Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is the month of June! What does that tell you? Ok....this is the. 5th month of my employment. Hardly to see any saving into my bank account...huhuhu. Does it indicate that my salary is not enough or I need to reorganise my expenditure? Or there just no barakah? Oh no! I need the barakah in the first place. Life without barakah is meaningless. So what should I do? You need to work out how to make it barakah. Barakah is eventhough it is small but it is enough for you and for you to share. Reduce the extravaganza spend only if it is appropriately necessary.

There are many birthday to celebrate as well and many present to buy. I still have not bought any present for Adah, for her birthday. On the 6th would be Kizz birthday. On the 15th would be my birthday. Sarah would celebrate her birthday on the 17th and Ubai on the 20th. Wow......we might celebrate our birthday party together with the prayers that we would live in the good of health and happily ever after.

I have decided with my wife that we are going to celebrate our common birthday this coming Saturday. Since tomorrow is a public holiday, I would go to Tesco and market for grocery. We would make a red velvet cake. I would cook nasi briani and roasted chicken. My children would blow the balloons and decorate the house. I would request the to have a nice and beautiful dresses. Then we would take photo together. It would be a close door party. Dont you think it is nice?

Ooopppsss.....I need few cuttings of heliconia to be decorated at the living area. For sure we are busy celebrating the occasion.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pan Leaf (Daun Sirih)

Do you know what is pan leaf or daun sirih? Pan leaf is a significant plant and closely related to Indian culture. It is believed to be brought by the Indian immigrants by the British Goverment to the Peninsular of the Malay Land or was recognised as Tanah Melayu. The name 'Pan' is an Indian word. Whether from hindi, tamil, telegu, karalla etc , they share a common name. That is my assumption. But I dont know what is the name in English. Perhaps my visitors can assist me to find the right name. That was little bit of history.

If you are in India, selling pan leaves must cost you a fortune. Majority of the people like to chew pan leaves. Similarly if you are in Bangladesh. If you walk in the village or on the small lane, you could see patches of red saliva spitted by people who like to eat pan. The taste is bitter and could cause a burning sensation in the mouth and end up with red colour. Those who are addicted to eating pan, you can detect the trace of red marking surrounding the teeth. People claimed that by eating pan would make your teeth become stronger. There is no medical proof for such claim. As for me it would make your teeth turn ugly and rusty. I never agree to it. It just a cultural behaviour and not more than that.

When I was small I try to eat pan as well. My mum wont allow me to eat. She said pan only meant for old folks. They liked to eat pan among themselves in front of the verandah and started to gossip about many topics and could end up back bitting about somebody. I making wild accusation? Obviously not. Gossiping is becoming part of the culture of human being.

I grow pan leaves. The leaves are waxy and beautiful. I put the pot on the ground and let them climb to the wall and hopefully they would cover the entire walls. I said to my wife, if people come over and ask for the leaves, they are not free. One leaf may cost for 10¢. Dont bother if they say you are calculative or stingy. The fact is we have put our time and sweat to grow the plant and we just could not destroy its beuty for free.

One thing I would like to tell you that it is difficult to find daun sirih nowadays. They would pay for it during the wedding ceremony because it is the culture of the Malays to have a sirih junjung during the wedding solemnise. So you better grow the daun sirih now......
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lets Go To The Zoo

Yesterday we drove two cars to KL. Ubai drove little Honda to service centre. There was few services to fine tuning to be done. I drove another car and picked up Ubai at the service centre and continue to the Zoo. Only Yusuff and Adah accompany us. The last visit was tree years ago when Yusuff was two years old.

We arrived at the Zoo quite early and there were not many cars. The parking spaces still provide many vacant lots and we finally parked at the shady area. Considering the sun rising gradually and might shift the shady area, we need to make the right choice of parking.

For four of us the entrance fee was rm52. And no fee for a camera. But if you bring a video camera, you have to add another rm15. Not much difference I supposed. If new ideas were to exercise it would be better to attract more people. Now is school holidays and many parents bring along their children.

I bought the layout of the zoo for convenient and donation. First we went to the animal teatre. There were shows of a seal lion and few birds. I could see Yusuff was laughing and gigling with Adah went the seal lion presented the acrobatic show and clapped its hands. If you want to donate some money a cacatoo would fly and pearch at your arm and collect the money. It was a wonderful even.

