Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Does It Going To Flood Again?

I was in the office going through the emails one by one. I open my discussion note try to find out the items for immediate action. It was raining outside and never show the sign to stop. Another gloomy progress we have to deal. Gareth entered my room and we started to discuss many issues. I was wondering what would happen to my house. I just could not focus the discussion.

After he left, my colleague started to inform me that my housing area might experience another cycle of flood. cool and relax. I was thingking to go home to salvage my belongings. I called my housemate to alert about the rising watwr but he left his phone at home. Hhhmmmmm.......... I asked Elizabeth to contact him coz I was gong to Menara to pick him.

Finally we were at home. The monsoon drain already filled with water. Anytime it Would going to spill over to the road. I started to lift all my belongings on the bed, table and anything higher. I check the road again from my window. The water is rising and we got to move quickly.

Now I am lepaking at mamak restaurant waiing for the rain to subside. But no indication to stop and might continue until tommorrow. Oh us please......

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Converting My Bachelor Room into 5 Stars Hotel

My facelift to my room already done! Only bit and pieces here ans they need to arrange. I got my hifi music and lcd tv already. This would keep 2 hours of my time to deal with. My IKEA furniture and bedding almost perfect now. You know what? Carry an IKEA single desk through out Airasia was awesome even I spent longer time with mistakes my the Airasia service. Kalau tak settle jugak mau aku buat report police.

Few boxes already bought and nicely arranged and stacked on after another. The wall clock arranged at every corner of the wall. Very whitish concept and perfectly IKEA. Habis assignment nanti angkut la semua balik Malaya.

Bali Spa

Such a wonderful music. Never regreted whenever I bought the Indonesia ethnic music. Always mesmerising and soothing till the end. Now I have carried with me my materials for my project and hopefully the music keep me occupied with my handy work. Oooppss.....I brought other collections as well.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Latest Quilt

I was at home during the New Year. I took two additional leaves to check on Yusuff for his school day. Everything was fine and keep my hussle away dealing with his unpredicted tantrum. He is a good boy now and loves for school.

My quilt project I need to attend and complete as soon as possible. I have to achive the milestone set earlier. Ok...... My spirit always flaring for my quilting and I need to raise the momentum to make it smooth and faster. comes to a point that you might give up with a slight mistake.

It took my two days to complete the block and bringing the frames together. I almost completed 6 meters of fabric in total. Now the most difficult part is to put the batting and start to sticth to make a finished quilt.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

My Cukcoo Clock

When I was in Munich I could not be bother to buy a cukcoo clock. Firstly because it was so expensive. The cheapest one was abour €300 and it was sold at the souvenir shop. However there were many tourist bought the clock. And this clock inherit the uniqueness of Munich because you cannot find anywhere in the world except in Munich.

Finally I decided to buy a cukcoo clock from the internet that was cheaper. I bought for 2 with the cost about €200 with shipping cost. the cukcoo clock being hanged at my wall. ...

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Yusuff Darjah Satu

Hari ini Yusuff sudah register untuk darjah satu. Terasa masa berjalan begitu pantas. Terasa seperti Yusuff baru di lahirkan dan membesar. Yusuff masih di lihat kecil pada sasa tubuhnya. Maklumlah ia di lahirkan pada 3hb December. Baru saja berumur 6 tahun. Walau apa pun ba bahagia membesarkan Yusuff.

Aku masih di kantin menunggu waktu rehat. Ada 10 minit lagi. Bukan aku saja yg masih menunggu tetapi ramai lagi ibubapa yg lain. Ini adalh kali kelapan aku daftar anak ke darjah satu. Aku doakan Yusuff rajin belajar dan menjadi anak yang pintar...