Sunday, September 29, 2013

Similajau National Park

Every weekend i need to plan something to get myself occupied and it is not that easy to make something that really enjoyable. Bintulu, Sarawak! What can you really expect. You turn here and there and you almost cover everything within a day. Then you need to make another plan to stay away from boredom.

Yesterday I asked cikgu Rodi whether he would like to go to similajau. I was there 14 years ago and I could imagine how mesmerise and tranquil the place would be. The river, the thick rain forest, the sandy beach and the sound of waves. He agreed to accompany me and would like to bring his roomate along. The more the merrier. Then I gave cikgu Rodi few ringgit for him to prepare nasi goreng and any other things that came to his mind.

As promised, I picked up them at Surau Alshakirin and straight away drove to the National Park. Ooo.....I forgot that we must pay a fee of rm10 each.

The Park still remained the same. Not much change from my years of visit. It would be nice and better if the park well maintained to enjoy the panorama and scenic view. The grass is high to the knee and make it difficult to walk to the beach. The rickety benches almost impossible to sit.

Hhhmm.... Anyway I still love the quietness of the surrounding..

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Art Expo Malaysia 2013

It was an opportunity for me to bring my children for the Art Expo. About 28 countries participated and the paintings were marvelous. The price ranges from rm2000 to rm350,000. That must be very expensive for me. However, I just wonder how on earth people still can effort to by them. There are many international art collector out there in the market.

I love to see the painting by Nik and his talent is magnificent. There were paintings by the chinese artist that attacted my attention as well. Cute potraits and characters.

I have to make another trip on friday just to bring Ikhlas and Shamim. Let they enjoy the beautiful painting and all the hard and patience works by the artists.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bon Voyage

All of us went to KLIA airport to send Ubai to UK. Right after isyak solat everybody was preparing to the airport. Ubai was in a car with me. I have so many things I need to tell him. What are the dos and dones. Mean while ummi, grandma and all the small kids were in the other car. We promised to meet each other at the departure area. Wan Lah will go with his friends from Sri Petaling to the airport.

We try to be at the airport early try to avoid the long queue. But my thought was a mistake. There were already many people queuing at the check in counter for the Emirates. He seemed not really recognise the people who were boarding the same flight. Anyway, it did not really matter Ubai has to learn how to live and survive. I met Winnie and her friends after the check in and wished Ubai all the best. I thanked them for their undevided assistance during the whole process.

Hhhmmm....I thought I was going to cry when ee departed each other. Time to go was already near and we managed for photography session with everybody. I know my wife was crying silently behind her veil coz she missed him so much.

Yeah...I missed him too and he keep on waving to me until he disappear in the distance. For me it was do simple....Ubai has to learn how to live and survive....

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stamp Collection

Today is another busy day for me. Ubai, Wan, Hadi and myself went to Lowyat to buy computer. I dont know how many more computer that they want. I only wanted to buy a power bank for my handphone. Then I told Ubai and Wan to wait for the computer until installation completed and I walked to the car.

I told Hadi to be in the car while I need to go to a stamp shop. I used to be here for a while to browse new and old stamps. My passion for stamps never ending since when I was small. Perhaps one of my girl really keen enough to get my hobby going...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ikan Terubuk

Isnin lepas aku saja jalan jalan kat pasar melayu. Memang niat nak belibikan tenggiri untuk dibawa pulang. Pusing punya pusing nampakbikan terubuk yang tersangat segar bugar. Harga sekilo adalah rm25 and local bintulu. Kalu kat Malaya nsk dapat yang segar dan berkilat macam ni mmg tak dapat.

Rasa macam nak beli je untuk di bakar atau buat asam pedas memang sedap. Anyway aku tak jadi beli sebab aku nampak ikat terubuk sekor dalam peti ais masih tak terusik. Entah sapa yang nak masak!

I Missed Kebab

I missed kebab I would say. I am not fussy about food. When come to food I really concern about the halal status especially when you are in overseas where non muslim majority. It is not that easy to get abundance of food like here, Malaysia.

