Saturday, March 31, 2012

Journey To Dungun

I woke up early today. We going to depart to Dungun about 8.30am. By the time Ubai complete his exam we already have enough rest to return home. I brought ummi, Sarah and Yusuff with me. Ikhlas was supposed to join us but he was disappeared and not at home. I told my wife never mind and let he stayed with his brother, Hadi.

On the way I called Tengku. I thougt to visit him in Kemaman. Unfortunately he has to attend a wedding party in Kuala Lumpur. Anyway we managed to meet at Jaboh Toll. It was a short meeting and managed to wish and hug each other before we wave good bye. He is still working in Sudan and on 2 weeks leave.

About 2.00 pm I reached aruah' s how. I asked my wife to meet her wife inside and let me take care of Sarah. As usual and being naughty, yusuff was running every where. We were there for about half an hour and we got to continue our journey to Dungun. The traffic was slow and steady.

We arrived at the main entrance of UITM about 3.00 pm. Ubai is still calmly answering his last paper. Wish him the best of luck. I called Hj Moktar and hoping to go to his house for a short visit. The same thing, luck was not at my side and he was at Pekan, Pahang. Hhmmmm who else I need to call? Never mind, just wait for Ubai and ready to go back!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Buffet Lunch

Yesterday I had a buffet lunch. A friend of mine gave a special treat like get together kind of thing. I cannt remember when was the last buffet lunch that I had in Malaysia. I am pretty sure when Ramadhan comes, there will be more invitation for breaking the fast. Normally, I will prefer to be at home and break my fasting with my family and equip with tarawikh prayer after isyak. I just have to say no and turn down the offer nicely. Ooopppssss.......Ramadan is still a long way, why am I talking about Ramadhan? Never mind to refresh ring!

The food was amazing. You can select any variety that you penchant to from western food, malay food, indian and chinese. Is there any food to call malay food? So let call them Malaysian Food. We dont have a speciallity and exotic as Thai Food. First I took few Thais Salad. I love them and I would ask my wife to prepare Thais Salad almost every weekend.

There were satays and this delicacyI can claim as Malay food. The peanut gravy just marvelous and fantastic. I know how to jugde whether the gravy is nice or not by looking at its colour. If look darker, confirmed it would be a nice one. There were abandance of food and desire to full my stomach. I need to take care of my health and as age is catching up it is not wise to influx every food that you desired. But I just could not find my favourite asam laksa.

We had a chat for 2 hours and shiffting to the food counter at the same time. The ambient, surrounding and decoration was splendid. I did not know how much it cost for a person. Must be more tham rm100.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cute Hana

Since I started a new job last february, now I realised that I dont have much time for my hobies and interest. After isyak prayer I need to go to bed because I have to wake up by 5.30 am. It takes me more than 1 hour to reach my office. Plus traffic conjested and raining, I might take 11/2 hour to be at the office. The good thing is my office is in KL and any shopping or other needs I will settle after office hours. Week end will be a complete rest day.

My project to establish Cute Hana as girl dress boutique is slowly cease the activity due to my other family commitments. Every Sunday I have to send my girls to a piano class. And in the evening I have to visit my daughter at her hostel. To send Ikhlas for his drawing class is yet to register, and will takw up my time for Saturday afternoon. Not to mention about my time for my garden and pampering Yoko and Kenzo. Oh my god, I have not seen them for a month!

My spirit for Cute Hana is still burning. Even it flickers like a burning candle instead of a burning furnace. If I am seriously promoting Cute Hana, sure I am going to die. Do you know why? Just because I dont have time and resources for the supply. Now, I better sit down and think how to stratergise my time to rejuvenate Cute Hana.

One day I went to girls boutique and browse through the designs and prices. Simple dress with small amount of fabric can cost more than rm100. Expensive than my Cute Hana! . My friend who owned a craft shop saying that my Cute Hana is so cheap! I said it just a promotional price.

