reasonable hood and hob. I called my wife whether we needed replacement. She responded positively and was jovial to have it. Finally I bought an electrolux hood and hob which came with easy payment scheme.

Today they will come and dismantle the old and install the new. Oooopppssss....I forgot about the measurement! Would it fit my kitchen cabinet? Let's see what would happen. And the old cabinet I will install to my new home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Red Bean Bun

It is nice to spare sometime in the kitchen and cooking for my family. Especially when they enjoy eating what you have cooked. It is a pleasure to entertain them with a healthy food. I never complaint about food and I would rather to do it myseft for satisfaction.

Yesterday after arriving home from work, I told my wife to that I want to make red bean buns asked her about the availability of the ingredients. After maghrib I started to mix and kneel the dough and rest it for an hour. It was a very quick preparation. By the time I came back from isyak my dough was already swelled covering the bowl. was amazing!

I kneeled the dough and separated it into few portions and filled with a red bean paste. Everytime when I was busy in the kitchen, Sarah and Yusuff joined to disturb me. Because the paste was so tasty, Sarah would scoop it with his finger and put into his mouth.

To bake just took another 20 minutes and the result was marvelous.

Wandering Around KLCC

There were few things I managed to do last weekend. I told my children who would like to follorw me to KLCC? Shamim, Adah, Yusuff, Hadi and Ubai would like to accompany me and leaving Umi and Sarah at home. We were discussing in the car what would be our plans. Four of them would like to go for a movie except Ubai.

I dropped Hadi, Shamim, Yusuff and Adah in front of KLCC and reminded Hadi and Shamim to take good care of the little ones. Then I proceeded to Low Yat to buy a modemn and a wifi routers to replace the existing that was spoiled due to the lightning strike last week.

We came back to KLCC opened parking and marched to the Convention Centre for the Design and Renovation Exhibition. I did not have any plan but just to kill my time while waiting for my children to finish their movie. I always prefer to be in KLCC in the morning since not many people wandering around and not after 12.00pm because the visitors are increasing and I really Feel like suffocating squeezing within the crowd.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Gift

I got sms from my daughter asking me to buy a gift for her friend's birthday. Well, I asked her what kind of gift? She told me a small teddy bear would be fine. I remember once I bought a cute bag at Bangkok Swarnabumi airport but she refused to pass on to her for whatever reasons I was not sure.

At my office there is a gift shop that offer the wrapping services and small gift items. When I entered the shop I saws arrays of beautiful mugs with their boxes. I think this gift must be perfet for my daughter's friend and hope they will like it.....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Restaurant

How nice if I could have a restaurant and manage it by myself? At the moment I could not see how to make my dream come true. It might be just a mere dream. Hhmmmmm......... I am not taking about a five stars restaurant but something simple, easy to handle with minimum staff required.

Current work is ok but until when I have to bear with it? Im okk with the work scope but many times I need to collect bit and pieces to let thinks organised. Am I making a complaint here? Hhmmm......sort of...

Back to restaurant bisness. I used to have my breakfast at Belanga every morning. There were not many menus like other restaurant and made you confused of what to eat. It only have few noodles, toast and nasi lemak and you can select for a set for serving. During lunch it only serve Kelantan delights and good enough for you to make a choice.

That what I want to have and serve if I were to have a restaurant. ..........

Monday, October 15, 2012

Keeping Myself Busy

If anybody ask me how do I spend my time, I would be glad to explain it to him or her. For me, the amount of 24 hours allocated to me never been enough. Should we break the time from 24 hours a day to 30 hours a day? would be the same, isn't it.

Yesterday was hectic. There were so many things I manage to resolve. I sent my daughters for their piano class at 9.00. Since Ikhlas's art class will start at 11.00am and to end at 1.00pm, I asked my wife to send him separately. I would fetch him later for home. It means that I have to wait for all of them for 4 hours. Oh my god! What should I do within this 4 hours? While waiting for them to finish their classes, I went to a coffee shop for a nescafee tarik kurang kurang manis and started to read a news paper.

