Monday, January 28, 2008

Cats Exhibition
Yesterday I brought my children, Hadi, Shamim, Ikhlas and Shahadah to MidValley Megamall for the cat exhibition. At first I only wanted to attend the property exhibition since I intend to have a condo. I walked around the stalls and get few infos and brochures regarding the locations and the prices. I was quite attracted to the one located at Bukit Jalil and the price was so attractive. I was about to grab but I reluctantly have to think it again. First, my children were making noise getting bored with it cause they wanted to see the cats. Secondly, I think let me discuss with my wife first.
Then we straight to the cat show and this was the first time I attended the cat show. The space was cramped with people and the cats were not that many. What was really amazed me was the demonstration as shown in the pictures below and the beautiful cats. I like cats but just dont have time to have it. My children really enjoy the event but with so many people, I think let me get away from it immediately.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Arriving Turkmenistan


It took about 4 hours for us to fly to Asghabat from Istanbul. The weather in Asghabat is going to be sub zero and going to be very cold. I did expect patches of snow here and there since I havent enjoyed the snow since 10 years ago, I think. But my expectation was wrong when we arrived at the very early morning. The roads and city seemed very quiet. The driver dropped us at Grand Turkmen hotel but the room was not that good, felt so stuffy with old and dirty carpet.


When I woke up about 7.30 am for my farjar payer I saw the city was covered by snow. Everything was white. Few people were wondering the city with thick jacket and head covered. was I went outside to snap few photos. The snow was rather tiny falling tenderly from the sky. It was so great!


That evening we took another flight to Turkmenbashi for the site meeting tomorrow. I was not expected that the tempersature here was worse than Asghabat. The town not really covered with snow but iced. Even the caspian sea was frozen about 500m from the shore. I was here last

last January but the weather was extremely different. People claim that this was the worst since 40 years ago. The city got no water supply coz the water frozen inside the pipe.


The camp site was not heated adequately and need to buy extra heater to remain warm. The food was alright but I just asked my seft whether was I ready to stay in the camp during next winter. All I hope is the weather would not be that bad as this year.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 8th, 2008

It was a hectic schedule for me. First I got to settle the registration of my daughter at Sekolah Menengah Sains Ulu Selangor, then I need to pack for KLIA at 11.45 pm. Early in the morning we were busy preparing ourselves to Ulu Yam. The registration commenced from 8.00 till 12.00 noon. My wife,Shamim and the little baby Yusuff came along with me. Grandma got to stay home coz others were at school. The registration went smoothly and Kiz was introduced to her adopted sister or 'kakak angkat. Her name is Emilia from Teluk Intan. Look like a very good girl. My wife stayed in the car all the times since Yusuff was not comfortable being outside. So I was the one running here and there to finish the registration, the payments and to get all her school attire.

I have too many questions forwarded to Emilia to clarify many matters. She was so responsive and very helpful. I finished about 11.00 am and the welcoming speech by the headmaster will be at 2.00 pm, so I decided to go home to sent my wife and Yusuff and it will be lot easier for me to manage her later.

At 2.00pm the hall was packed with parents and their students. It was a very precise and short speech by the headmaster but we finally finish at 4.00pm. All the parents together with their son/daughter went forward to make a salam to the teachers and the headmaster. We dismissed the gathering and that was the time for me to say good bye too. I ask Emilia to excuse us for a while and I need to have the last talk and advice to my darling. I gave her a card that I wrote, more like motivation kind of stuff and I was speechless by the time we about to depart. I think I was nervous and fighting hard my emotion to remain calm.finally I said good bye and gave her my tender kiss. We are going to miss you but please remember that we really care for you.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Eating and Dinning
Eating and dinning was very interesting but as for me it can never beat the best cuisine and culinary of Malaysia food. Kebab can be said as the international food. You can find kebab all over the world, not only in Turkey but I'm quite sure it is originated from Turkey. The taste of Turkey is quite similar to the Italian and the Mediterranient countries. Full of cheese, tomatoes, mince meat, salad and so on. But the tea was so thick and beware for those who experience frequent constipation. Hehehehehe......
The interior and arrangement of the restaurant were splendid and beautiful. From my point of view we can never beat the sophisticated and modern displays of their interior. They are more to European. Anyway I'm still delighted to have the kind of contemparary design and traditional rather than modern because the uniqness of its beauty translates the whole environment and ambient.
Not to miss the folk dance and songs. I managed to capture the spinning dance and it looks so easy but it is hard to remain the body centered and stabled. Everything was paid for....hehehehe.. Honestly, I would rather eating donner kebab with fresh pomegraned juice rather than being at this expensive restaurant. Perhaps this is the first and the last.

