Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My New Ring From My New Salary

I like to wander around especially Ampang Park. Eventhough this shopping complex is rather small compared to the Midvalley or Suria KLCC, I feel very pleasing to roam around from one shop to another. And the best part is I could find few shops that have something that I like. This place is also the best place to find lady's dresses infact the good selection for baju kurung.

As I wander around at level 1 I saw an Afghani shop that selling germs and precious stones. At the first sight I thougt how on earth he did his business. The shop was so quiet and there was a customer was talking to the tawkey. I forced myself to enter and greet the tawkey. There were rings also displayed in the glass cabinet. The design and model just like I saw when I was in Iran. But the arrays of rings looked marvelous and gorgeous which attracted my attention to one little ring. At the same time I asked the tawkey about so many beautiful stones which were so beautiful with different kind of colours and glitters. I thougt of ordering him to tailor made a ring with the stone that I bought from Egypt. Finally I bought a ring with a green stone and I promised to come back to order a ring. So this is my ring as a gift for myself from my first salary.......Isn't it beautiful....
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Specifically for Rizal

Dear Rizal,

As per my earlier email, i attach herewith the samples of belt for your further action. I would prefer black or dark brown if possible. They must be plain design and nothing fancy. You can buy at the shop in the bazar or Yimpas. But Yimpas you have greater choices. If you are bit confused with my description please ring me.

Thank you
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Smocking Dress

I thought week end would give me some breathing spaces for me to relax and enjoy with my hobbies, I was quite incorrect. My daughter called me earlier to pick her at the hostel at 11.00am. She brought a bag of her dirty clothes home and I have to send her back to hostel by 6.00pm. "Why couldn't you just stay over night and I send you the next moring?". "Cannot because I have my physics class for three hours the next morning". Yesterday, I managed to complete the dress but I have to drag it until 10.00 pm. Time was not perfectly scheduled as planned.

Today I took my daughters to piano lesson. I went to the children boutique downstairs and vetted through the prices of girls dresses. Ayooyooo......it was so expensive. Simple dress with little frill and no lining cost about RM80. Did I offer a very cheap price? By the way, I need to complete the remaining fews and hopefullly can start non smocking dresses very soon
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Friday, February 24, 2012

My First Salary

Horray......happy happy I got my first salary banked into my account. I thought the salary will be paid by 26th. Last night when I was doing my internet banking transaction I saw the $$$$$$ in my account. It was good since I had no income since December. The salary gave
me some breathing spaces for me to plan my expenditure for the next month.

What is bothering me right now is the tax cut was unimaginable. Almost 1/5 was deducted for tax. I am not sure whether the deduction takes into account of my nine children or limited for 5 kids! I think I would go crazy this time. Oh my god.......

What are the incentives and priviledges they are talking about to bring back the professionals to serve the county? This make me think again the opportunity to work abroad......
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Breakfast

Now I am getting use to my daily routine. Wake up as early as 5.30 am. By the time I have finished my prayer and started my car engine, my time watch showing 6.25am. If I miss the exact time, I'll be late by 20 minutes. Life is a hustle and keep on pushing and pumping my adrenaline everyday. By the time I park my car, the time is already 7.25, accurately one hour. Going back is another story and I couldnt care much.

Usually my wife will serve me early breadfast. It is a simple one. Bread or pancake and my hot nescafe. It is enough to full my stomach. Nowadays I rarely take heavy breakfast like nasi lemak and noodles. Since the age is catching up the amount and type of food should be a great concern.

This morning went I went down to the cafetaria, I could not resist the temptation of roti canai and nescafe tarik kurang manis. The roti canai and its gravy was marvelous and fantastic. Should I have that again for tomorrow?

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Having Lunch With Mr G

I am thinking where should I have my lunch today. It is very boring to eat alone and nobody to chat and share my stories. Oooo....I better call Mr G and invite him to joint me for lunch since his office is close to mine. I called him and decided to meet him at The Guardian and lets eat at Pizza Hut. Yeah...that should be ok and I have not been to PH quite sometimes.

