Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coming Home

Today my son, Safwan is coming home from Egypt for his summer holiday. He just finished his first year exam and if everything is ok, he will be second year for next semester. Everybody is delighted to receive him at home. His ETA flight is about 8.40pm tonight , Qatar Airways. Perhaps he is transit at Doha at the moment.

Yesterday while watching the Olympic on TV, I asked Ikhlas whether he wanted to accompany me to the airport tonigt? He noted and infact he would like to sleep with his brother. Yusuff also very curious to follow me to the airport. I said them ok, we will go immediately after our iftar. For sure we have load of stories to share.

Safwan told my wife what he wanted to do for his two months holiday. I was very happy if that what he would like to do. I already asked Ubai to come home this weekend to meet his brother and preparing for baju raya. As a father, yes I am happy that he will be at home. For sure he has more stories to share with my wife rather than me. I know why.... He said that I like to write about him in my Blog....hahahaha.
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Baju Melayu

When talking about baju raya, I hardly have one. As far as I could remember, I have not bought baju raya for years. My wife always asked me, 'Why never buy any?'. Sometimes, I answered jokingly , ' Its ok....biarlah hambo berkorban utk awak semua...'. Hehehehe....those same and common words my wife already used to it and finally she reluctant to ask about my baju raya anymore.

Last year, my friend Leha gave me a pair of Baju Melayu Johor. I only wore it twice only. This year I have decided to buy a special baju Melayu for me. I thought of having a nice family picture at my leaving, and everybody is wearing traditional costumes. That must be great! Today I walked in Ampang Park to find out the varieties of baju Melayu. There were quite number of shops that selling baju Melayu with satin and linen fabrics. The price quite dear for me but I still have time to shop around to find out the better price.

Now I am thinking to buy a baju Melayu similar colour for my wife baju kurung and I have seen the pretty baju kurung for her. So we can match each other like pengantin baru again....hihihi..
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At Last....

Finally I managed to complete my reading. I have never taken a very long time to complete one novel. Oh..oh..actually that is 2 in 1 novel so to say i.e. Two stories. There is another story that I need to finish. It being half way reading and calmly laying untouch in my drawer. I will.take it home and conrinue to finish it. All the characters are almost forgotten and need to refresh again. Hey guys, dont you want to wish me happy reading???
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Is The Moon Look That Way????

Every night I would bring my son Ikhlas with me to the mosque to perform congregational prayers i.e Isyak and Tarawih. After 15 minutes from breaking our fast, we went to the nearest surau for our maghrib prayer. Ikhlas is 10 years old and he likes to question me a lot. Last time we brought Yusuff along but he liked to play around the mosque and finally I asked him to remain at home. He detested my order very much.

While I was enjoying my driving last night for Isya, Ikhlas asked my why the moon appeared like that? He was watching it through the window. I try to peep from the window but I just couldnt see. I asked him,'What do you mean?'. 'Is the moon ecclipses?', he replied. As I turned my car to the right then I can view the moon clearly.

' It is not the ecclipse of the moon. We call it crescent. Do you know why the moon is becoming crescent?'. He shook his head and I knew he deserved further explanation. And I knew that I needed to give him a smart and simple explanation. Now our conversation like the song Que Serra Serra...hehehehe.

Then I told him,' Our muslim calender is following the cyclic of the moon. It means that the moon start to appear at first day of every month. By the 15th day of the month, the moon will be a full moon. On the 16th day of the month, the moon starts to reduce in size and will disappear by the 29th or 30th day. That is why we need to sight the moon of Ramadhan when we are supposed to fast.' Then I asked him whether he understood of what I had mentioned. He noted comprehensively.

Actually there were so many questions from my children asking about everything. If they ask about religion especially the unseen things like god, heaven, hell etc, I really have to answer in a very simple way yet precise to make them understand.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Request For New Head Scarf

For my daughters, I have completed their new clothings for Hari Raya. And Hari Raya will be much enjoyed when they can dress their new clothes especially baju kurung (traditional dress). And nowadays the baju kurung is not cheap and wit varieties of new and modern patterns and accessories.

