Friday, September 28, 2012

Its Italiano......

When you think of Italian food automatically you would recall for pizza. The food with plenty of cheese, origano and tomatoes. There are many more Italian food that you could try and enjoy. There is an Italian restaurant below my office. They serve many types of Italian food with nice and fantastic aroma that you could smell from a distance. I admire lamb shank very much.

I think let me try to cook the Italian food in one of these days. For sure my children will love it....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's A Busy Day

My time is so cramp. I have to sit down and think how to manage my time and readjust to fit my hobbies. I am not talking about a hobby but hobbies. Sunday is almost full. In the morning I have to send Shamim and Adah at 9.00am for their piano class. I got to take Ikhlas along eventhough his art class starts at 11.00am. You know what I did for 2 hours waiting? I brought Ikhlas at Paparich Cafe for a drink and teaching him maths for 2 hours. By 11.00am my two little girls already finished their piano lesson. Now I got to think how I am going to fill this two hours vacuum for my little girls while waiting for Ikhlas to complete his class by 1.00pm.

There are many plans I can manage for them but I would prefer to tuition their maths and science. The would think that ' ba ni apalah asyik blaja blaja blaja............'.....hehehe. What to do? Thats for your own good and future. Do I need to teach them at Paparich? I would move the venue to McD. Sure they would be happy. By the time everything is settled we would arrive home at 2.00pm.

Oh.....thats another assigment! I need to visit my daughter at her hostel. I would visit her after my asar prayer and bring her food that is prepared by my wife and listen to what ever stories, grumbling, and many more. It is almost maghrib when I reach home. It is so tiring tak8ng its toll out of me. Complaint? Of course not...hihihi

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Is Just A Routine

Do you think life is just a routine? Before we agree to it lets we see how we start our life. No need to consider the time when you were born but lets take it from today and see the next day. Let me start with my activity for today.

I woke up at 5.30 am everyday. Immediately I rush to the toilet for shower. It took for 20 minutes the most and ready to dress up. By the time I finished my morning prayer, it was almost 6.55 am. My wife would help me to gather my bag pack, wallet, smart phone and etc and ready to send my to the door. 1 minute to put on my shoues and by the time I opened the gate and start the car engine, it was already 6.00 am sharp. Can you see how hectic to accomodate for 30 minutes in the first morning? If the time flies fast you have to act fast.

Driving to work is another stressful activity. Not all the road users are friendly and understanding. They are purposely becoming ignorance driving slowly at the fast lane. I dont know how many curses they got with all type of swears by becoming 'mind my own business'. Moving out early from home rather good to avoid massive traffic jam. I dont really follow the highway sice I will get stuck at the toll told plaza. It would take 50 to 1 hour to reach my office. Sometime it is nice to continue a short nap and rest in the car before I climb into the office by 8 am. Or going down to the food court for an hour, having a nice breakfast and continue my reading with few sips of nescafe tarik. Or browsing my intenet and getting updates about local politics.

Office is a total chaotic with meetings and updates, and urgent issue to resolve. Hey.....have I ever told you about my work? Definitely not! Hahaha....... But today I scolded my  contractor for given irrelevant excuses for delay the deliverables. I could be a littlw nasty when come to empty promises. Better not to elaborate further. By 5pm I would quit the office. 8 hours perday is enough to control my adrenaline back to normal.

Oh no.......another challenge on the road. I got to be tough and brutal sometime. When I see the sky is gloomy I have to move faster. The traffic would pile up very quick and it would destroy my mood. Oh god....I wish I can fly. Another 1.5 hours I got to spend onbthe road.can you imagine that 1/8 of my life time spending in the car????

Arriving home always the joyous part. Being with my wife and kids. Discussing issues of the day and listening to their voices almost giving me another strength of energy. It is almost time for maghrib prayer, shower and dinner. It gives me another 4 hours to be at home before I start the same routine on next days again and again.