This week end I am going to Dungun to fatch my son and bring back all his belongings. Sunday might be a rest day or I might push myseft for Cute Hana.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almond Carrot Cup Cake

Yesterday I was so tired. Suddenly my head was dizzy and spinning. I could not get fresh even after a long bathe. Wow....what was happening to me? May be because of my dual focal glasses due to my eyes cannot adjust well to the short and long sighted. Hhmmmm.... I really need a break and nice rest. Or perhaps because of driving!

After maghrib prayer I went straight to bed and snoozing all night long. Suddenly my wife woke me up for isyak prayer. The time told me it was 1.00 in the morning. My eyes were half open. to complete my prayer and back to sleep. This morning I felt little bit lighter and the headache was gone. Thank god!

Today I reached gome earlier. My stomach didnt feel like eating since I had some food during the whole day meeting. I didnt really know what they were talking about. Very alien to me and will take times for me to decipher and digest. Aha.....something special on the table. It was almond carrot cup cake laying in the basket. My wife took few of them and place in the serving plate that I bought last week end. yummy and it paid of from my previous headache. Thank you very much to my understanding and lovely wife.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life, Aging and Death

Life would be very great if we value and appreciate it. But one day it will end and never return. Our lives is just like a journey. You ride on the train to one long destination. Before it arrives to you destination, it will stop to few stations to pick up new passangers and drop the travellers. Just like ourselves. We are being transfered or stopped from one place to another before we ending in the eternal life. Do you believe in life after death?

I was told a very nice story by my dear friend a very long time ago. Here is the story and I will narrate as best as I could.

Once upon a time there was a man used to fish at the sea. He will bring a fishing rod and baits anticipate to catch many fishes to take home for his family. After everything was ready he dropped the bait to the sea. In the ocean there were many fishes trying their luck to swallow the bait. Before they could snatch the bait, an old fish came and shouted at them. 'Dont you ever eat that food! It will harm you and you will be dead!' She was laughed by all the fishes including crabs and prawns. Then the old fish asked them to remained patience until she finished the story.

' If you are eating that food, you will get hook and transfer into another world. There will be a big monster that will take you to his place. At home, his partner will shread your skin and cut you into pieces. Finally you will be fried in the wok until brown and you will be served to his family. There are 5 member in the family and 50 fingers will pinch you to the bone.'

Nobody believe her and came a greedy fish and confiscated the bait. His troat was struck with a hook and immediately he was moving to the next world. Now he realised that the advice by the old fish was very true. It was too late for him to return and his regret never been compensated.

This is our lives. Living in this world is very temporary. One day we will leave whether we like it or not. Age is catching up. Being obidient to the rule of God is compulsory.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Blue

Hhhmmm.......I got no mood to work today. I am feeling lazy to do anything. Am I feeling like Bruno marz? I know why. It is because I keep on thniking the amount of tax that was deducted from my second month salary. Oh my god....what am i supposed to do. Hey....recently government did mention that for those who is working oversea they will be handled by Talent Cop. They got special previledge and tax deduction only 15%! Am I alligible and what should I do next? It is time to find out now. At least 15% is better than 28%.

Getting a salary is like eating muruku. You feel nice and tasty when you eat but it might scratch you gum if you are not careful! Ooopppssss.....talking about muruku, no wonder I feel sleepy coz no more muruku inside my drawer.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Yusuff Went to Kindergarten

I got a message from my wife quoting that Yusuff was in the class. It meant that Yusuff was in his first day school. Oh....thank god! He was finally going to school.

Do you know what did I do to persuade him to school? I have tried so many ways to get him to school and he just refused. It came to a point I have given up all hopes. Never mind I would say to myself because he was still young but in my thought the worry keeps on bothering me. My mother said he is still young and small. Did he get the backups from his grandma? I dont think so. The problem was he was too attached to my wife. Going to school was something gruesome. I promised so many gifts and other nice things that he would get if he goes to school. But everything wont work.

Since I started my new job I hardly have time to think about his school. Last few days he did a mistake and I was annoyed like the angry birds. I hit him and he was so scared. Actually I was just pretending acting like a terrible monster. Then I warned him if he refused to go to kindergarten, I will give him another hit. My wife told me let be serious with him.