One little thing that I forget is to buy their head scarf. Even this is a small little thing to put on their heads but it might be an important thing for them to choose. For my little girl, Adah is very easy. I can manage it for her and she would always happy when I have something new for her. But for my the other two tenage girls, I have to take them for shopping to select the head scarf. The best part of it, it must match with their apparel. I may say that girls are delicate to handle. They are just like beautiful china bone tea cup. Need to handle with care......

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recitation of Quran

The eldest used to remind that the Quran has its right. Apart from fulfilling the order of Allah in the Quran, we are asked to complete the reading of entire book twice a year. Is sound so easy to finish 114 surahs or chapters but it requires inner strength to fulfilling the duty.

When Ramadhan, the nineth calender month of Islam arrives, everybody has the courage to read it everyday. We can join the recitation or tadarus of Quran in many mosques all over the world. Even our homes are also shine with the recitation of Quran. As for my family, I keep on encourage everybody to spare some times after iftar or breaking fast and right after maghrib prayer to recite Quran.

I used to spare my time reading Quran after maghrib. But not only in the month of Ramadhan. It is my obligation to complete my Quran twice a year. If I could complete my novel reading with more than 500pages for two week, why I could not finish my Quran? If I could read the news paper from back to front or from front to back, why I could not give some times to read Quran? Can you see now the challenges? It is a matter of priority.

I nearly complete my Quran follow through my previous reading. But I intend to start from first surah again, to complete the whole Quran in Ramadhan. Do you have the intention to memorise the entire Quran by heart? Yes I have that intention but need to inculcate further the spirit. Quran is the mukjizat and have the remedy of everything and the secret of life lies within. Have the opportunity to read Quran and practise all its content. It will never lead you astray. It will guide you to the right path with blessing and bountiful. If you dont know how to read, learn slowly and you will enjoy the magnificent of it. Always ask God to guide you correctly and have a chance to read even the translation. I always pray that you with be showered with true guidance....
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Cushion

I just finished measuring and cutting the fabric for my cushion. It just took me an hour to complete the task. I could not wait any longer to sew the cushion before my spirit and zeal subside to zero....hehehe. I have planned to start the sewing tomorrow or this afternoon after my wife complete sewing baju kurung for Adah.

My cushion is just a straight sewing and I would expect to complete by next weekend. This afternoon I would go to town to buy zips and other accessories. Sometimes we thought that we would prepare a very simple Hari Raya but there are always new demands come in to fulfill.
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Welcome Ramadhan

Today is the first day for the month of Ramadhan where the muslims start to fast from the dawn to sunset. It is the month of barakah and bounty. Everybody is encouraged to do the good deeds and amals because there are multiple of rewards Allah showers upon us. All muslims must take this opportunity to increase the recitation of quran, increase the prayers etc.

Ramadhan is where we try to clense and holify old soul and hopefully will be sustained through out our lives. This is the month of forgiveness and increase the charity towards the needy and poor. You can find plenty of virtures in the month of Ramadhan if you google in the internet.

This year insyaallah I will spend my whole month of Ramadhan with my family and not 7 years ago where I spent my Ramadhan at oversea. It is nice to gather and sit down enjoying the iftar ( breaking of fast) and sahur (very late supper) with my children and my beloved wife. For sahur, my children always request for conflakes or cocoa crunch with cold milk. As for me anything would be ok because I am not that fussy when come to selection of food.

Today my wife would prepare soya milk and roasted chicken with briani. After asar I would go to town to find dates and few other staff for preparation of Ramadhan.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retire Rich

I went to the news shop to buy some snacks and as I paid the bill I saw Fortune magazine with front cover written 'Retire Rich'. The cover showed the retired couple were enjoying their holidays somewhere at the remote and beautiful island. By looking at the title, wow this couple must be rich and enjoying their remnant of life. Do you envy them? Yes, I personally would like to be like them but looking at current condition and status, I have to admit that I envy them and I could not be like them. Who on earth refuse to travel all over the globe in a luxury manner? However, there are many unfortunate people fail to have even a grain of rice to eat.