I called him and as usual we would greet each other by speaking tamil for no reasons that obviously we understand nothing. It is not difficult to immitate because we already familiar to the sound. I asked him to give me a treat since I got no salary since December. I hope I am not poor yet!

We started talking a lot about our children very much. How they are going to live with small salary with expensive goods around. How about possessing a decent house and many more. When we talking about politics he almost gave up with what had happened lately. Must I disclose the points that we were discussing? Ooooo......definately not! Infact when I posted my political views in my FB, nobody dares to comment except noted as 'Like'. Now I know that there is no freedom of speech and expression. 'They only want to hear good things and want to be pleased'.
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My New Project Office

It seems that I recognise this tall building. Yes..... I am correst. This building used to be called Empire Tower. Now the total make over of this building has been completed and the new owner named it Intermark. The interiors have been changed to a more fresh and vibrant look. The facade and exterior also experience massive face lift and almost hard to recognise.

I was here in my previous project about 15 years ago. After that I hardly come around except having a lunch date with my friends to a a delicious taste of turkey briani at Restaurant Kampung. Now the restaurant is no more available since the adjacent building still under massive consyruction and renovation.

I may expect to be here for 1 to 2 years from now until mobilised to site. Hhhmmmm ........ Another challange for me to face. Not facing the project challenge but the traffic jam that laid a head.....
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A Special Guest

I received a call yesterday. The number appeared in my mobile was not under my record list. I am very seldom pickup the phone which the number is not recognised. And I will never answer my mobile if I were sound asleep. If there were any missed calls I will only return the call after isyak or when I feel like to call. Actually just being lazy to answer the phone....hahahaha. Sorry friends.........just leave a messages and I will call back. During office hours I will let my mobile in silent mode. That is better!

Fortunately I picked up the phone and it was Abg Ram. Since we havent met each other after I left Turkmenistan, I felt it was great to hear from him. At least he has courtesy call n remember that I am still his friend. I was delighted and invited him to have lunch at my house and sms him the directions. About 3.00pm he arrived with his family. It turned out to be a very late lunch. Should I call it 'lunchner' (combination of lunch and dinner)? We talked and gossiping a lot until 5.00pm.

Before he waved goodbye, we took opportunity to snap few photos in my house and garden. If he had informed me earlier my wife should have prepared special dishes. The only dishes that we served were kari ikan tenggiri, sayur, masak merah ayam and few fruits. Hope you enjoyed and will come again.... Opppssss.......as a special gift I presented to him orange frangipani. When the plant grows bigger and start to flower, please do remember me....
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Moss Roses or Portulaca

It is time to fertilise my plants. I went to Tesco to find the fertilizer but not available. I have to get it today and to work on my garden this evening. Another thing is to grow the seeds that I bought two weeks ago. It is called Aster Single Rainbow. I am not sure whether it is suitable to grow in this climate but I am going to give a try.

My moss roses or its scientific name portulaca are blooming profusely with all sort of colours. But I think I missed the yellow, red and white for single petal type. By the way, I saw those colours at my neighbour's house and too shy to ask for it. Never mind, I would rather go to Sungai Buluh and get it for myself. Sometimes people reluctantly gave it to you because they bought it and not FOC. That I tend to well understand.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gonna Get Back My Reading Habit!

Lately I feel that time flies very fast and it is so tight to plan and think of anything. There are many outstanding plans that waiting in the pipeline. Some I manage to start. Few I managed to complete and many more I have no opportunity to finish. I wish I can have many hands like a hindu goddess but it is impossible. You can kill two birds with a stone but impossible to kill 10 birds with a stone unless you have a super duper skill. Looking at my daily schedule and new commitments I would say I need to strategise my time management.

