Saturday, March 30, 2013

Painting By Ikhlas

These are the paintings that create by Ikhlas from My Art Studio. I never thought that he could paint that good..... Anyway I am amazed woth his skill....

New Design

This is my new design and this design would be very dear to me. You know why? Yeah.....while cutting the fabric for this design that I accidently cutting my finger. I try to complete my project to but my sewing machine has caused me a problem. It is the same old problem! The tread suddenly over tensioned and snap! Later I got to see the mechanic to fix it.

My spirit to complete this project is very height despite facing difficulties and challenges. Never mind.....

Oh My Finger

It has been a week my finger has been wrapped like a big turban. Do you want to know why? Hhhmmmm......I cut my finger with a rotary cutter.

It was a sunday weekend and I need to complete my patchwork for the forth design. Since every project I have put a milestone date, I have no other choice but to case the deadlines. Further more I started to get orders from my friends and it starts to build up the pressure on me!

Weekend is the nice time to gether with my family, initiating with breakfast table. While waiting for them to get together I would rather be in my studio cutting fabrics for the exact dimensions. It was easy to cut but when it came to an odd direction, you need to twist your hand and body a little angle for smooth cutting. 1, 2, 3 let press and roll the blade. I was not realised that my finger was over the edge of the ruler when I roll the blade and accidently it cut my finger. It was so painful and the blood started to ooz. At first I thought that I totally lost my finger by looking at the dripping of the blood. I quickly ran to the running tap water and asked my wife to get a cloth. Everybody in the kitchen was panic wondering what was happening to me.

I asked my wife to take me to the clinic immediately. When I look at the cut, the wound was almost detached at the tip of my finger and almost impossible to salvage or stitch. When I was at the surgery room the doctor gave me 2 injections of aneastathic. It was so paintful.....eerrgghhhh.. Dr mentioned that they have to cut it and let the tissue to grow again. It was impossible to stitch at that corner....

Now I got a week mc and I could see the tissue started to grow again and everything would return to normal..... What ever happened, I still love to play around with my rotary cutter....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Arrangement of fabrics

This is another latest product of mind. Hope everybody likes it.

SPM Result

I was on leave yesterday to accompany my daughter to take her SPM result. I had my conscience that told me it not gonna be a good result. My consciense always tell me the truth of my children's examination results. I had an early shower and keep myself ready for the occasion. Kiz told that she would prefer to go earlier. Since today is her day and I would fulfill her demands, we departed about 9 and reached the scool compound by 9.45. The surrounding was quite and not many parents arrived yet.

On the way while I was driving, Kiz asked me what would I expect for her result. With little bit explanation I made my expectation. She was quite and I knew she would expect better. I always reminded her that the result always depends on how much effords that we have put on. For me,  I will accept whatever result that might be. You are still my daughter.

We have to wait for hours for the headmistress to annouce the results. However,  we knew the result earlier through sms to Ministry of Education. What I have expected was true. I knew better from what I have assessed their ability and potential. Live have to go on and motivate and gather back the strength to build the confidence is not the end of the day. If you have a correct discipline and attitute for sure you would be a successful person.....

My Old Friend Gives Me A Visit

I received a call from Zul. He was in Dr Qasim's house enjoying a dinner. The he passed a handphone to somebody that wanted to talk to me. Ok..... As soon as I heard his voice, immediately I could recognise that must be Dr Faiz from India. Yes, he was Dr Faiz. We had a bit of boken Malay language and started to laugh when finally Dr Faiz failed to understand me further.

He came here for social visit and would return to India on Saturday ( he had already returned to India). Since he could not manage to come over to my house, then we made an appoinment to meet at The Darby Park.

It was a nice meeting and get together after seperated for quite some times. He never changed and jovial man as usual.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Queen Size

Alhamdulillah, finally my blog successfully published after so many attempt. You know what did I do? I need to unistall the application and reinstall to make it work. I thought I already lost the momentum to write and update my blog. Now it gives me a bit of oxigen to breathe.

Ok....I would like to show you my new queen size design that I have completed recently. They call it the Olympia. Dont you like it?

Monday, March 04, 2013

Brought Sarah And Yusuff To McD

Weekends always be a hectic life for me. There many things to do and fulfilling my children's demands and requests are another responsible task to complete. Ikhlas was having a football training for his school selection. He asked me to postpone his painting class. I call Michel for replacement class next Saturday.

Hadi asked for a new boot for his softball match. I didnt reply anything but I know I must get it for him. He said that the boots that he is having not cannot fit anymore. Ok...another item on the budget list. Then he mentioned that he would like to go to Langkawi Island during school holiday with his cousins. Hhhmmmm......another budget on the list.

It was almost 11.30 am. I stopped my work in the studio and shouting for Adah and Syamim to get ready for their piano class. When we came back from Nilai yesterday, Yusuff insisted to have lunch at McD. Oh....not now! I was stuck in the jem at Jalan Tun Razak. The vehicles were crawling very slow. Eerrgggg....... I got to turn to Jln Bukit Bintang to collect my computer at Low Yatt. Sorry Yusuff. Not McD for today.

As promised I brought Sarah and Yusuff to McD yesterday while waiting for Adah and Syamim to finish their piano class.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Another Milestone

I have been doing this patchwork since last Monday. I would expect to finish it tonight but I am still contemplating whether to prepare for the queen size or for the twin size. Last night I was engrossed with my work untill 11.00 pm and by the time I stopped, everybody was sound asleep.

It takes me more than 25 designs of the fabric cotton to cut and match. People might think it is difficult and time consuming. But if we adopt the right technique and tools for sure you would understand how easy it would be. Anyway I learned it from Missouri Quilt Company.