Saturday, July 06, 2013

Painting By Ikhlas

It is marvelous and awesome! I never expected he can draw such a beautiful picture. Teacher Michele told me that Ikhlas has done a good job but he is quite naughty because he likes to disturb and teasing other children. HHmmmm......... Next weekend is his presentation day for the exam. I dont lnow what he gets right now. The teacher mentioned that the result will be disclosed during the presentation day and will be held at the Sunway Pyramid. I have to go there to show my supports.

Sungai Buluh Plant Nursery

I can tell you how I love to spend my time at Sungai Buluh. Looking to all the pretty flowers and plant is just mesmerizing. I could spend the whole day walking from one garden to the other and browsing the new plants. But they have no real names? These are the pictures that I took when I was there last week. The orchids are just awesome. The colours are sparkling beautifully and attracted all the people around...... It just gorgeous

Boxes From Shamim

 Daripada 9 orang anak anak aku ni, tak nampak seorang yang creatif kecuali Shamim. Cuma dia tak berapa concentrate on craft sangat. Kadang aku nengok kerja folio sekolah dia memang cantik dan kemas. Cikgu pun selalu memuji folio dia. One day aku teruja melihat kotak kotak kertas yang beranika warna dipotong dan di siatnya untuk mejadi kotak bersegi lapan. Memang cantik! Sekarang dah nampak bagaimana darah kreatif aku dah mengalir di dalam tubuhnya....hahahaha