Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Trip To Brunei

Sometimes when you have lost somebody, and you need to find him, all you need to do is to make a contact to the other somebody and insyaallah you will find that somebody that you seach. This was what had happened to me when I try to find my Bruneian friend, Hassan.

I try to find him in the facebook but failed. I have lost all the contact infos of my Bruneian friends. What did I do? Yes, I contacted my friend in Miri and I was confident that he can resolve my problem. When I called him, he promised to return my call. Few minutes later I got the number of Dr Hj Ibrahim. Then Dr Ibrahim navigated me to find Hassan phone number. It happened few days before I left for Brunei.

Here we were in Brunei meeting Hassan and his boys. Ooppsss....I asked Nandy to accompany me to feel the vibrant of Brunei.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prawn.. Masak Lemak Cili Padi

My friends Nandy and Yus asked me to join them fishing prawn. Hhhmmm not that my real hobby and I can ensure that I ended up catching nothing! I love fishing anyway but I have to sharpen my skill. Never can go but bring me few kilos to cook for you. I would expect them to bring at least 3 kilos when they would spend for the whole day.

I kept on messaging them to know the quantity of the catch. They remained quite but I thougt the result must be bad. I forwarded another message to buy cili padi. To start cooking was not a problem and it would be a simple recepi.

After isyak they came without Yus and with 8 numbers of cili padi for rm1. Wow this was too expensive. I thougt of 3kilos but the catch was a quarter kilo. Hhhmmmm.......I went to the kitchen and within 30 minutes, everything was ready. Masak lemak cili padi, friend mackarel and squilt curry....

Getting Away With It

Is it that simple to get away with it? No! We cannot get away with it but we have to deal with it and whatever decision let's make it rest in peace. This is about life and live.

I just started reading a new book. Still crawling to get to the centre of the book. The only time I managed to continue my reading is after come back from a mosque i.e before my eyes start getting tired and sailing to a sound sleeping. The other time is during the weekend when I am so free to do nothing.

I woukd expect to complete my reading in a month? I too ambitious? Or do I need to re-assess my judgement? Hhhmmm.....never mind....let me chase the deadline.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Missed Him

I missed him so much. If I could fly, I would fly across the continents and sea tu hug him and to tell him we missed you so much. Do I need to do that? No.... I dont really feel melancholy to that extend. I let him go.... Be a good boy. Have the right thought and perception and learn how to live and survive.

With whatsups, internet and modern technology, We dont feel the distance. We just like being refraining from the wall. I only need to say that take good care of yourself and Allah must always be in your heart.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Which One To Choose

My quilting design had totally stopped since I moved to Bintulu. But the flame of my spirit never dies. I have plenty of quilt project that are waiting and I have to tackle one after the other. This weekend I am going to complete my previous design and then only I will be ready for the new one.

My current job really take its toll out of me.... I am tired and drained....


Living in Bintulu might be boring if you dont know what to do. Basically everybody is stuck here. Within an hour you can cover the whole Bintulu. I just wonder what actually Bintulu can offer me? Hhmmm.....or should I say what I can offer to Bintulu? Yeah...that might be right.

There are many things I can do in Bintulu so as not to waste my time. I already got a nice plan laid down. But I need to establish and turn my room into a studio! I present room only for short let and I am waiting for another house to be vacated. Then my whole idea and plan would run smoothly. First to have a table in my room. Then I need airconditioned room. Then I need special lighting in my room. Then it would be ok.

With very fresh and abundance of seafood like fish, my kitten would be occupy regularly. No more eating outside and spending unnecessary time out there. Yes.....I love all the fishes....

Monday, October 07, 2013

Skateboard For Ikhlas

Everytime when I returned home there were things demanded by my children. The only this was I can only fullfil one at a time and others should wait for their turns. It was not easy to say than done! Some can be very patience like Adah and some might show their tantrum like Yusuff. I have to play my role to mitigate all these issues.

Yusuff demanded a bicycle from me but I knew that the bicycle wont last long. Within days everything would been torn apart. I have to cajole him by taking to McD for a lunch. And the promise for a bicyle might happen next month. The first part he must prove tha he could read before the nect school. He always argue with me bicycle first than he will learn how to read! Oh my god...he is demanding.

I went to Bukit Bintang Plaza and find Ikhlas a skateboard. He had asked a very long time ago. But this would be his second skateboard. It is not cheap but expensive. I bought alsa pad guards for his arms and knees. So what Ikhlas is promising me for having the scateboard? I would wait and see....

Quilt for Rose

Finall we managed to complete this beautiful quilt for Rose after striving with patience for 4 months. I give special compliment especially to my wife for giving her full endurance to finish this delicate work as a wonderful product.

I met rose on Saturday to deliver this quilt which fell on her birthday.