When my daughters finished their classes, I asked them whether they are willing to cut their hair today. We went to the hair saloon situated at Tesco Rawang. We used to this saloon many times and the service was good. Now Adah has a new hair style. So did Shamim.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coloured By Ikhlas

Wow....these are not too bad! I went to see his teacher during the art class yesterday and she displayed me few of Ikhlas's works. For me it was ok and Ikhlas's is just only a month in the class. He can improve and learn more. His immerse talent needs to be polish andtakes time to develop.......

Tuna Muahroom Pie

What would you do during the weekend? Please dont say that you would sleep and rest all day try to recover your lost time. Oopppssss....dont be that lazy. Try to do something that benefit you and others. I could tell you if I dont do anythng at home I would turn crazy. I would lose my precious moment. So I need to abreast myseft with some hobby or any activity to keep me moving.

Last night I made a tuna muahroom pie. It is a quick and simple recipe. Anybody can try it. First you rub the buter and flour to form a pastry. Secondly, you mash a tuna with mayonis and add boiled peas and sliced muchroom. Mixed well. Scoop a teaspoon of tuna in a small rolled pastry and you twist the edges. Now it is complete andeasy to bake.

Today we have these pies for our breakfast and also suitable for an evening tea. .

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do You Know?

Does anybody know what is the name of this plant?  It is a very pretty flower almost similar to hydrengia. This plant is a creeper or climber and suitable to be grown to the pergola. Anyway I took a photo at my friends house recently.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Present To Hadi

It was a long meeting yesterday and no issues are resolved. Infact people got confused further. I already mentioned in numerous occasions that we cannot remote control the project but nobody would listen to me. Ok lets forget about work for a while...... You already knew that I hate to talk about works in my blog. Sorry for that......hihihi

Since the meeting adjourned quite late, and the traffic was heavily increased and I hated to be stuck in the jam, I have decided to wait until maghrib. It would be appropriate for me to drive home after maghrib.

It was already 6.00pm and I need to perform my asar prayer first beforw roaming about in Suria KLCC. It was crowded and people were rushing to catch the train to go home. I looked outside and it was raining. I need to wait much longer?

Lets do little bit of window shopping and my new credit card need a swipe. Oh...oh....anorher challenge for me to deal and I knew it was not easy. I entered the watch gallery and slowly looking for the right ans nice one. I never thought of buying for Hadi. I asked the sales girl to take few watches from the glass cabinet display and the price was not that expensive. I was contemplating whether to have it or not. It was like a magical decision when I decided to purchase a Calvin Klien watch for Hadi.

Anyway, it is for your you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My New Lamp Shade

Last week I made the order of my new lamp shades There are complete set with a new chinese vase and a thai silk rectangular shade. At first I was hesitated whether I really need one. I have plenty of Sarawak traditional lamp shade in my living rooms and at my dining. It might be a waste of money to buy the new one. However, I was contemplating to transfer the old shades to my new house and the new one to be decorated in my current living room.

The old lady said that I can pay for instalment. That was more encouraging for me to order. The price was not cheap because everything was tailored made. After considering everything, finally I agree to have a pair of it. Now I realise that it is not easy to control my desire for dunia. I failed again this time!

Monday, October 08, 2012

My Office Bag

Sometime people might wonder what are things in my bag? Yeah.....that similar question also I would ask myself what are things in other people's bags. I have seen some people bring a huge bag to the office. Have you ever audited or asked what are things in their bag. Obviously it is very private and too personal to ask that question and people would accuse you as a busy body. Or you might get a slap on your face. no....that is going to be too much.

What is in my bag? Thats is no secret about it. I can list them one by one and I am happy to tell you what are in it. Let we audit it;

1. A bottle of perfume. Incase I forgot to spray when rushing to work.
2. My wholemeal biscuit for my breakfast. Nowaday I would prefer for light and simple breakfast.
3. Sun glasses. To help my vision during a bright sunny day.
4. A small towel.
5. A book or novel for my reading during breakfast and lunch time.
6. My security passes to enter the buildings.
7. My wallet. I dont like to keep my wallet in my pocket.
8. USB cable for my smart phone.