Life has its destiny. And the ultimate destiny is death. What would happen to us after death everybody knows through their own believes. We can be wealthy provided that the income or the money we received is from a legally source or in other word 'halal'. What does 'halal' mean? It means that we obtain it in the way that Allah likes by following the guidance from His prophets. We have to realise that every single cent of money that we possessed must be from a 'clean' mean and we are accountable during the day of judgement.

Just as I had mentioned earlier some people just ransacK somebody's right in order to become rich and some people bribing other just to stay rIch. In a corrupt society, everything is permissable just to maintain the booty or dollars  merely to circulate among team members.

Hhhhmmmm......I would rather to stay clean and gratitute to what I have. But anyway if by chance I would be a retire rich, give me a hello, if you meet me in Switzerland...or welcome and greet me with a plumeria lei in Hawaii......

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retro Songs

Last weekend I was browsing the Youtube relexingly and suddenly I thought of searching for some retro songs back in 70s and 80s. Those are evegreen songs that I would prefer to listen. I could say that I miss those songs. I went to the first section and try to find a singer, 'Gaya Zakri'. Wow.....almost all the favourite songs rendered by her uploaded in the Youtube. Straight away I went to the song 'Teruna Pilihanku' or my choice. I have not heard about this song for years. The rythm and melody with additional samba and twist was very nice. The lyric was simple and catchy. Thats reminded me of my yesteryears young.

Then I turned to search for ' Ku tak mengerti by Yusni Hamid'. The same thing that I never heard for years. I liked her silky and relex voices with low tone. The lyric was not that bad. I introduced to my wife to the song and told her why I love this song. I know she is still actively singing in the club and corporate functions.

Finally I search for ' Rina Rahman'. I knew that there was a lovely love song. The seach came out few and automatically I saw the song 'Ku ingin bahagia'. I listened to the song repeatedly and at the same time I read the comment. Finally, I knew that the song was copyrighted from Japanese singer Momoe Yamaguchi.

It is not easy to find these retro songs. But I knew one place at Amcorp Mall, this seller converted the old songs into CD. Those beautiful song would never be the same like new songs nowadays. They are very much different interm of the melodies and lyrics. The best part of it is, the retro songs are always evergreen....
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Money, Money, Money

Why when come to money deal people are rarely sincere? People will try as much as they could to manipulate the contract to their benefit and minimise the payment to the other party. Especially when you dont have the freedom of time and avenue. People are willing to cheat or go against the tenet of religion when dealing with money. All kind of hiden clauses and interpretations emerge for their benefit and profit. I am really sick with this mode of dealing. Where is the attitude of god fearing.

What I had mentioned above is just to share my experience. When I bought the house, the developer must pay the LAD for me due to delay. The developer refused to pay in full but for 50% only. My friend advised me to accept rather than received nothing. Was it worth to engage the lawyer? My another friend sued the developer and they won. It was quite a good amount.

Recently I got my salary slips from my previous employer after asking for a long period of time. What puzzled me was why my half month salary very much less. When I asked them, the reply was, I worked for 8 days. Did my salary was paid in daily rate? Did they deducted just because I took annual leave and public holiday? It did not make any sense! Contractully my salary based on monthly rate. And secondly whenever I went home for home leave, I still got paid for full salary!

I am still waiting for the answer from them. Let see how they are going to manipulate. That is why I said when come to money dealing, people tend to lose their fear of god and gone crazy!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Am A Teacher

What I got to do with my weekends? Nothing more and nothing less, I am becoming a teacher for my children. After breakfast and having their morning shower, everybody to sit down with me for their revision. I have bought the revision books and ready to give them exercises. And Yusuff cannot join us and must be away from her sisters and brothers. If not he will disturb everybody and Ikhlas will lose his focus.

