Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adventure to Shenzen, China
I never been to China before but I went to Hongkong in 1993. During that time you can cross to Shenzen from Hong Kong within minutes by ferry. I think Shenzen was quite a small city during those days.
Last June I was planning to take my sons, Ubai and Safwan for holiday. Fistly i decided to go to Bandung, Indonesia and it would be a better place for site seeing and shopping. One day when I was about to make a booking to bandung through Airasia, suddenly it appeared new route to Shenzen, China, So I channel my intention to go to Shenzen since I've been to Indonesia several times. Then immediately I make the booking for three of us for about RM1500. Few weeks after that I make a hotel booking for three days and fr nights for our new adventure. Everything seems so smooth and easy. From there on I started to browse the internet to find out the shopping places and information regarding Shenzen. Our departure will be on the 21st july and return on the 24th July.
. My sons Ubai and Safwan been on the flight before but it was years ago when they were small. Ubai experienced when he was a baby on the way back from london to Kuala Lumput while Safwan when he used to follow his grandma to balik kampung. Of course they we excited. Not only to ride a plane but the Shenzen city as well.
They thougt that Shenzen is smaller than KL but I explained to them that this city is one of the biggest city in China and many times bigger than Kuala Lumpur but Safwan still hesitated to beieve me. Ok, just wait and see. The flight to Shenzen took about 4 hours flight and and the schedule was not promising as we expected. We touched down at Bouan International Airport roughtly 9.30 p.m. and the not much hessle dealing with the Chinese Authorities. Suspicious and cautious was in my mind once I embark into the airport. It was different if you were to travel in the European Countries.
There were few illegal taxi waiting outside and I was advised by a lady officer to take a red cab taxi. Suddently one man came to me and ask where we wanted to go and I just follow his rythm. Anyway after little bit bargaining we were charged RMB150. I sense it was quite expensive but the night was crawling then we intend to use his service. I thought that I was making a wrong decision. We reached hotel about 10.00 p.m and after finished check in we went straight to our room for a rest. TV movies are all in Chinese and cannot understand anything.
The food might be a problem to us then I bought few tuna canned food and gardenis bread and maggie incase we failed to secure halal food around. I told my boys that tomorrow we will go to Dongmen shopping areas, the following day to Lou Hu Shopping Mall and the very last day to experient few visites. The next day then my sons realised that Shenzen is a metropolitan City and much more bigger than Kuala Lumpur. Here are few pictures and bit explanation perhaps it might help those who are interested to go to Shenzen one day.

This is a typical view of the city surrounded by concrete jungle. The design of the building inclusive the condominium are very modern and impressive. Now only you can view this type of condominium in Kuala Lumpur. It took about 20 years to develop this city from mere fisherman town. I hope it is true.
This is another view that I took from the taxi window. Nice landscape and the traffic, and road were well planned. Really admire them.
Hardly to see motorbikes in Shenzen. i can say none. My sons also realised and keep on asking me where are the motorbike. Then I found this motor bicycle parking near the road. I think this is an electrical power driven.

At first we did not notice where is the mosque but qhen we were on the way to Lou Hu shopping mall we met this Muslim Hotel surrouded by halal restaurants. We had our lunch here on Monday and Tuesday after exhausted with our ration.
My sons in front of the hotel after we completed our lunch and prayer on the last day.

There are two metro lines in Shenzen. We ride from the Window of the World to Lou Hu shopping mall which cost us for RMB5 each person. Very cheap and clean.

Walking towards the Hotel. Took us about 20 minutes to reach the hotel from the Muslim Hotel.

European Inn next to the Window of the World.

In front of Window of the World. Initially we would like to be inside the theme park but the entry fee was very expensive, RMB 120 per person then we decided to go to Lou Hu Shopping mall by metro. That money we can buy other things.
This is during peak hour, may people queing for taxi. The system is quite good and the people really follow the system and there was one officer commanding the passangers and taxi drivers.
This is a railway station next to the shopping mall. You can go to Hong Kong by ferry using this station. Can go for a day trip to Hong Kong and be in Disneyland.

You can only take a taxi at designated places

I think these are condos or service apartments
The railway station Lou hu

Lady's accessories you can get them cheaper here. What you get in Malaysia all came from China. I bought plenty of hair clips for my wife and daughters. Your wives will get crazy if you bring them here.
Which one two choose. Bargaining is extremely tiring. I hate it......
Lau Hu Shopping can never finish it within a day. Many shops and everything under the sky. That people use to say but be smart to bargain. if not you are the real loser.
Supermarket next to our hotel.

Condos that you can find in Shenzen......I think what you see in KL...They immulateing from here..
In Shenzen they dont call it Jazz but Fit
The old public phone booth
Empire hotel where we stayed. Quite reasonable and reliable.

The Alien taken care by a shop in Dongmen
Number of workers were taking rest at Dongmen
Water to quench thirst and washing....the idea is not bad isn't it...
Haaaahahahahaha..... this is lesson learnt. Safwan was impatience to buy MP4. I told him we better make a thorough survey but he still with his decision to buy. We got a very expensive deal where we can get much more cheaper in Lou Hu Shopping Mall.In China you can get fake items almost everywhere and with new design. In fact they are smarter than the desiner. I was surprised that you cannot see any of the pirate DVD counter and software counters or shop. They will come approaching you asking pirated DVD. I think the goverment really took extensive effort to crack down the syndicates.
Dongmen Square

Typical Chinese restaurant at Dongmen street

Ubai bought his manchester jersey for RM60 but here u can get less than that. About RM30 or less. You just name it and you will get it.
Very interesting journey and for sure I will come again this year..............