Last Wednesday with his tantrum he refused to enter the class. He was crying out loud until my wife had to take him home. When I reached home I pretended to be an incredible hulk. He promised to go to school again. This was his style making promise after promise. Yesterday my wife smsed me, informing that Yusuff was in the class and doing colouring. I told my wife lets we wait until next week. When I returned home I saw Yusuff was sleeping near the court yard. Surely he was exhausted after his first day school. When he woke up he asked me to buy a skate board. I replied ok.....we going to buy this weekend with a promise go to kindergarden!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Egg Tart

I met my friend yesterday. I asked him to come over to The Intermark Tower. It has been quite sometimes we havent met after returning from Turkmenistan. When I greeted him at the hotel lobby, I asked where to eat and was he really hungry. A very light meal should be ok. Since we need to talk something casual and relex, why not we go to one of the cafe upstairs. The place was cosy and splendid. When I browsed the menu on the greenboard, I would prefer to have a beef quinche and ice lemon tea. My friend refused to eat instead having ice lemon tea. Finally, I decided to have a drink only. Right at the bottom of my heart, the quinche look so delicious and mouth watering. Never mind......

I reached home ealier before 6.30. The traffic was not that bad even my car have to crawl slowly. When I entered the house I could smell something nice and pleasant. My wife was baking tarts! Wow....that was my favourite. Especially blueberry cheese tart! And not only that! There were some egg tarts as well. She told me that the cheese tarts she did it because there was some left over cream cheese topping. And the egg tart because few of my children disliked cheese. I took three of the cheese tarts and two of the egg tarts. Those were my meal for dinner.

I told my wife that she better pipep the filling with roset and dot the blueberry jam with a round nozzle and it will give a better presentation.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yesterday I took a KTM commuter to the office. I never expect a marvelous ride knowing KTM services are very embarrassing and never have any efford to improve the condition. We can say 'lazy to live, refuse to die' ( I translated from a Malay proverb again,'hidup segan mati tak mahu'. Few weeks ago KTM announced that they have new coaches that can accommodate 1000 passengers. Wow that must be a good and happy news. Everybody welcomed with very much curiousity. For me, 'listen can, believe no' (another Malay proverb, ' dengar boleh percaya jangan'.

After experiencing a horrible trip, KTM just like a dumb pig. No initiative for improvement even after receiving numerous complaints from riders. Oh.....I know why! Because the commuter only used by odinary citizens and immigrants like Mat Bangla, Mat Nepal etc. Who cares? Perhaps if somebody up there taking a ride at the peak hours together with local citizens then they will realise how poor are the services whether rakyat di utamakan (people first)

I was waiting the train which should arrive at 5.46. The train only arrived at 6.12. No punctuality! Announcement and the PA system was so bad. Hardly you can hear anything when you were underground. People were increasing and coming from every where and not enough fresh air to inhale.....people might get suffocate if the ventilation is not improve.

My conclusion is how to elevate oneself to become a developed nation if the service and mindset is like third world country. I better rest my case here!
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Second Attempt

Yesterday my wife baked a red velvet cake for a second time. She has improved a lot especially the decoration part. Thump up for her. She mentioned that she using different receipe for the cake and reduced the amount of red colour and without cocoa powder. No wonder the colour little bit lighter. I would prefer the first version. The taste was better. Kis piped the cream cheese frosting with words happy holiday because no birthday to celebrate.