Now I am stressing on mathematics and it seems that he is improving a lot. Now I am giving him more exercises. Adah is ok and she is very independant doing all the exercises I give to her. I know it is very tiring to look after everybody but I am happy to be a father and a teacher for my children.
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Window Dressing

Why I feel so lazy to work on my garden lately. It has been sometime I had fertilised all the plants and it is time now to prune, germinate and fertilise them. I need to make few cuttings for my plumerias and to control the growth. The idea to graft few branches has not materialise. Hhhhmmmm......that is why I say I am becoming lazy.

Recently I prunned my sandpaper vine that overly creeped on my pergola. I had tried to tie back to the pergola but it did not work. The best thing I did was to cut the branches and germinate them in the poly bag. Let see what would happen.

Now you could see house I dress up my two symmetrical and identical windows with plants. At the ringht with potted yellow palm and at the left with varieties and row of plumerias. Hey...they make my living look very cool indeed.

Ramadhan just around the corner. I should make up my garden soonest possible and let them grow and flower to celebrate Syawal.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Olumeria

I went to Sungai Buluh plant nursery last week to find new breed of plumerias. I saw the white plumeria acacia with small leaves and without the smell. I bought it for rm30. I drove further straight to the nursery to find new varieties of plumeria which are more exotic.

I stopped at the nursery just beside the road and I found one. Hehehe.....the flower was light red and the smell was strong. It was rm250 per pot but the plant was huge. I like the way it grows because it is like a dwarf plant with many branches. I asked whether they have something smaller. The Indon guy gave me two smaller plants and it would take another one year to bloom. Hhmmmm.....
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I think my time is shrinking! I have been managing and calculating all the time that I have and find out what is the final outcome. I need to adjust my time here and there and fit my activities. It just like a puzzle. All you need to do is crack your brain to find the solution. I can talk more and again about my plans that need to accomodate my time.

Since I returned home from oversea for the past 9 month, I have not finished reading a single book. It is shameful! I could have completed 3 books in a month when I was away. If 9 months, I should have complete 9x3=27 books. Can you see the statistic? Yes...it shows poor result. In fact I have not gone through half of it.

Now I have found a suitable time for me to read. It is not at home. I could not find a slot and a correct mood for my reading when I am at home. More time to spend with my wife and kids at home. Since I leave for work immediately after my fajar prayer, easily I could reach my office before 7.00am. I would go down to the food court for breakfast and coffee and would open my book for an hour to continue my reading. I think it is a beautiful time slot to finish my reading. Just before 8 I would catch a lift to my office. When Ramadhan arrive next 2 weeks, this would be my slot to recite my Quran.
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Monday, July 09, 2012

Where Are We Going?

Have you ever thought what is the purpose of life? Is life about eat, sleep and having family? We were given 24 hours a day and let see what have we done for that 24 hours. Yes, we wake up in the morning to work for leaving. Having friends and neighbours as part of our social obligation. And not to forget of having family. But where are our lives ending? Everything seems to be routine and what if our ultimate achievement? One day we will leave this world and whatever its contain. Whether we like it or not we still have to leave. We dont bring anything inside the grave with us. We are totally inside a different world that is dark, quiet and scary? Do we know what would happen to us? Yes, we never know but we were reminded by the prophets about life after death.

It is different from life in the ocean. It is bigger than the entire land. We could see the life in the ocean but we could not see ever imagine the life after death. When talking about death and life after death, I can feel the goose bump around my neck. It is scary and frightening. I really hope my journey to the grave to be as smooth as silk.

Everybody has their priority of life. But we must set the priority as Allah wish and not as we wish. If you as your children what is their priority in lives? They would reply number one is enjoy to play games. Second to have a nice food and clothes. Third is bla bla bla...etc. The last is study or reading Quran and the second last is to study and work hard. But as parents, we also set priorities for them. First is to learn Quran. Second is to work hard and study and the last is to play and enjoy. They are totally reverse priorities.

Similarly, we as a man or woman. We have our owm priorities. We have set our vision and mission. Number one would be having lots of money to buy a nice car, house etc. Second is to have a nice family. Third would be bla bla bla... The last would be to obey the order of Allah. See...how we have diverted our purpose of live. If you ask Allah, He will tell you to obey His comandments, doing dakwah and the last would be making effort of dunia that is temporary. They are reverse priority as well.