Since I started a new job that demands couple of hours for driving, I think I started losing my energy by the time I'm reaching home. After isyak prayer my mind already calling me to bed. My eyes squeezing hard to let me sleep. No more time to read, watching tv, looking at my children schoolwork and attending to my hobbies. Now I realized that the only time that I have is during week ends. But week ends I have to drive my daughters for piano lesson and not to talk about playing badminton with my kids and sending Ikhlas for drawing class.

What I have decided to revive my reading habit is to spare during my lunch hours at the office. And today, it works very well and I 'm already through to chapter 5.

The most important message that reminds me is 'I' m getting older and the age is catching up'.
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My Wish Was Granted

Since last week i was thinking to enjoy laksam. I am not very sure which state originate this scrumptous receipe. Myself as an Utarian buddy cannot miss laksa as well but I only enjoy laksa when it is served with otak udang(do you call it scrimp brain? You dont call it scrimp paste right because they are totally different. Today i.e every thurday, there will be a flea market or pasar malam at my housing resident. There are two stalls selling laksam. I would prefer to buy from a man . But if he absent I would buy from a lady. Both laksam are delicous but the one sell by a man is better because the sambal chilli is not sweet.

My mother in law like to cook laksam as well with her own version. I told my wife that the original laksam, the gravy must have cocoanut milk to let the laksam taste little bit lemak lemak( I am stuck with a proper word here. Do I need to say 'fatty taste'? It sounds weird isnt it). In order to have a pure taste of laksam, my wife asked her Kelantanese friend the receipe. And it was good for the first trial. In my family, only my daughters, my wife and myself like laksam or laksa related. My sons detest laksa or anything related.

Yerterday when I arrived home from office, i saw laksam already displayed on my dining table. My would say that my wife was instintively knowing what came to my mind. And I would say in many occasions she can sense and instinctively predict my concious mind. Now I know that I have to be good all the time coz she is tracking what comes to my mind..
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mobile Blogging

I would say that I'm quite naive or rather slow with IT development and applications. I still remember during my school days, computer programing is the most stressful subject to adopt. I would rather doing something else and not sitting in front of a computer in a computer lab and dealing with syntax errors. I may going crazy at that time and experiencing computer phobia. One day, I went to see my supervisor and admitted to him that I hated computing and dont give me project or assignment that involved computing.
Now the computer phobia slowly perish or dying within myself. You know what really helps me? Yes, my children....hehehe. They are the master mind of my computer assistants. I will ask them all the helps required from the to down load the files, setting and infact to on the computer......hahaha. Not that I'm a bit moron, but just being too lazy!
Since I have not much time to update my blog during the week days(obviously too tired after arriving from office), I already familiarised myself with mobile blogging. It is so easy! All you need is to have your handy smartphone. First you snap a picture. Then you go to blog application. You write what you want. Upload the photo and publish! As simple as ABC or a piece of cake...... Now I can write from everywhere at any time.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coffee And Its Aromatic Smell

Do you love to drink coffee? I love to drink coffee very much. I like the vapour of its smell when you pour into a cup. It is aromatic and energizing and make me feel fresh. When I drop by at mamak stall or restaurant, I would request for nescafe tarik (pulled coffee??) . I like teh tarik but I still prefer coffee. Since the age is catching up and the metabolism is no more pursuasive, I would request less less less sugar for my pulled coffee. But if you ever been to Athens, dont miss to try their chilled coffee. It was gorgeous and marvelous. I have been trying to find decaffeinated coffee of good quality since last week and now I think I got one. Just bought it at the Coldstorage KLCC......see what will be my comment then.
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Great Plant, Great Flowers