Now, my wife already fond of cake decoration eventhough the skill need to be sharpened. Wow......time to save my expenditure isnt it! My wife complained that the ingredients for cake baking and decoration is not a cheaper business anymore. I told her that the price for a kilogram of birthday cake is more than RM50 if you buy from a bakery shop. The most important thing is we know that our own home made cake is 100% halal.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Grow Frangipani With Limited Space

My passion for frangipani because of its varieties of smells and colours will never ending. I always thought of to collect more species with different shapes and sizes. How are you going to grow them if your garden is small or sekangkang kera? Now I know what to do; and it would be more attractive and my garden will be the attention of everybody around my area. Since I already have few of them planted on the ground, that will make my project much easier. Haha.....sure you all wanted to know how am I going to manage it right! Iam going to GRAFT them. Do you know how to do it? I did it before to my bougenvila or bunga kertas years ago and it was successful. If everything goes as planned and the result will be amazing.
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Enjoying My Little Garden

My garden is small. Like a Malay proverb says 'sekangkang kera'. Yes it is really small. But I could plant many plants, squeezing them in between, hanging under my pergola and around my water lily pool. Space is not a matter if you have a creative thoughts. There are plants still leaving in the pot waiting for me to transfer them on the ground. When you are surrounded by green, you feel fresh and tranquil.

My bamboo plants have produced their new shoots. My japanese roses blooming abandantly. My frangipanis flowering with many colours. My heliconias sparkling bright with its intense red and pink colours. Oopppssss.....Im still thinking of getting another sexy orange heliconia. I saw them at the hotel receptionist counter last week!

Now I am enjoying the green, multiple colours of my beautiful garden. My wife brought me some red velvet cake and a cup of tea. is so wonderful to experience the beautiful gift from Allah swt.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Polka Dot Apam

First of all, who can help me to define a perfect word for Apam. Let me explain a little bit about apam and perhaps you could derive a suitable word for apam. From my naive knowledge, a simple explanation of apam is a cup cake in a different version. First, it is made of rice flour mixed with soaked rice and yis. Leave the mixture overnight for fermentation then steam in a cup the next morning. The other one is just like a sponge cake. Instead of baking you steaming it. Rop, I need your help to find a correct word.

Few weeks ago I shown my wife the beauty of polka dot apam. Actually the multiple colours made it looked very superbly attractive. I browsed the internet to find the receipe and copied it to my wife. As usual my wife is very keen of cooking. I need to help her to demonstrate the method of doing things coz her English is not that good. My English???? Not that good bcoz english is not my native language too.

Today when I smsed her whether she will prepare apams she remained silent. Suddenly in the evening she rang me and the apams are ready. Wow...that wonderful. When I returned home I saw lovely and cute apams. One sincere comment from me was the colours must vividly contrast between the dots and base. One more comment. The dots should put in the piping bag with a tiny round nozzle to make a perfect dot instead of cutting directly the piping bag. Never always can perfect you skill. Excellent attempt!
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Sparkling Purple

Its vibrant and sparkling purple colour make my pergola looks so beautiful. Don't you think so? Sorry for praising myself little bit. Last week end I was working on my garden to propagate and fertilise the plants. Instead of distributing the green fertiliser which promote the growth, I threw in the red fertiliser to promote flowers for my 'gasing' plant. It works! Today I can see flowers every where and every direction on my pergola. What else can I say after years of waiting? Thank god.....alhamdulillah. Yesterday, while I was feeding my fish, I saw the cutting of the same plant that I propagated months ago had produced the leaves. Now it gives me a spirit or zeal to germinate more. Anybody would like to have one????
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I Love Your Songs

I have to admit that listening to your songs have given me great pleasure. The music, the voice is mesmerising and keep me awake through the day. Eventhough the words are very alien to my ears but I am enjoying every beat and rythm of the songs. It makes me remembering of Paris the City of Romance. I just wonder when will I be there again......miss u...
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Velvet Cake From My Wife

Yes! Yes! Finally I ate the cake. Yesterday my wife prepared the cake for Adah's birthday. Kiss also helping my wife to prepare the cake decoration. Hhhmmmmm...Kiss needs to learn more about cake decoration. It was her first attempt. Ok lah..... Anyway the taste was good especially the cream cheese topping splendidly blended with the cake texture. Hopefully we can do it again and improve it as our own version. still can change the colour instead of red to become blue, green, yellow or orange!
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

KLCC At Night

Ubai and I were strolling at KLCC last night. The weather wad good and not that many people were around. The panoramic view af KLCC and its surrounding very much dazzling. I wish I could have spend more time roaming around with the fresh air. Iwas so tired and my eyes keep on asking me lets go to bed. Luckily Ubai was driving a car.
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Revitalising Your Hair

When we are aging or growing old, everything is changing. Our skin has lost it elasticity. The tension of the skin has loosen up. The beauty of the teeth tend to slowly dissappear. The gum started to shrink and the teeth protruded like a dracula. The hair started to falling off gradually and the lustre of it has gone. Those symptoms can easily be detected especially when you put yourself in front of the mirror. Yes....that what I am experiencing right now.