Then we moved on to other places for a drink and snack. What I wondered was there were not many animals left. Few areas were cordoned for rehibilitation and renovation. Where are those animals? is not easy to run a zoo. The most critical part is how to maintain the zoo.
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Here I come again. Today, after sending my daughters for their piano class, I took a short break, having a splendid iced coffee at Papparich. The drinks are just awesome. The ambient surrounding and the smoothness of sentimental songs blended well and produce a gorgeous feeling. Now I am enjoying the iced it is so good! This is my relax station while waiting for my daughters to complete their lessons.

I like the interior very much. It is a simple romantic yellow lighting combines with the set of kopitiam furniture that look vintage and rustic. Now the rendering of Chicago's song Hard to Say I am Sorry. Can you imagine that? Those are songs from the 80's and 90's. You can never find those kind of songs and melodies nowadays. It is so retro......
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Friday, May 25, 2012

I Am Growing Old

I can see many people would like to put their old photos in the Facebook. Amazingly they still have their photos when they were young. Some people still have their photos when they were babies. It was their retro-period that they had cherished with their loved one.

I enjoy the photography session. Those are memories that you can instantly keep and share with others. But where are my old photos? As far as I could remember, I have no photos of my childhood. What a pity! I feel envy when I saw my friend's old photos with their siblings and friends. What to do, but if I could rewind the history I would snap plenty of precious moments and build up my collection of memory trove.

I would like to thank my friend Mohamad that willing to make every efford to upload old photos in the facebook. He volunteerily allow his friends to share the pictures and reminisce the best old moment together. What a feeling.......
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Is Taking Care Of You

When we were born our parents were the one who took care of us. Rain or shine dad will spare his time to carry out some works and bring back some money for mom to save and spent for food and clothing. I remembered when a pay day arrived, dad will surrender all his salary for mom to manage. During that period life was simple and the demand was less. I used to go down the stream to catch fish with my brother. Sometimes we went to the bushes to find little birds. Mom has no worries at all where we were going. Because she knew that we will return home when we were hungry. Life was so beautiful and pleasant during that time. Even we have no internet, playstations and other electronic devices, we were happy to play and minggle around with our local friends. We use our creativity to creat toys and games. Everybody will take care of each other. We have the concept of my mom is your mom and your mom is my mom.

The only house that have a TV was my house. During the night time, my house will be a cinema. Many neighbours would come and enjoy the movies. All the time, the crowd will spread over the living area up and some have to squater on the stairs. My house was not big but just a rented small house but we were managed to accommodate the demand of the welcomers. During the weekend the house will be fulled of people because of the Malay movie. We never charged anybody for the TV. It was a 24 inches black and white TV.

Life is not simple now. Everything you have to pay. There are no such things for free. We are dragged into a capitalist system that only take care of their unlimited profits. And life is not save either. Lately kidnapping is a usual crime. You just cannot let you kids wander around without paying attention. Everything is so demanding and selfish. How could we mend this world back as before? No, you cannot! You have to live as it is.

When we grew up and having a family, we are responsible to take care of our wife and children. Nobody will do that for you. Even when you reach at the cross roads you are the one who have to make the decisions wisely. People around you only could advise and express their opinions.

But sometimes we missed out that there is a person who takes care of you. Who is he? He is your god, Allah. When you are going astray seek forgiveness and direction and for sure He will definitely helps you. He is the one who will take care of you...
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My Morning Grumbling

Yesterday, a school teacher called my house. She asked my wife to pay for my daughter school fees. Special fee cost for RM200. PIBG fee is for RM550 and payment for food is RM750. Altogether the amount is RM 1500. When I visited my daughter last week, she told me about the fees but never for special fee. When my wife asked the teacher what is special fee, she said everything was explain in the letter. My daughter will bring the letter when Iam going to pick her up this weekend. Hhhmmmmm........these are the fees for one child. How about for many children like mine. I feel the pinch now. Wow....Now I need to create my book keeping account for each penny to be spent. Should I????? Oh might be calculative if I were to start having the book keeping. Forget about it for a moment and just relax. By the way I already told myself that what I have spent is mine and whatever in the back is below to Allah. I just a custodian of the money or properties. Once I die, everything will be transfered to another custodian. This is the facts of life!

Ok lets forget about it. Dont let this monetary things start to entangle our mind. For the past few days I have been following my friend updating his FB about his travels around Balkan states. How fortunate he is to travel alone. I better check with him how he managed his travels. I also have a plan to travel around the globe insyaallah. While I was driving a car yesterday, I started to count how many countries I have visited so far. Started with Thailand , and it grew to another 29 countries, and my recent visit was Vietnam. Now Winter Sonata adventure has been locked in my year planning schedule.

