Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Simple and Beautiful Motif

Now is the time to creat motifs. can find in so many motifs from the books, magazines and internet. You can creat it base on floral or fauna and many others. But to creat your own characteristic motifs is not that easy. It means that when people are looking at the design people automatically know or could recognise that it is your design. It is truly yours!

For a time being let me start with a simple one and would generate mine later.....hahaha

My Hand Applique Tools

Firstly I would like to thank Madam Pam Furniss for her clear illustration about hand applique. By watching her delicate technic in her video presentation, I would say that 40% of my ambiguous questions already answered.

Yesterday during lunch hour I quickly went to Hubby Wool to meet my friend Jenny. There were so many things we were taking about especially our last election PRU13. Hhhmmm.....lets see what would happen for next election. Ok let we leave about politics for a while.

The purpose I came to Jenny's shop was to buy some materials for my quilting work. I went to the rack to find bias maker. There were four of them with different sizes and I was thinking which size should I buy. When I thought about my girl's dresses as well I really need more than that. Finally I decided to have three differen sizes and the quilting tread and also needles. All together cost me for rm130. Its ok coz I used the money from friend who paid for my queen size quilt.

Hope I could start by this coming long weekend...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Makan Kenduri

We were invited for makan kenduri i.e a wedding feast at Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, by my arwah father's brother on Sunday. It would be a nice time and another chance to visit my eldest brother. My sister would like to accompany me but she turned down because she needed to go to her office at the last minute. Balqis reluctant to follow and would like to stay with Ikhlas and Adah at Wan Lah's house.

Finally only my mom and Ubai accompanied me. It only took an hour to reach the place from my mom's house. It was about 1 pm when we arrived and there were so many guests started having their meal and being greeted by a host. I just had a very late breakfast at Ambangan Mall, Sungai Petani earlier with my mom and Ubai. I just ate laksa and would like to eat later since my stomach has already fulled.

I met all my uncles and unties. Everybody has changed. Yeah....everybody is getting older including myself. When I was a kid, my father would take me to kampung whenever there was a wedding kenduri. I used to catch fish and birds and running wild in the bendang. Now no more bendang. Everything has gone. All you can see only luxury houses surrounding the kampung and hardly seing any bird chirping around.

My antie asked me to move at the backyard and introduced to other relatives that I have never met before or remembered. Now is the time for us to foster the relationahip again and a family gathering for this coming hari raya would be great and helpful.....

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Gurun, Kedah

This was my school. I was here from form 1 until form 5, year 1978 through 1982. So many sweet memories and wonderful experience when I was here. I really missed all my old friends and teachers and dont really know their whereabout. Only few of them I still get in touch and in few occasions I invited them for a chat and teh tarik.

Facebook helps a lot to find my old friends....

Balik Kampung

Balik kampung would always be nice. Do you know what is balik kampung? is returning home to a place where you were brought up with your family. The first intention to balik kampung must be visiting parents. Let our children paying respects and homage to them and this is the time they would be so happy and entertained. Secondly, is the time to meet our childhood friends and to say hello to our old neighbours.

Kampung always brings peace and tranquality that I would never get in the urban's lives........

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Entire Weekend

When I say that the entire weekend I'll be so busy would you believe that? Weekend is the time for me and my is the time for my hobby too i.e. My quilting work. Now I realise that I am to engross with my quilting design and I would focus my entire work sitting quietly in my studio crafting the fabric. My children will never bother me as they all know that I was concentrating towards my work.

My latest design is the pineapple quilt. I really admired the pattern and was searching for the technic. I have seen quite a few with different method. I saw a video showing the amish pineapple quilt that impressed me with the cmbination of light and dark rustic colours. It was so amazing. I keep on browsing the youtube further and I found the video from Dianne that explained every details right from the beginning. The illustration helped me a lot to start the design. I commite no mistakes but the light fabric of 2m was not enough. Now I have to mix with other colour.

On Saturday, after finishing 8 blocks, I just realise that I never went out of the for the whole day. Now I know that the passion for quilting is already inside me.....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Specially For Shamim

I almost finish joining the bocks for my dresden quilt. Another row to attach together and join to the main. The borders will be finalised this weekend since I have no time to work it out during the week days. I thought to have additional row and column to make a perfect size but the green fabric already out of stock. Do I need to use other fabric? I can do that the consistency of colours and patterns wont be that nice. I have to bear with it now. In order to make up a perfect size I need to extend the border for few more inches.

I have the intention to present this beautiful quilt to my daughter, Shamim as a very special gift from her father. It is a wonderful heirloom created by her father and hopefully it would last to her first child....