Are there any product that can revitalise the those signs of getting old? Yes.....old is a matter of numbers right! But aging is the process of getting old. Why people scared of getting old? Simple answer is....people are scared of death and they are near time to grave.

My hair keep falling off for the past ten years. But I am not totally bald but this bit of hair still keep me look young and handsome....hehehe. I have used this product for the past 4 months and magically my hair started to grow. First I was not realised until my wife put on her comment about my hair. Yesterday I asked Ubai and he noted positively. Wow that must be good and yesterday I bought a complete set of hair treatment that costed me for nearly RM200. Actually the product was introduced by my son, Safwan.
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My New Shirt

I was late yesterday. I have made the arrangement with Ubai to meet him at KLCC. We planned to watch a movie at TGV. It has been simetimes I havent seen any movies since the period I could not remember.

That morning I asked Jalil to give me a leave to my office. I will ask Ubai to drive to KL and he needed to check his computer at Low Yat. After the meeting and finishing my asar prayer I walked to KLCC. On the way I met Azam and he demanded to have a tea at a nearby cafe. Yeah......since I have been stationed at The Intermark, I have met many of my old friends. And some of them I havent met for such a long long time.
When I met Ubai at KLCC, I asked him what did he want. Sponteneously he said a shirt. Ok.....lets find a shirt and not T-shirt since you already have plenty. We enter the Uniqlo shop and the are plenty of selections for us to choose. After having a deep thought I bought two shirts and Ubai having a blue gingham shirt. These are my new office shirts.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

My Purple Frangipani

For a second time my Frangipani is blooming. The first one went I brought her from Sungai Buluh. The flower is not actually whole purple colour but the purple only appear along the edge of the petals. When it was in a bud shape you can see the entire purple. I thought of having more varieties of Frangipani but my garden area is small and limit it from growing more plants.Last weekend I went to Sungai Buluh and nearly grabbed on of the exotic colours. But at the end my heart was telling me that ' Think of the space of your garden'. I wish I could have a huge mansion....
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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Red Velvet Cake

I have been hearing about red velvet cake for sometimes. I have never tasted it and looking at the picture I would say that the cake looks marvelous and attractive with its vibrant red colour and frosting cream cheese topping. One day I was walking at the hotel lobby and I saw a red velvet cake in the glass cabinet decorated with sliced almonds added to it. It was so tempted that I wish to order. A slice cost about Rm10. For me quite reasonable adding with a comfortable surrounding and ambient. But it was lunch time.

This Saturday we are planning to celebrate Adah birthday. We suppose to celebrate on the 5th March but we would prefer to gather everybody and have a nice party. Ubai already at home. Kiz will be back on Friday. Only Wan is not around.

Yesterday I told my wife about this very special cake. I showed her the receipe and the how to do it that I collected from the internet. Tomorrow I will buy all the ingredients and ready to make my first ever red velvet cake. For sure Yusuff will be the one who will eat a lot.
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Monday, March 05, 2012

Art Class For Ikhlas

I have been thinking to send Ikhlas for art and drawing class since last year. My schedule was very tight to organise the class for him. I felt so guilty whenever he asked me when to send him for drawing class. He already has a good skill and further tutorial, polish up and development sure will enhance his skill, ability and interest. I would like him to learn a proper way and technic how to draw and paint using all sort of colours and method. Purely academic will make him rigid like a robot. Additional co-curriculum will inculcate and motivate his thinking and attitute towards life. The class will start next Saturday but I intend to register him on the next two week ends. Hopefully he will enjoy the class and make friends with his new classmates.
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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Time For Grocery

It is my established routine to wake up early on Saturday morning and prepare my self for grocery. Certain occations I ask my children to follow me and help carrying the goods to the car. But not every one of them would like to accompany me to the market coz they are lazy....hhhhmmmmm.