Recently my American friend asked me whether I have been to US. I politely answer no. But the intention to visit US is still burning but not in near time. Perhaps I should wait until MOUNTAIN VIEW gives me an official invitation. ........
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sugar Glider

When talk about pets it just not Ubai. He dislike cats, hamsters and other pets. He has no interest to talk about it nor to own it. But I realise that he likes to talk about sugar glider very much. He would tell me how tame suggies could be. How to take care of it and how many of his friends keep it as a pet. And many more virtues he told me by having the suggies. I know his intention very well but he just too shy to confess that he needs a pair. I would listen to him and pretend not to comprehend.

I seen the advertisement at Mudah and some other sources. It is not cheap to keep suggies. The price range from RM250 to RM350 depends on the size, colour and origin. The breed from Australia is the most expensive. But how do we know they are from Australia origin? Only jauhari mengenal manikam.
I dont want to get involve in keeping pets. I just too busy and have no time to take care of them. My 9 children have taken up enough time from my leisures. Having pets just like having new babies. You have to feed them. Bath them and clean them. What happen to Yoko and Kenzo? Finally I got to scream to Hadi for food and clean up. Finally my wife have to settle and manage them. What happen to the hamsters. All were dead.

I am very supportive for my children having pets. It would train them to love animals and to be responsible and I personally love pet. Since Ubai has shown his interest (which I feel so weird) for suggies, yesterday I bought a pair for him together with a cage and accessories. They aint cheap. Altogether I paid for Rm670. This is a rich kid's hobby. I wont describe in detail about the break down cost. But they are very expensive....hhhhhmmmmm. I asked Ubai this moning whether he has given the names? He would think about it today. Welcome to our home suggies!
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Shirts For Me, Hadi and Wan

went to Ikano Power. Our intention was to redeem my points as I mentioned earlier. My weakness is, I easily got attracted to things, and I mean so many things and end up I love to buy it. People say love at the first sight. I am not only buy for myself but for others as well.
Yesterday we
When we were about to leave the Travel Inn shop and carry our claimed bag packs, I refused myself to enter IKEA. I knew once I was in, there would be more money to be spent. Unfortunately we didnt move to the car park, instead walking straight to the Branded Shop. The first intention was to buy few T-shirts.

There were signs for SALE in the Padini shop. I asked my son to walk around to find trousers. Then I saw those shirts with 70% discount. would be nice! Price cut from RM100 to RM30. Just select and pay at the cashier. Two for me and one for Hadi and Wan. And later we went to the next shop for Tshirt. Two for me and one for Ubai. to make saving....

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Redeem My Points

While waiting for Adah to finish her piano lesson, I asked Ubai to have a drink at Papa Rich. Actually we just had our breakfast at home. To wait Adah for one hour is considered too long. Let relax and have a nice drink and I can complete my reading from The Star and what are the news that really inspired me. Yeah about Chelsea winning the Champion League and Kelantan championed the FA Cup. Others merely extreme politics accusing this guy and that guy. I could dsy dirty politics.

Once Adah had finished her drink, we went to the Travel Inn to redeem my points and claim for bag packs. I knew that Ikhlas needed a new bag to school. Ubai said he also needed one for himself. After calculating with nearly 120k point that I entitled, I took 4 bag packs. When I reached home, Hadi asked for one. The other one left, let my wife to decide who should own the last bag pack.

I thought to have the Pierre Cardin but it would be better for them to own it.
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Wall Clock

Everytime when my mom comes to my house she would express her beautiful quote to me,'Hang ni Raja Palembang boleh beli tapi jam tak mampu nak beli'. Do you know what she actually meant? She said that, I can affort to buy expensive items but the cheap clock I refuse to buy. Everytime whenever she try to find time, she has to ask around. Especially to find out time for prayers.

I can understand her predicament. Even I myseft too have to ask my wife and children for time. Luckily, I would have my smart phone around lately. I have bought few wall clocks from IKEA but never last long because they are cheap. After a month the clock tend to spoil again due to its minute engine got problem or the cardboard inside got twisted.

I take note of my mom's complaint. I have the intention to buy new wall clocks.There are many places that I need to hang. But being so choosy to select things, it end up I have to wait until I find the right on. Please bear patience with me please. I just cannot simply buying them from the shop without considering my interior isn't it?