Exclusive Batik From Bandung, Indonesia

If you want to buy a beautiful batik, Indonesia is the best place to visit. You can get batik fabrics every where in Indonesia. It is closely synonym batik and Indonesia. You can choose to buy a ready made shirt or blouse. You can get a wonderful sarong or a cut fabric. I bought few of them to make my new quilt design. I know it would be very beautiful and the fabric is very cheap...... Jom to Bandung again......

A Parcel From US

Yesterday I received a parcel from US that I have been waiting for weeks. It was great when I opened it and my devices were wrapped nicely and no sign of damage or broken. They are my quilt tools to cut and shape my fabrics to a precise size.

After I saw the rapid fire lemoney star, the sportlights and the V shape, demonstrated by Deb Tucker, it would be a better idea to order these tools. I would be able to provide new designs and concepts for my quilt making. Eventhough the price plus the shipping was quite expensive, it really didnt really matter as long as these tools will satisfy my hobby.

I have other tools as well that I ordered earlier from US and still finding time to start the design. Now I am looking forward for every weekend to come to continue with my projects.......I am very impatience now....

Monday, May 13, 2013

My New Born Sugar Glider

As usual I was busy stitching the fabric for my new quilt pattern. Eventhough I was really tired to complete the remaining cuts, I was still in focus to complete it. My wife and my children were busy at the kitchen having their dinner.

Suddenly I heard my wife and my children were shouting about the baby. I already expect the new born after seeing they were mating two months ago. Even when I used to feed them, I saw the pouch was bulging. I had told my wife about it before.

I went downstair and would like to join my family to celebrate the new born. There were two babies and still tiny and fragile. One was climbing the cage and the other one was clinging to the mother. It seemed that everybody was excited especially Yusuff. I also felt excited in my own way....hahaha. Biasalah nk control macho kan....

Anyway, one already died which I believed the one which was climbing the cage. Perhaps he has used to much energy and become very weak......

Thursday, May 09, 2013

My New Helper

Just got these two magazines last Monday for a fresh and new ideas. I would rather spend certain amount of money to learn and find new informations to improve my skill. Not only the design but also the combination of colours  of the fabrics. Now the ideas are coming regularly and now I wonder how to cope with my personal time.

Hhhmmmm still fighting hard to manage my time...

Balinese Design

One think that persuaded me to have when I went to Indonesia was to buy design magazines. I need something rather different with fresh ideas and innovation. I bought local magazine Impiana years ago but the concept and style still remained the same............ Ooopppsss dont judge me as being racist though. It is a humble opinion from me and its a challenge for them to be more creative and innovative of the concept...... Hmmmmm.....let me stay blackout for a while!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What Do You Want To Eat

The first thing when you want to eat is to know the menu. Especially when you are visiting a foreign land. Because of different culture and surrounding we then to eat what is the most convinient for us. Sometimes you will be served with a menu that you never heard before. Be extra careful! It might be a dog, frog or even snake.....eerrgggghhhh.

This was what has been written on the board when I was in Bandung. Since everything is halal, you need not to worry about a dog or cat meat...hihihi. Those are local food and I really enjoyed bbq ribs.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dresden Block

This is my dresden block that I just started last Sunday. I have not decided whether to tranaform it into another quilt or making a cushion cover. Lets see what is going to happen. I thought of to complete it by next Sunday. It is not difficult to do it coz everybody can manage it if equipped with all necessary tools....Hope you all enjoy it...

Pleasure of Time

Last weekend I really worked hard to finish the quilt top for my daughter, Nisa. I hope she will like it. This such a heirloom from me to her a sign love and adore to her. This is a present for her to bring along during her university time. At least when she looks at it, she would know how her parents have sacrificed for her comfort living..... And how to bring the spirit to be a successful person...

Where I Can Get Avocado

I was thinking to grow avocado plant. Since the fruit is intense in green colour, therefore the three must be very green and shady. It must be very nice to grow in my garden eventhough the mansion is small. I browse the internet to find out how the plant look like and how to grow it from the seed. I know that this plant is also good for indoor.

I check with Exotic matahari a friend of mine that own a nursery, and I used to order few plants from her by post. She message me that they are available and she will check at her nursery. I was a while to receive another response. Anyway until now I have not gotten the reply. Hhhmmmm....

I went to Bandung recently and to bring back avocado seed for me to germinate. Because my luggages were fulled of cotton fabric, I would rather find it in KL. As you know avocado is very cheap in Bandung and only cost you for rm3/kg. At least 5 fruits per kg depend on the sizes.

After I came back from Bandung I managed to find it at the Cold Storage KLCC. Remarkably the price was rm6 per piece. Oh my god! Why it is so expensive? I have no answer. Now I better find the plant immediately...