Business Trip - Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul
January 8th,2008.
Our flight was delayed. It was more than 2 hours. Our expected to arrive also delayed by 2 hours. I really hope that I can cope with time differece and manage to stable myself once I arrive there. We did expect the chill weather and heavy winter clothing but we did not really expect the snowing since the temperature was above zero. The meeting suppose to be in the afternoon around 2.00 p.m.
We were greeted by the contractor at the airport. Before that I managed to change local currency to ease my self in getting small items and quick snack. We were brought to the Greenpark Hotel in Taksim, the city centre of Istanbul. I still can remember the place when I was here in April 2006 during my short holiday. Istanbul never change much. Almost stand still. It is the very old city and similar narration.
The second day was full of meeting from morning to sunset. But we were entertained by the contractor with lots of food. Hhmmm...still I enjoy Malaysian food. Anyway that also good to have alternatives so as you will feel very international. I will show you in the next episod of restaurant in Istanbul, for us to share. Very exciting.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sg Buluh - Himpunan Rimbunan Pelbagai Tumbuhan
Sg Buluh adalah tempat terdapatnya pelbagai tumbuhan hiasan samada hiasan dalaman atau luaran dan juga segala keperluan untuk lanskap taman atau laman persendirian. Aku suka tempat ini sebab mendamaikan dan mempersonakan. Apabila di sini aku bisa menghabiskan masa berjam jam tanpa di sedari. Aku tak akan berlalu begitu sahaja tanpa membeli pokok, baja, tanah dan sebagainya. Kalaulah halaman rumah aku seluas mungkin sudah pasti akan aku jadikan ia sebagai taman idaman inderaloka. Tunggulah mana tau tetiba aje dapat duit dari langit.....ha baru terkejut. Anyway mari kita lihat apa yang ada di sana.
Ini species pokok halia bara. Terdapat dua warna iaitu pink dan merah. Ia boleh tumbuh sehingga empat kaki dan mengeluarkan bunga yang menarik. Elok di tanam di tanah atau pada pasu yang besar. Perlu matahari yang tak terlalu terik dan begitu sensitif pada jenis baja.

Ini periuk kera. Oleh kerana pokok ini sudah di komersial kan, aku turut bersedih kerana kera kera di hutan kekurangan periuk untuk masak sebab semua manusia telah merampas periuk mereka. Nak beli tak murah dalam lingkungan RM15 sahaja. Periuk pun terdapat dalam berbagai jenis saiz.
Aku tak tahu nama pokok ini tapi bagus untuk di jadikan climbers pada pagola di hadapan rumah. Pucuknya perlu di pangkas untuk mendapat bunga tersebut. Ini aku dapat info dari apek penjual bunga ini. Aku memang ada niat untuk memilikinya nanti apabila pegola untuk garaj kereta aku siap.
Aku pun tak tahu apa nama pokok ini tapi boleh di lihat di belukar. Memang menarik untuk di jadikan climber seperti di atas.
Inilah pokok dahlia, bunga nya secantik nama. Terdapat pelbagai jenis warna dan rupa. Baru aku ingat......aku masih belum tanam ubi [pokok ini yang aku beli di Paris dua tahun lepas. Nanti aku cari dan tanam.......hampir terlupa...
Ini adalah salah satu gerai yang boleh di dapati di sini. Apabila aku tanya pada amoi ni dia pun tak berapa tahu berapa harga pokok pokok tersebut. HHhhhhmmmm......rupanya mamat indon tu lebih tahu dari dia....maklumlah anak toke...
Pertunia......elok dijadikan sebagai hanging basket. Dulu mahal tapi sekarang dah murah.....cuma RM7 sahaja. Tapi pokok ini di kategorikan sebagai annual plant sebab dia akan pupus dalam masa satu tahun. Tapi memang cantik kalau di letak di hadapan anjung rumah.
Ini pokok yang baru sampai. Aku rasa import dari Thailand. Maklumlah raya cina pun dah dekat.....masa ini lah nak buat untung.