When I was a kid I never follow my mother to go to the market but I made the initiative to recognise the name of the fish, vegetables, spices and many more. Now, after married my wife can leave it to me for grocery. I know what to buy and what to eat and my wife just prepare the food accordingly to what I have bought. There are few husbands until today never step on the fish market and confused to buy which fish and vegetables when the wife submit a grocery list to them.

As I mentioned earlier the price of food is increasing almost daily. I was quite astonished when the price of soaked squilt went up for RM17 perkg from RM6 a year ago. It was a dractic increament. The imported meat from India also went up. The price of chicken never went down. When the monsoon came the price of the fish escalated with a ridiculous price. to have saving?
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Yesterday after coming back from fish market, immediately I prepared to work for my garden. I left my garden unattended for a month since I started my new assignment. To start again I must regain a new dawn of spirit and to oppress my laziness....hahaha.

First of all I worked on my japanesse roses. Transfered them from poly bags to plastic pots and arranged around my waterlily pond. Then propogated the hydrengia which later I will grow them on the ground along the edge. When the pupple flowers start to bloom it will look very attractive like an english garden. Finally putting some fertiliser to promote the growth.

There are lot more to be done and the idea keep on coming. One day I wish my garden will look so colourful and gorgeous. Even the area is small but the green red pink orange and yellow provide a magnificent environment.
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Lovely Unser

I love my Unser very much. I bought her after I got frustrated with my Serena. Now she has been for more than 8 years serving me through rain and shine. She has been so dear to provide hard services to carry my plants and earth from Sungai Buluh. To transport my furniture from IKEA and Fella Design. Everytime when we all balik kampung our parents will push all sort of things in the bonet ending up suffocating with all sort of smell and brutality. I cherish her and her services and sacrifies cannot be equated to anything.

Today a person came to visit and try her. She gave a good ride to wander around Kampung Sg Buaya. I forgot to tell her that that person might be her new owner.
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Friday, March 02, 2012


Sometimes abbreviation helps you to simplify the sentences and writing and also the energy you utilise while speaking to somebody. If you are used to it and dealt with it, it is ok. But if you are not familiar, it can turn out to be a nightmare. This is what I am facing right now! Especially during the meeting whereby I have to remain forcus and alert all the time and guessing what the meaning of the abbreviations. Oh god....... There not one or two but hundreds of them. My head and brain start spinning around to puzzle a perfect sentences. Is it shameful to ask? Heeeeee...hehehe...yes somestimes and being a senior worker. I am catching up now. Dont worry! I wishI can avoid all these technical jargon!
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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Today's Breakfast

There are not many choices for breakfast to enjoy at the food court. Anyway the embient and surrounding is cool, quiet and harmony. That what I preferred. There are two counters open. One the mamam stall selling drinks and roti canai. The other is selling just a plain noddles and bean sprout....hhhhmmmmm.... Why cann't they make varieties of noddles mix with chicken or beef or prawn. If the food is delicous, people would not mind to pay extra. The roti canai is nice. And today was my third time eating roti canai. Normally I would have my wholemeal biscuits with a black coffee.

The roti canai and teh tarik costed me RM3.20. Everything is up and up and up......nothing is coming down like pouring of rain. The price of food is escalating. It goes up as your salary goes up. Life in the urban is demanding for everything. Don't you think it is a factor that causes human emotional depression?

The food in Malaysia is still reasonably cheap and delicious compated to other countries. I still remember to have a set meal for lunch in Copenhagen could cost RM 50. Mineral water Rm10. Those were 7 years ago. If the price hike proportionate to salary raised is ok..... If not we are getting poorer and poorer......
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