I dont think I have many in my bag. But if you campare to a bag by a lady, there must be whole lot more and must be greater than 12 items. Anyway I have seen a handbag for man that was so nice and elegant. Should I get it?

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Banana Date Muffin

What should I do this morning? Hhhhmmm.......kind of lazy to do anything. Oooopppssss. .....yesterday I told my wife to cook something. After having my cold shower and dreesed up with my red velvet t-shirt, I went down stair for a quick breakfast. Two half boiled eggs with wholemeal toast just great. I took my cooking book and browsed through and I got it. Lets make banana date muffin. All the ingredients are available axcept banana. I went to the shop to buy some banana and news paper for my morning reading.

The recepi is very simple and quick. Within 15 minutes, it is ready to pun into the oven.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Letter.............

What would you feel when someone send you a personal letter? This is what I used to do to express my feeling and emotion to my children in a meaningful approach. I won't say that I never confront my children or someone to express my opinion or dissatisfaction or gratitute and happiness directly. But sometime you need other method that is more workable and effective. Yes,.......that is by writing a letter. It might help to express you feeling of care and loving.

Whenever I leave for outstation or oversea, the least I would send a postcard to my children. Everybody will get their personal one with different messages. Just to tell them that you are caring and loving. It did happen, I wrote a letter for motivation, apology and appriciation. Nowadays, I only use Whatapps to message my motivation, advices and feelings. Would it be less effective and romantic by doing thar?

When Safwan locked himself in his room, I knew that he wrote something to his sisters and brothers. I try to treat that as a private affair. But I knew he was wrting something that would benefit all of them. I dont want to know to whom he wrote and I dont want to know its contents either. I knew those contents must be advices to them and I would emotionally cry if I read them....... Its would be so touching.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My Naughty Yusuff

Having many kids make my time occupy day and night. I do have time to rest though, but it is my wife has to work all the time to serve their needs. It is not easy to handle each of them or one by one.

To handle Yusuff is the most difficult part. He would demand anything that sometime you would not expect. I used to be patience with him but his tantrum may put me out of my gard. If his morning mood is ok, than you could expect his character would be joyful through out the day. But if he refuses to go to school in the morning, nothing can be done except you bring him to the shop and offer him few goodies.

When handling Yusuff my wife is pretty good of consoling his weird behaviour. But not me. I fail all the time and better leave him alone. He only came to me to get my smart phone for games and if only I have sweets in my pocket. When Safwan was around he would hold and wrestle with Yusuff and ask him to count from one to fifty. He would count smartly then only Safwan would release him.

Oooopppssss......he is very particular about his hair style. He would stand in front of the mirror and smear the gel all over his hair and start to shape the style. It could take minutes if his brother teases him that his style is not good. By the way I love to see his character and always make me laugh.....

Monday, October 01, 2012

He Is Going Back

I am going to KLIA airport tonight to send my son, Safwan back to Egypt after enjoying his two months vacation. His flight will depart at 03:30, Tuesday, 2nd October. I might go to the airport at 12.oo midnight with my wife and her parents. Others has to remain at home because tomorrow is their school day. I know everyone would like to send him but I have to say no.

I have to take leave tomorrow. By the time I reach home from the airport it must be around 4.00 in the morning and I need at least 6 hours sleep to have a nice rest. Yerterday while I was driving with Safwan, I asked him what he felt to go back to Egypt? He answered, he was ok and normal. I was feeling the same when I was a student. The last week to leave family was not easy. The feeling of reluctant to go back was very strong. Even when we already arrived in UK the feeling was bad. It took about a week to stablise the feeling and emotion.

Anyway we gonna miss him for another year. My kids will miss him very much. He is different from his brothers where he likes to play around and spend much time with his little brothers and sisters. I knew deep in his heart he will miss all of us.