I already got the idea what type of wall clock that I prefer. Initially I would like to buy a grandfather clock that I can put at the corner of my leaving area. But it would look too'Datin' which I detest. Finally I got the idea to find something simple and vintage like in the picture. HAHAHA......Hopefully I could get them before my mom's next visit. Hopefully there will be no more complaint.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

To Study In London

Yesterday I messaged Wanaina to his FB inbox about the rental cost for a single room in outskirt London. Today I received a reply from him informing me that a single room cost around £70 to £100 pounds. Oh my god! I cannt believe the price has increased that much. When I was there the weekly rental for a single room was only £28 the most. was 25 years ago. If a student is to study there, he may need pocket money minimum of RM 3000 per month. When I was there I was supported with £240 per month which include everything.

Ubai is going to finish his diploma March next year. And I intend to send him to UK to pursue his degree for a year. There are few universities that accepted a diploma direct to final year degree. If he is going to continue in the local university, he needs 3 to 4 year to complete his degree. When I calculated and sum up everything it is more economical for me to send him abroad. Not only the economic point of view that I considered, but many other reasons I have viewed and thoughts.

I have not decided or finalised the selection of the university because there are many other matters to weigh and consider. At this point of time, I only asked him to focus and concentrate on his study and obtain a good result in his diploma. To find money and manage the plan let me think about it.

That what people said, 'To sacrify for children is beyond limit'.
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Week End Schedule

For the past two weekends I was fully occupied with my family matters. I hardly having time to look after my little garden. It is due for fertilising and pruning. My creepers on the pergola reclining towards the grass area and need to pull back and tie. I am afraid the whole creepers would succumb to collapse if I dont take an immediate action, especially my beloved sandpaper vine. My plumerias need to be transfered into polybags and few of them I need to graft to other plants.

This weekend I am bit free but my routine to visit my little girl Kizz and sending Mim and Adah to piano class is going on as usual. When is the time to sit down with Ikhlas and teach him about maths and science? time is running out and I need to reschedule everything. I am running out of steam!

The other weekend will start school holidays. We are planning to balik kampung to attend the wedding feast. Initially I thought of to let go but....hhhmmmmm... After that I might drive to Kuala Trengganu to visit my friend's children. Since I have lost the contact number, I got no other choice accept to meet them at Pasar Payang. On the way back got to stop at Dungun to send Ubai. He will complete his holidays very soon and I will miss him very much.

I thought of to continue my ribbon embroidery work this weekend. I really hope it would materialise of what I have planned so far..
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Mountain View

I would like to express my special thanks to my fans and visitors who like to drop by and enjoy to read my blog. As I mentioned earlier, I only write about my family, hobbies, events, my travels and something that attracted me especially about lives and this revolving world. I try to forbid myself from writing about my work or extreme politics that could distract my peace of mind. The ultimate aim is to let people enjoy reading my blog and sharing few information.

When I about to write something, I would view the numbers of my increased visitors and would expect some constructive comments. I would also review my chat box and would try to answer them appropriately.

There is one visitors that really attracted me. He or She is from Mountain View(MV) California. I have noticed that MV has followed my blog regularly. I am not sure whether MV is Malaysian staying in USA or American. I am also not sure whether MV had dropped any comments and messages in my chat box. But I really appreciate your visit, MV. You inspire me to write more and challange me not to leave my blog unattended.

MV, I do like to know you and hopefully you can disclose yourself and we can become friends. As part of my appreciation and my solemn gratitute I would like to present this flower for you. A sandpaper vine that blooming with sparking velvet purple colors as a sign of gratitue and appreciation.

Please leave few words when you are visiting again.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Gallery

Yesterday after returning from work I brought all the paintings that I bought from Hanoi to the shop for framing. At this moment I dont know where to hang them to the most suitable place. Few of them I would hang into my childten's room. I hope they will like it.

There were few printed drawings that I have when I visited Paris years ago. I almost forgotten about the posters and suddenly Ubai wanted them to place in his room. Then I asked my wife to find me paintings that I purchased when I visited Athens. Luckily she managed to find them. Altogether we frame for 10 paintings and posters.