Is life really a routine? Yes it is a routine. But we have to make it phosperous with the obidient of Allah. If not it would be so dull........hhhhmmmmm....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Wedding Anniversary

On the 20th September was my 21st wedding anniversary. We didnt celebrate much but my wife prepared a lagsania and a cake that decorated by my daughter, Shamim. I called a gangster design hahahaha........ Anyway thanks for her effort.

My New Ficas

I bought new ficas from Sungai Buluh. One is very light and calm green and the other one is green with patches of with. There were two more varieties that looked so unique. Hhhmmmmm......I tought of buying them but I need to refrain myself for a while.

Ficas is got to grow indoor. It gives beautiful decoration and coolness. But if you grow them outdoor they might grow very fast and can turn into a giant tree. That is the reason why I like to grow them in door. Yesterday evening I spent my leisure time to tend my garden. I was busy pruning my waterlily pool and propogate my japanese roses and ficas as well. I was very lucky whenever I worked on my garden, my wife would come and assist to collect and dispose the debris.

There are few more work to be done, such as propagate my frangipani and graft them with different varieties of shapes and colour. It is a wonderful therapy.......

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lamp Shade

Do you very particular about your home lighting? If you ask me, yes I am quite fussy about my lighting. If you move into a new house that you buy from a developer, they only provide a very basic and standard arrangement and number of lighting. Everything is already fixed and to rearrange and improve the lighting is quite expensive isnt it. Do yoy know that by selecting different type of lighting would help you to change the mood of the ambient. It all depends on you remarkable creativity.

As for me, the lamp shade, the intensity and colour of the light would help a lot to define the mood of the room. The bottom line is how you would like to spend to practically improve the lighting. I am not an interior designer but I always like to have different kind of ideas when dealing with decorations.

Yesterday I met my friend Jenny. She was surprised when she noticed that I wore no more glasses. She said that I look verv different. Do I need to elaborate further???? Hahahaha....... Then I walked further and enjoy myseft with another round of window shopping. They was a unique shop that I was looking for sometime. I pushed the glass door and entered suddenly an old lady emerged from a room.

I asked her what is her business despite I already knew her trade. She explained to me in great details about her nature of business. Do you want to know what she did? She converts the vase into the lamp shade. This is what I have been searching for. Especially when I want to convert my china vases into the lamp shade. It will look vintage and antique. If you need her services just refer to her business card.

Now I am contemplating whether to order a pair of lamp shade from her. ???????????? Still thinking......

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Coffee House

I love to drink coffee. I always prefer to have coffee compared to tea, milo and other hot drinks. Sometime it depends on how you match your drink with your favourite food. If I were to eat laksa, I cannot have coffee to tag along with it. I would prefer to have iced lemon tea to get along with laksa. Noodle with gravy can never get along with coffee. I would feel strange when they mixed up in my stomach.....hahahaha. Anyway I always prefer coffee tarik from mamak stall or restaurant.

I have been taking too long about coffee, havent I? There would be a new coffee house near my office. It is going to be opened pretty soon. It is San Francisco Deli just like the famous Starbucks. I had never tried them before and it is not my taste of coffee.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Special Guest

We have a long week end that extended to Monday because of Malaysia Day. It was great to have an extra day. It gave us extra rest, activities and our last minute open day for raya. I was not going any where coz I knew very sure that we would have traffic jam all over the area because of Open House.

On Saturday morning, I went to UITM to invide Nik to come over to my house for lunch and dinner and get to know my family. We departed early in the morning coz I need to stop by at the clinic. We drove along Gutrie Highway because it was the shortest route to Shah Alam and we readily reach UITM about 10.30 am. I called and waited for him for few minutes and around 10.40 he appeared with his back pack. was wonderful to meet him. We sojourned at IKEA for lunch and drove home.

Nik was so friendly and can get along with me and the family very well. There were so many topics that we discussed especially about fine arts. I showed him what were the art works that I have done and few collections of paintings. Nik is a fine art student and his art works just awesome.

Ikhlas was so happy to meet Nik. He taught Ikhlas few techniques how to sketch human face. He took few minutes to derive to a perfect scatch. His skill of painting is incredible. I wish I could be a good artist. Can I be..........????? We finished our time mostly with eating, chatting and he took few photos from my garden and interior.