Friday, July 20, 2007

Taman Rama-Rama, Teluk Bahang, Penang
Last Friday night aku balik kampung ke Kedah. Pertamanya untuk hantar mak mertua aku balik kampung dan keduanya untuk pergi makan kenduri menyambut kelahairan cucu saudara aku yang pertama. Anak anak lelaki aku yang the first three tak ikut serta. Mereka lebih selesa untuk duduk di rumah saja. Kami bertolak selepas asar. macam biasa kami singgah di kawasan rehat Tapah untuk membeli minuman dan keuh pau. Agak pukul 9.00 malam kami dah sampai di Gurun. Jadi aku ajak semua singgah ke rumah mak aku dulu lepas tu baru balik ke Sungai Limau. Besok pagi pagi kena bangun awal untuk bertolak ke Penang.
Pelan memang cantik nak bertlak pukul 8 pagi tapi selalunya lewat sejam. Bila anak dah ramai macam ni lah, tak pernah tepat waktu. Macam macam alasan. Selalunya senang aje aku buat. Aku siap cepat cepat terus masuk dalam kereta baru mereka semua gelabah siap.
Di sebab kan waktu masih awal kami terus ke Batu Feringi untuk cari DVD. Rupanya gerai tu hanya buka pada waktu malam. Apa lagi kami pun terus ke Teluk Bahang untuk melawat taman rama-rama. OK juga la sebab dah lama rasa nak pergi baru kali ini menjai. Taman rama rama yang terletak dekat taman orkid kuala lumpur pun kami belum pergi lagi. Ini kira yang dekat, apatah lagi yang jauh jauh.
Tiket untuk dewasa RM 10 dan kanak kanak RM 5. So aku bayar RM 26 ringgit aje guna pekej keluarga. Anak aku Ikhlas dan Syahadah tak kena bayaran sebab below 5 tahun. Rupanya taman ini taklah besar mana pun. Adalah japanese pond dengan ikan ikan cap dan galeri untuk cendera hati. Cendera hati tu macam macam seperti tshirt dan rama rama dan kumbang yang di awit. Ada juga terdapat beberapa akuarim yang menyimpan berbagi jenis kumbang dan katak yang exotic. Selama ini aku pun tak pernah tengok.
Di dalam taman terdapat berbagai jenis rama rama yang berbagai warna dan corak. Aku rasa adalah dalam 10 jenis sahaja. Taklah berbaloi sangat. Ada juga yang aku dah biasa tengok dan ada yang belum biasa tengok. Tapi aku rasa elok kalau di import species rama rama yang exotic untuk membuat suasana yang lebih menarik.
Ramai pelancung warga timur tengah datang ke tempat ini. Aku selalu berpesan pada isteri aku dan juga menjcari dia sebab semuanya berpakaian serba hitam. Mana lah tau tersilap memegang isteri aku jadi kecoh pulak. Tak pasal pasal jadi isu pulak.
Di sini aku sertakan beberapa gambar untuk di lihat bersama sama.

Ni anak aku Nisa dalam taman rama rama
Ni anak aku Syahadah, Ikhlas dan Syamim

Ni Syahadah. Dia pun dah pandai posing
Ni Syamim

Nama apa rama rama ni aku pun tak tahu. Kalau nak cari nama dia adalah dalam galeri tuh. Tapi aku ni bukannya rajin sangat nak belek nama nama tu.

Rama rama ni aku dah biasa sangat nengok kat kampung.

Yang ini cantik jugak tapi aku tak tau nama apa. Taruk saja nama mat Sentul ok tak????

kalau tak silap aku inilah rama rama yang famous bernama Jmes Brooke dok hinggap di atas bunga heliconia sexy pink.

Rama rama ini aku ada buat x stitch untuk sarung bantal. Tapi sampai sekarang sarung tu tak di jahit lagi. Tapi design xstitch dah lama siap. Nak kena cari masa untuk buat sarung bantal la.......insyallah lepas anak anak aku habis exam...

Ni pokok bernama Tiger Whiskers. Aku berkenan dengan pokok ni sebab bunga nya unit. nak kena pegi cari di Sungai Buluh.

Ini kumbang kumbang yang telah di awitkan. Bukan murah harganya. mahal sampai mencecah ratusan ringgit. Dulu member jepun aku cakap kalau yang ada tanduk tu harga sampai dekat RM 10.000 di Jepun. Macam tak percaya aje aku ni. Aku siap kata meh aku jadi pembekal untuk ko ...tak payah aku nak pening2 keje engineer lagi.

Ini kodok bertanduk. Asal dari mana entah. Tapi nampak memang cantik dan menarik.

Masa aku kecik kecik orang tua tua selalu kata kalau pegang rama rama selepas itu kena sapu kat kepala betoi ke. Sebab depa kata debu di sayap dia beracun. Aku sampai sekarang dok amal benda ni. Nak tak percaya dan percaya pun sama banyak. Anyway no harm kan kalau kita buat...hehehehe. Inilah selingkar kisah aku di taman rama rama.
Esok aku nak ke Shenzen, China bawa anak anak aku Ubai dan Safwan untuk jalan jalan sambik shopping. Orang kata until you dropp????