We can go on with our lives as we wish whether to obey Allah or not in this world. Allah does not lose anything because we are in need of Allah. He knows what is good and bad for us since He is the Creator. Life and this world is full of deceit. Be a wise man to always remember death.
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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wedding Feast

I was invited by my friend Hj Ali for his daughter' s wedding via my facebook. Since I have not met him for years and this would be the last wedding, I have no reason to decline. I have made a point to attend with my wife and children. It was unfortunate my wife had a fever, and she got to cancel it. However, I went to the wedding with my children yesterday.

We depart from out house about 10 am and would prefer to be at the wedding earlier so that I could have more time to chat with my friend and others friends that I have missed. All I could remember the place is at Kampung Abu Bakar Baginda, Bangi. I never thought that the area would change very much.

When I entered Puchong area, I was astonished. The area along the LDP Highway totally changed and and hardly to identify the area. We missed the road twice and hard to make a U turn for several time to make to a correct exit and location. Oh god....we are going no where! Finally we asked a local guy to direct the wedding venue.

Alhamdulillah , Hj still recognise me after so many years we have not met each other.
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Finally I decided to go back to Fella Design to find fabric for my cushion cover. But there was not much choice for my selection. Some colours were ok but the floral design was big and would need adjustment when I am going to cut and wastage of material. Lastly I have to choose smaller floral design.

I bought 6m each and hopefully the measurement could fit all the cushions. Now I need to find time when I going to cut the fabric and sew the cushions.
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Friday, July 06, 2012

Laser Treatment

I started wearing glasses when I was 14. It was very small power in my glasses. May be I would call it spectackles....hahaha. The power remains the same and increases little bit as I am aging. I have no problem with my sights. As I am reaching 40, I need a reading glasses to read and look at things in a short distance. Or else I have to remove my glasses and put things near to my naked eyes.

Yes, it is very disturbing and inconvinience. What to do, I have to leave with it. One day I went to the optrician and asked whether my eyes can be laser operated so that it can return to normal. I was about 40 during that time. The Dr mentioned that it was unsuitable for a man above 40. So I never asked further to any specialist.

Now I feel that my sight is worsening. I got a problem with glaring and the power index is increasing tremendously. Last few weeks I met my friend and he is going for eyes operation. He is 50. He told me that many of his friends of similar age have undergone laser treatment and they have stopped wearing glasses. I think I better check for laser treatment. If it suits me, I dont mind to spend some money and undergo the operation. My life would be better and easy.
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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Nisfu Syaban

I am fasting today to celebrate Nisfu Syaban. It is the 15th day of Shaaban. My wife and Hadi also fasting. Shamim could not fast due to her menstrual. There are so many virtues for fasting in the middle month of Syaban. You can see the link here http://leedsgrandmosque.com/khutbahs/khutba-20070824.pdf . I woke up about 5 am to have a sahur with Hadi and my wife. We had a simple fried rice and a cup of hot coffee. As usual when come to sahur, Yusuff and Sarah also woke up and busy disturbing my wife preparing for the meal.Both of them demanded for seperate attention.
Today I am going to leave early from office hoping to prepare the breaking fast. I am not sure what my wife is preparing right now but I told her I have not had home made soya milk for sometimes and I need prawn fritters. Hahahaha......am I a very demanding hubby? That is only a small demand and a simple thing to do. This year insyaallah I would celebrate the full month of Ramadhan with my family after 4 years missing the celebration together with them.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Malay Architecture??

Do you know what Malaysian Architecture? I am also not too sure but I guess it resembles the kampung house, that we call traditional house. Hey.....you know what! I should be an architect you know..... That was my second choice and engineering was my third choice. How on earth I became an engineer only god knows. Ok....back to the topic. We also have traditional house, Rumah Melaka though. If you drive your car in Melaka or any states of Malaysia, hardly to find the true traditional houses. Most of them were phased out and replaced with modern houses. It is quite sad because no effort was taken to preserve the tradition houses.