Yesterday I sent Nik back to his home with a promise to come again. I wish all the best in you study and surely you will be a remarkable artist in future.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Full Bloom

Nothing much I could write today. Just enjoy full blooming of flowers in my garden. It is so wonderful.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lets Get Back To My Reading Habit

I stopped reading for a while since my eyes operation. And now I am trying to get back my reading habit. I need to continue and complete my recitation of Quran that I have posponed during Ramadhan. Now I am trying to get everything right on the track again. I must determine!

Now I just started reading the array of books that were left on the shelves again. I have to pick up one by one and continuously reading them. Oh my god........ Now I have one little problem after the operation. I have difficulties to adjust my vision. I know it will take times to revert to normal but I am struggling right now. The doctor said that my brain will take sometimes to adjust and immunise my vision but no specific time was given. All I need to do is keep on reading and I believe it would adapt to the adjustment as time goes by.

Please pray for me......

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Long Break

I came back to the office after a long break. Can you imagine having 4 weeks mc leaves? In other words it was nice to have a long break after having intense work loads through out the day. It just like the day you came to the office to report for duty. Feeling like a new staff and has to undergo another intro and interogation.....hahaha.

I walked in the office slowly at sharp and hoping that not many people were around expecially my boss. Hehehehe..... I know I need to prepare the answers and explainations from my colleage who would like to know what actually happened to me. The answers should be the same. Do I need to answer one by one to everybody? Or I would gather all of them in the meeting ro and explain in great details to all of them? Or I need to tape recorded and ask them to listen when they desire to know? No, that should not be. I still need to explain to them one by one even hundreds of them coming to me. The have their concerns of what had happened to. Appreciate their little visit and means that they ate really care for me.

No life have to go on as usual. Finish of my unattended assignments and coordinating the tasks and many more. is boring if nothing interesting coming to you. Lets get back to the track that I have left.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Shamim

Shamim is now 14 years old. Wow...she is anak dara already. How time flies so fast and I am surrounded by my beautiful daughters. I try to reminisce when they were young and I used to comb and braid their hair.

Her birthday was yesterday but we had it on Sunday, 9th october so that many people can participate to join the party. And my wife can get enough assistance from everybody in the house to prepare for cake and other decorations. But I forgot to have ballons to hang around the house and ceiling. Anyway it was a successful and simple birthday party.

Since everybody is still in Hari Raya mood, Ikhlas and Hadi also invited their friends to come.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

My New House

I have been thinking to own a house in Sg Pwtani Kedah. If you ask me why do I need another house, I dont think that I have a perfect answer. But therw must be a reason why isn't it? OK, I have few reasons why I need another how and obviously we are not going to stay in that house because we are very comfortable living in our current house.

Fisrt since the property market is increasing never to depreciate it is timw to buy one. When I went to the sale office, the property was ready to occupy. No legal fee required and I can check the property immediately. The saleman brougt me to the area and I have the opportunity to inspect and select before I make a final decision. The house was quite unique and the area was ok and they plan to build a secondary school next to it.

Finally I made a decision to buy the property. Now I am arranging my financial. Do you want to know where it is? It is in the Ambangan Height area and near to my sister's and many friends' houses.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Properties Are Very Expensive; Ridiculous

I went back to Gurun to visit my mom and stopped over at Parit Buntar to visit my sister. I called my brother to come along so we can have a quick get together. Gurun is always be a wonde4ful place for me. We arrived at my mother's house about 11.00 am and my mom already prepared for our lunch. I always loved her fish curry.

After our asar prayer we went to Sg Petani to see new housing areas whether affotdable to buy it or now. But the property price in KL already sky roketed beyond our reach. They build the property just for the rich and famous. Their main target are the expatriates and not for the locals. We went to one of the developers' office to see the proposed property at nearby. The designs were very nice but the price masyaallah.......too ecpensive. I asked them who is the developer??? Then I knew that this guy is already rich and if I were to purchase this property I will make him richer. I dont think it is for me....