Harga pokok yang dah di bentuk ni bukannya murah kalau tak silap mahu dekat RM100 padahal di kutip di belakang rumah aje. Beruntunglah bagi orang yang rajin.
Heliconia......last time aku gila pasai pokok ni tapi dah kurang sebab baru tersedar laman rumah hanya sekangkang kera....apa nak buat....
Deretan pokok keladi ni di kutip di tepi jalan saja. Tapi bila di jaga dan di baja dengan baik akan menjadi begitu beharga. Tapi pokok keladi ni tak perlu terdedah pada panas matahari sebab daunnya akan menguncup. Elok di letak pada shady area.
Morning Glory.... Ini jenis biasa sahaja tetapi sudah terdapat yang jenis berbelang.
Kalau tak silap ini pokok bergonia........sesuai untuk tempat yang sejuk. Mungkin boleh tahan selama sebulan sahaja. Elok di jadikan pokok indoor dan di letakkan di tepi tingkap like english house.
Bunga matahari......pokok kegemaran Jaafar Onn...heheheheheh
Another Dahlia
Entrance Sungai Buluh nursery dari hospital sungai buluh
Deretan pokok bunga kertas yang di bonsaikan.
Another sun flower...very pretty
Hibiscus...... our national flower but a new species

Bougenvila @ Bunga Kertas
Orang kata bunga kertas ini berasal dari Brazil. Terdapat beranika jenis bunga kertas dari segi bentuk daun dan warna bunga. Pokok bunga kertas memerlukan cahaya matahari yang terik dan air yang mencukupi untuk hidup segar. Tanahnya pula perlualah mempunyai saliran yang baik. Tanah liat yang cenderung pada air bertakung adalah tidak sesuai. Ia memerlukan tanah yang di campur dengan pasir untuk hidup subur.
Pokok bunga kertas juga senang untuk di bentuk untuk menjadi hiasan taman. ia boleh di bentuk untuk di jadikan bonsai dan akan mencecah harga ribuan ringgit bergantung kepata tahap kematangan atau umur pokok tersebut. Ia juga boleh di gunakan untuk di jadikan climber pada pegola dan juga di jadikan sebagai hanging plant. Boleh di katakan ia boleh di pelbagai kan rupa, cara, dan hiasan bergantung kepada kretiviti seseorang.
Ada juga bunga kertas yang di 'graf' menjadi berbagai bagai warna kepada induknya. Cuma kita perlu pandai memilih jenis bunga kerta untuk di grafkan agar menjadi satu kombinasi warna yang menawan. Perlu di ingatkan bahawa pokok ini memerlukan baja yang mengikut jadual dan sukatan untuk mengeluarkan bunga yang banyak. Pokok bunga kertas hanya sesuai untuk di jadi kan outdoor palnt dan tidak selayaknya menjadi indoor plant.
Last saturday masa di dungai buluh ingat nak juga beli satu dua pokok yang dah di graf dari Thailand, tapi aku rasakan biar aku rearrange balik garden aku yang sekangkang kera tu. So enjoylah gambar di bawah.........

Frangipani @ Kemboja
Sebut sahaja bunga kemboja terbayang keharumannya yang menyegarkan. Tapi bagi orang orang tua, kebanyakkannya bunga ini di kaitkan dengan semangat halus atau benda ghaib atau lebih tepat lagi hantu. Pada waktu dahulu pohon kemboja selalu di tanam di tanah perkuburan. Samaada di tanah perkuburan orang islam atau bukan islam. Itu dahulu. Tapi sekarang pohon pohon kemboja mempunyai nilai komersil yang sangat tinggi. Pada waktu tahulu juga hanyak kemboja bewarna putih sahaja yang mudah kelihatan. Tapi sekarang bunga kemboja mempunyai beranika warna dan bau yang menarik. Malah harganya sudah meningkat ke ratusan ringgit walau pokok tersebut baru setinggi 4 kaki.
Aku ada mempunyai koleksi pokok kemboja yang aku tanam di hadapan laman rumah. Apabila semuanya berbunga harumannya menusuk kalbu. Tapi kalau orang yang berfikiran sempit mesti cabut lari apabila terbau harumannya. Di Bali masyarakat sana jadikan kemestian untuk menggunakan bunga bunga kemboja untuk upacara sembahyang atau memuja. Pernah aku singgah ke sebuah nursery di Bali untuk membeli sebatang benih kemboja kuning yang cantik. Sekarang sudah besar yang aku tanam di depan laman rumah.
Sabtu lepas sempat aku ke Sungai Buluh untuk mengambil beberapa keping gambar. Terdapat beberapa hybrid baru yang di import dari Thailand. Yang menariknya terdapat juga hybrid yang bewarna ungu muda. Kalaulah laman rumah aku terbentang luas memang hendak aku tambahkan lagi koleksi bunga kemboja. Nak tanak senang sahaja. Iaitu memangkas batangnya sahaja dan terus tanak ke dalam tanah. Penjagaan paling senang. Daunnya yang tebal dan bergetah menyebabkan sukar untuk ulat berehat atau bertenggek di daun nya. jadi apa lagi....enjoylah dengan gambar gambar yang aku kumpulkan. Tapi aku tak ada nama nama khas pada setiap hybrid tersebut. Kalau ada masa nanti aku akan cuba untuk carikan.