Why people are used to Bali type of design and concept? Like wise Bali Garden and Bali Spa? Or the Thai design, concept and spa? Have you ever heard people would say Malaysian or Malay design and concept and spa? What I would say is the value of Malay architecture or what ever it is, is dying. Hey..... Dont challenge me just yet. This is my opinion and I would like to share my opinion.

Are there any promotions or incentives for those who would like to involve in preserving and promoting the Malaysian architecture? Its all depend on the effort by the culture and herritage ministry to look upon it. Just like when you step down in Bali or Siam, xou will be amaze by their heritage and culture. Lots of efforts were done to elevate the culture. End up you can see the Balinese architecture and spa in Malaysia even in other countries.

Could I say that we need somebody young, energetic and creative to lead? We dont need retiree because it could not be critical for him to think!
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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Reviving My Routine

I started back my routine that I left for many years. When Ubai, Wan and Kiss were small I was the one who used to tutor them everyday just to ensure that they were good in their education. After isyak I would sit down round table with them to teach, check and monitor their homeworks. It was a daily routine and I was happy to do that. Now they have grown up and can manage on their own accord.

In 1999 I started to work oustation. Leaving wife and small kids was not easy. So many thoughts keep coming to my mind but because of career development and incentives I would endure the challenges. Life was always not easy as we planned. I was still busy to look after my kids education and school works when I have completed my assignment. Life never change from being concerned and more concerned.

I went to Copenhagen, Sudan (deep in savannah) and Turkmenistan for my next assignment from 2005 to 2011. Kira berkorban apa saja lah....... Since then, I lost touch of my children's school development. Everything was handed over to my wife. She was the mother and the father. (There are many write up in my blog the good and bad during my assignment but you need to dig up to find the stories....hehehe.)

I have promised to myself and my wife to revive my routine. I need to start somewhere. I need to concentrate onto Hadi and Ikhlas the most. Last night I asked Ikhlas what did he get for his maths for mid term exam? 26 was the figure. I kept quiet for a while and try to digest what went wrong. Obviously it was my mistake! I should be blamed.

I started last night sitting with Adah and Ikhlas to go through their school works. I started making revision with Ikhlas on his poor maths. Everything to repeat all over again. Hopefully I have the patience, energy and spirit to face them everyday. Now I need to divert my solemn attention for my kids. I must put them on the right track.
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Monday, July 02, 2012

Birthday Present For Adah

Adah used to remind me when she would get her birthday present? I said to her,'Ba still remember the present for you. I know, I owe you something'.Finally I asked her,'What do you want anything special?' She replied, ' I need a watch'. 'OK...I will get one for you'. I think that would be a reasonable request.

I have made a quick search for the kid watches at Ampang Park last week. And I have found the watch that would make her happy. Last weekend I brought her to the shop and asked her to choose the design that she preferred. Now she already have the watch and I see the watch always on her wrist all the time. Let see how long it would last...hehehe. It is not an expensive watch but good enough for my daughter.
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Curtain Fabric

Yesterday I went to Fella Design. It was a sales day. After sending my daughters' piano class I asked Kiss to accompany me to Fella. We follow Gatrie Highway to Bukit Subang because that was the shortest route and took us only 15 minutes to reach there. It would be a quick visit because I only wanted to find fabric for my cushions to match with my curtain.

When I entered the gallery I was attracted to the rocking chair that I dream of. I was seating on it and start to rock gently while thinking where to place if I bought it. I was contemplating whether to buy or not to buy. Sometimes you need to suppress your demanding desire. Oooo.....I think all the time. Luckily I did not bring my unser and finally I decline to have it of so many reasons.

I went straight to the back yard where they displayed the discounted fabric. After viewing all the design and the roll, there was one fabric that might match my curtain. But the flower design was sparsely arranged and I need to rearrange in order to cut the fabric to make it at the centre. With the calculation quickly running in my brain, I need more than 20 meters of fabric. I was undecided whether to buy or not to buy. Aiyoooo....why it was so difficult to make a decision?

Hhhhmmmm.......finally I left the area and I only bought two big pillows and roaming around and took few photos of the admired furniture.

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