Art Class For Ikhlas

Today I am going to take Ikhlas to register for Art Class. I have been searching for the right art class for quite sometime and I feel that this one is appropriate for him. Few days ago I went to this centre and interogating the teacher about the system and methods of how are they going to conduct the program. I was shown about the syllabus and take a tour about the painting by small kids. It was gorgeous and beautiful.

I was impressed and have decided to send Ikhlas to this program hopefully he will like it. The fee is not that cheap but the quality of the program must be suffice to cover the fee. I always thought that I need to exploit my children's abliity and talent before we decide the way forward. We only plan but god will decide what is the best for us

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fresh From The Oven: Pistachio Cookies

Our haro raya biscuits already finished and we need to do it again. Since the mood of hari raya still warm, and I would expect few more friends to come, this morn8ng I and my wife were making few more biscuits i.e pistachio cookies and samprit. I am not sure how long it would last but if it is going to finish by my naughty kids, inevitably we have to do it again. We dont mind even to make for another 10 times because making biscuit is not difficult. Infact I myseft enjoying when come to biscuits making.

Monday, September 03, 2012

My New Smart Phone

Today I was so busy handling few matters. About 9.00am we drove to Kuala Kubu Baru to collect Safwan's passport. On the way we had a breakfast at Sentosa Bistro with roti canai and nescafe tarik. Oooopppssss.....I never missed the vaday because I like the sambal kelapa very yummy yummy..

After collecting the pasport we drove to KL because I have an appointment at 2.00pm. We still have another two hour to repair Safwan's notebook lcd monitor and jalan jalan cari handphone. It never actually cross yo my mind to buy a new smart phone because my Samsung SII is still ok. Orang kata saja gatal tangan. It is because of icy hand...hihihi.

There were so many booths selling computers, ipads, smartphones etc.....not to mention other gudgets. We have another hour to decide and having lunch before we proceed to the Prince Court. I always told my boys that if I enter Lowyat, I would end up buying something or spend more than a thousand ringgits.

Finally we pearched at the final booth and I decided to buy Samsung Note. It is a gorgeous smartphone with a bigger screne. Wow....this wonderful smartphone will keep me update with so many things. Anyway my previous Samsung SII I gave it to my it fair? I think so....

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I went to Yes Optical to collect my sunglasses. Since my eyes already back to normal, I need to change all my sunglasses to normal lenses. At the same time they arrange for buffet lunch for all customers and discounted for all glasses. The have a Merdeka Sale.

I never thought of buying anymore glasses since I have quite a full of collections and deserved to keep in my wardrobe. Since the discount was very attractive I felt irresistable. Finally I bought Elle sunglasses for my wife and a rayban for Ubai. Money is not a big deal since everything using a credit card.......hihihi

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Close House

It is really amazing for Malaysians to celebrate hari raya for a month. As I mentioned earlier, you can see so many open houses in you housing areas. There are also open house hosted by the mosque society and NGO. Everybody can go and enjoy the food and hari raya songs. It just like a wedding party. This is the uniqueness of being Malaysian.

Yesterday I invited two of my friends and their family coming for hari raya to my house. We prepared laksa utara and nasi briani with fried chicken and meet curry. They have never come to my house before and one of my friends' wife so impatience to come just to see my handy crafting works. Oh my god.......I was surprised to know that they really follow my posting of photos in my facebook.

Anyway I would like to thank them for coming to my house for hari raya. We have another 2 weeks more to celebrate hari raya. See what is happening next.......

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Pokok Bunga Kantan

I was about to go to the market this morning and my wife reminded me not to buy bunga kantan. I thought that she had bought it yesterday. When I was lying on the bed browsing the internet, she came to me and asked whether I would like to take a photo. I asked her where did she get it? She replied that the flowerd are from our back yard that I grew 1 year ago.

I was astonished and happy the see the plant already blooming. It is a pink colour kantan. Perhaps now I must find the maroon colour. Now I have the new spirit to work on my garden...

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