Then I realised that I need to hang at my other house which I intended to convert it into a homestay. This must be a bright idea. I already told Ubai to cover all the holes and smooth the surface before we put a final paint.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Socks From Uniqlo

Just bought new socks from uniqlo. It looks more scottish now.
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My Broken Plumeria

There were two incidents I experience today. It was a bad day I could say. First, I was driving along the hill entering my housing area, suddenly I saw many cars near a sharp bend. As I approached closer there was an accident between a lorry and a motorcycle. As I slowed down the speed I saw a small boy body was lying at the side of the road. I can confirm that he was already dead. And next to the body was his father grieving in tremendous pain while waiting the ambulance to arrived. Oh my god, what should I do? There were enough people to assist and control the traffic and I just drove straight home. I told my wife abount the accident and asked her to call Ubai. I scared of accident and dare not to see the accident scene. That was why God forbid me from being a doctor....hhhmmmmm. That sharp bend has taken numerous life but people never learned a lesson. There should not be any accident at that place if people abide by the rules. People just dont appreciate their lives and like to go against the rule. By the way pity to the family....Oooppsss...that young father was taken to the hospital.

Second incident was, as I arrived home I saw my plumeria plants that I always cherish and pamper were broken by somebody. I was so frustrated. When I asked Yusuff he said so and so was doing that. It was not the first time but I realised since last weeks. Without any reason my plumeria was broken. Those are exotic plumerias that I recently bought. Why this naughty kids need to smash my plumeria. Parents should teach their children to take care of the environment and love the harmless creatures of god. I better be a spy to find out who is the culprit!
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My Plumeria

I have more than 10 veriaties of plumeria. I have the maroon, swirl red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, white and so on. Are they already ten that I mentioned? Not yet but some colours they have bit yelloe or orange here and there to the petals. I am still propergating different colour right now.

The smell of plumerias is very nice. The strong smell can breeze through to my leaving area. Such a magnificent smell. How can I make the essense from plumeria? How do I extract the fragrance? Can somebody help me to develope a perfume. I have abundance of plumeria flowers laying on my garden. The balinese like to offer their prayer using plumeria flowers. They also use the flowers for spa and incense to permeate the smell in the rooms and its surrounding.

Just look at my newly blooming plumerias. They can last for weeks and beautify your garden with their sparking colours.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ferry Oh Ferry

Today I brought my family to experience the cruise of a ferry. It has been for sometimes we have not used a ferry to Penang Island. The last that I could remember was 4 years ago when I brought my children during school holidays. Normally whenever we go to Penang we would use the great Penang Bridge which is faster.

Ferry is very much sentimental and nostalgia because I could remember my parents took me to Penang to visit their relatives using the ferry. It was 40 years ago. When my mummy tagged me along and we walked passing the customs I told my mummy to stop for a while and let the customs tidy up our baggage. Mummy would jerk my hands and informed me that was unnecessary. I wondered why mummy refused their assistance but she would never explain to me perhaps because I was still a small kid. When I grew up then I realised why mummy never stopped at the customs. During that time Penang was declared as a free duty island.

The ride to the main land took about 15 minutes and then I noticed that they have many different colours not just yellow as before.
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R&R Bukit Gantang

If you drive along the highway to the North you will probably sojourn at R&R Tapah. You have everthing here from the fast food, food court even Pak Tam Restaurant. The area is crowded all the time especially near to festive seasons. The toilet will be packed with people. The surau also pack with travellers or musafirs and you need to que in order to start you prayer.

Now I am lepaking(resting) at R&R Bukit Gantang, and the place is very cool. Not many people around. The concept and the landscape is very shady and attractive. There are few gazebos at the corner and the food court areas which is suitable for family. Actually this is the first time I sojourn at this area and I would like to come here again.
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The Wedding Gift

If you attend the Malay Wedding ceremony you would feel astonish how the family preparing for the wedding. There is no simple wedding. Everything seems to be extravaganza and cost thousands of ringgit. People used to say once in a life time to spend for luxury. Hhhmmmm......if you have money it would be fine. But dont force to borrow money from Ahlong, Ceti or others. Sometimes wedding can be a form of business. As for me, evwrything seems scary how would I handle when my children are going to get marry.

The wedding would be incomplete if there are no gifts from both parties i.e the bride and the bridegroom. We also called them 'hantaran'. This is where the creativities come in. No need for me to elaborate further but the picture can explain everything. The wedding is also incomplete if the is no 'sirih junjung'. Anyway this is culture that reflects the life of a community.
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A Quick Trip To The North

I just reached Ipoh for a wedding invitation. It is almost 10 years we have not paid our next visit. This is the wedding of my wife's cousin's daughter. Am I right to mention that? I would be a short visit coz I need to visit my sister-in-law in the Penang General Hospital. She has been comatised for the pass 4 days.