Once I was in Austria in Ramadhan 2006, we were searching for food. We walk endlessly to find local mosque for iftar and were lucky enough to find Turkish Mosque. We were told that kebab was halal and prepared by muslim company. Started from that day I only devoured kebab.

When I was in Munich last month, kebab was my staple food. Almost everyday I ate kebab. I stopped by at the Osbenholf station and picked up a kebab and having it in my hotel room. Now I really feel that I missed kebab very much.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

My Lunch For Today

Everything about eating outside and I am getting bored. The expensive price is one issue but the food never satisfied to my taste. Its gonna be a boring life for another 16 months to come. So, what am I supposed yo do?

I already have my plans laid down on the table. Few I can do it now but others I got yo wait until my new home is ready. Have to be patience for a time being.

This morning I was planning to go to the fish market. It was raining from last night until the morning. I saw the fish in the fridge and it worth to make a curry. I checked the available ingredients and jotted down the remaing required ingredients. I start the car and drove to the town and purchased lemon grass, few spices etc to make a perfect fish curry.

Now it is ready to be served.....

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Late Evening

I came back from work at 6.00 p.m. Normally I never work on weekend and I hate to spend time in the office. My weekend must be my holy holy day. Since with my new assignment demand extra hour for me to tidy up few issues and jouse keeping I got no other choice? I drove home reluctantly and was thinking what should I do today. When I arrived home everything was so quiet. My friend was in his room and another roomate has not returned home.. Hhhmmmm.... I yhink better rest and having a shot nap while waiting for maghrib.

I was turning left to right and right to left but my eyes were just could not close. Aiyooo...... I woke up and try to get down the stairs and mety friend just woke up. He asked me whether to ho to Pasar Melayu. I replied ok. We drove for 15 minutes and we reached the place. I thought it was like pasar malam, instead it just a delipidated wet market.

I walk around and found out that the fish quite fresh and cheap especially ikan tenggiri. Is it baracuda?? Anyway my friend gave me the idea to buy them and pack it to home. That was a good idea....

Friday, September 06, 2013

Staying In Bintulu

This is my second week in Bintulu. What should I say about my new assignment? Hhhmmmm.....let me tell you how I am going to work and back from work. Bintulu is totally different from 14 years ago when I first came here. I never thought that I would ever return again to this isolated town. But now this is not a quite town but full of people from all over the world just because continuous project ftom MLNG. I normally leave home at 6.30 and return home after 6.30. Almost 12 hours I have spend for my project. In other words i left home when it was dark and returned home when it has already dark.

Life has changed and it eould not change forever. Since being alone without family like a flying butterfly, I think I still can sustain my and managing my little time.....

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Walimatulurus Buat Aris

Hari ini aku ke majlus walimatulurus saudara Aris di Kampung Jepak. Sebenarnya aku pun tak tahu kat mana tapi Aku ajak Tuan Haji Fauzi bersama dengan aku. Tuan Hj mmg famous kat sini. Mengalahkan YB! Aku dah berjanji dengan Hsji untuk ambil dia di surau pada pukul 8 pg. Nak cari surau ni pun satu hal. Aku drive round and round sebab sebab misunderstood about the instruction.

Di sini yang peliknya kenduri di adakan pada waktu pagi. Kenyang breakfast pun tak selesai lagi. Setiba di Madjid nampak imam turun dari kereta sambil memakai sampin. Aku nampak ada beberapa orang office mate dah lama tiba. Kami terus ke dewan masjid dan mendengar kutbah nikah oleh pak imam. Alhamdulillah dengan sekali nafas sudah selesai mereka menjadi suami isteri.

Lepas tu semua hadirin telah di jemput sama sama menjamu selera di rumah pihak perempuan. Aku pun tanya Aris berapa lama cuti. Dengan senyum simpul dia menjawap seminggu. Oklah tu...kita kasi can dekat dia....