This will be our short trip to balik kampung as well. There are few assignment that I have to complete. Hopefully we will depart from Ipoh after lunch and expect to arrive Penang before 4.00 pm. If everything is ok, I expect to arrive my mummy's house befor maghrib for a night. The next morning I will drive back to KL. I know it is going to be a tiring journey but Ubai is ever ready to be my driver.

Shamim, Hadi and Adah stay at home. I smsed Balqis informed her that I wont visit her this week end. My main concern is about the condition of my sister and how my brother cope with a sorrow situation. I pray that everything will be fine.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

His New Job

Ubai already went to work. I asked him why you need to work? He said he needed some money. I use to argue with him about finding a part time job. I would say to him that if a company pay to you this much of money, better still you help your mom at home (being like a maid). I will pay this much for you. Food is free and you dont have to travel and pay for your fuel. For the first month I paid for him. He use the money to buy protein supplement to improve his muscle and body weight.

This week he is doing a part time job doing a traffic survey. He will leave very early in the morning with his friends. Yeah use your motorbike and ride it carefully. As you know the motorists here are not that cautious sometime. People use to say the Malaysians are very nice but when they are on the road they would change their characters. It might be true.

I am very curious to see Ubai doing his job. When he asked my permission I never rejected. Let he feels how hard to earn money and how difficult life is waiting for him in future. Anyway he needs some money for his own usage but one thing I would like to tell you. 'when come to money never trust anybody and it is you to work hard for the money'.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Want An Ice Cream

It is not easy to deal with children especially the small one. If you refuse to fulfill their needs or desires they might show their temper tantrum. The worse is when they are willingly express their tantrum in the public just to get your whole attention. Do you know how to deal with them? I must admit that sometimes I fail to control them but it seldom happens to me. What I would do is ignore their request and show them my big eyes. It means I am serious. In this matter my children understand me better. But they are clever enough to trick my wife because she is so soft and always end up in tears. Well, I usually never give my immediate answers but I play around with my feelings.

Everyday Yusuff would request my wife some money for an ice cream. There are two suppliers available near my house. One is my neighbour who use to sell a stick ice cream or ice cream Malaysia. It is only 20 cents per stick. It is cheap. The other one is an indian owner who use to ride his motorbike around our housing area with a big box of ice creams he carries on his motorbike. When he approaches my house he will ring the bell louder just to attract my children especially Yusuff.

Simetimes you can let them have it but not all the times. Yes, it is nice to lick and suck the ice cream especially during hot temperature but it may cause continous coughing if you have it frequently. Then you must use your judgement to allow or not. Children tend to be persistant if their request are rejected.

My wife made a complain to me about Yusuff persistantly asking for ice cream. Well I said to her, why dont you do it and it is not difficult. Let he have hundreds of them and you can rest in peace to deal with his tantrum. At least I can share the ice cream with Yusuff....hehehehe...
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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ribbon Embroidery

My project to start ribbon embroidery has long gone. I need to revive back! Dont ask me what happen to my smocking dress project. Everything is slowing down and to restart and regain momentum is the hardest part. I always told my wife and my children that if you want to do anything lets be istiqamah i.e. Consistency. Even we manage it in a small scale but the result is magnificient instead of doing things haphazardly.

Last night I took a chance to browse my ribbon embroidery book. I try to inculcate the enthusism back to start with this hobby. I try to learn various method of stitching to make petals and leaves. It was not difficult and easily done I supposed. Then I told my wife to gather all my materials and put on my study table. Yeah....I am ready to start....
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Halitosis or Odor Breath

Dont be surprise with the title. I am not going to teach you about dental or orthodontic but just to share my experience about bad breath. Thanks for for John-dental for visiting my blog and provides benefit informations about dental care.

After reading about halitosis from his blog, I ask Ubai whether my breath is bad or not. I took a deep breath and pushed it out and asked Ubai again whether I had halitosis. His answer was no. Thank god my breath is ok. So I can confidently talk to anybody about anything now.

A person who experience halitosis would realise that they have bad breath. But people around him especialy a person next to him will feel displeasure about his breath. What should we do if a person who is speaking to you having a bad breath? Should we directly tell him about it or let he himself notice it? You just cannot simply catch you breath and bring to your nose and smell it. It just impossible.

Would he be very embarrass if I tell him that he got halitosis? Or in a nice way I give him a chewing gum and let the bad breath absorbed to it. If you are having halitosis people around you will feel irritated especially when he is eating something. He might leave his food in order not regurgitate.

One thing that you must realise, if you are speaking to somebody and in reply he try to close his nose, ask might experiencing halitosis.
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