I adore frangipani. The smell is marvelous. The colours are wonderful. The problem to grow this plant is the space. If you have a huge mansion , it would be ok. You can grow them along the fence or along the pathways and creating a boulevard and shade. You can plant in group next to your expensive gate or arch. But if you have a small house like mine, you must be creative where and how to manage the plants. My first two frangipani that I grew for many years in front of my gate and arch were fallen down due to heavy rain and strong wind. Those were pink and orange colours. Perhap Exoticmatahari can help me to identify their scientific names. Now I got the yellow and I am afraid it will experience the same faith. I bought other colours but I planted them in a huge pot and to prevent them from having the same faith to fall down, i have to ' bongsai' them. The one (pink) that I gave to my neighbour is inclining towards my house. That really scare me! I need to inform my neighbour to chop few branches and safe my house from future damage that would cost me thousands of ringgit. If not I will never sleep in peace when ever heavy rain comes!
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Smocking Dress for Your Princess

When I posted a sample of smocking dress (York dress) in my Facebook, I received my comments from my friends. I got special compliment knowing I dont have an proper course to make dresses especially for girls. Then I started to get the orders. Yeah... I am not a fashion designer nor a taylor by profession but it just a mere hobby that would fill my leisure time and as a therapy. Now I already completed a pair of smocking dresses for my friend. Hopefully by next week i will manage to deliver the goods. Now my wife is woking on it to finish the hem and tidy up the finishing part. I hope you and your daughter will love it and spread the news to others. It is not the money but the satisfaction!
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The Varieties of Collars

Week ends going to be a very busy days now. Sometimes you have to make a wise decision when you arrive at the cross roads. Ever since I started an concentrating my new project, i was forcefully left my other interest. I have left my garden unattended for the past two weeks. I missed my blogging and overdue to update the events and stories. I promised to play badminton with my children but I failed to do do. I promised my wife to start sugar crafting and all the tools that I ordered already arrived but i am struggling to find time for it. I have to leave my ribbon embroidery project for my cussions and pillows....oh many more to narrate. Eeerrrrr.......my time is so limited and tight and contrain with my new project that just kicked off. I hope I am still ok and now going crazy unable to decide and think! By the way I need to guard my spirit and let it burns and flicker all the time. Time is too precious to be waste! Ooopppssss....these are my new collars.
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My New Handbag

This is my new handbag that I bought and ordered from EBay. Dont you think it is trendy and beautiful? I think i got crazy buying bags lately. My old handbag I will give it to Wan since he wanted it when I was in Egypt. The price not tha cheap and inclusive shipment about RM200. Do you want to know what I have inside? I dont have make-up like ladies always have. I got my small brella stanby from rain, my driving and reading glasses, my HD, a comb(eventhough my hair becoming thinner), chewing gum, and so many more. No I got to carry it along where ever I got. Never miss my gorgeous bag.
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My ID / Office Pass

Today I am in the office. Last week I was away for 3 days. As usual i need to surrender my personel ID and collect a temporary pass. I thought of getting the permanent passo today. The form has been filled and I need to bring my offer letter as well. I went down to level 11 and gave the documents to the security officer. After waiting for a while the officer came and asked me to pay. I was astonishef why I need to pay. Another officer came and mentioned that my previous pass was still active. Oh my god! It was 5 years ago and i am not sure where the pass is. Finally i told them, 'let me find the pass first and if i fail to get it I will come back again and I will pay the penalty for losong the pass......hhhhmmmm.. Ooooo....my wife just called me that she found the card. I have to confirm when i return home today.
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Monday, February 06, 2012

Happy Birthday

Dua hari lepas bday my wife. Sekarang kalau birthday family tak payah lagi dah beli kek kat kedai. Buat sendiri aje. Jimat and save kos. Sekarang kalau nak beli kek pun mahal. Berat yang satu kilo pun harga more than RM50. Kalau beli kat Secret Recipe lagi lah mahal. Lepas tu ada yang kata halal la...tak halal lah...sampai kita pun jadi ragu ragu. Bila buat sendiri semestinya halal and kalau tak menarik pun tak kisah janji ada kek kan. Sedap mesti lah sedap. kalau tidak mesti tak habis ...... Kek ni mulanya wife aku dressing kan and finally aku terpaksa masuk campur sebab ada kesilapan teknikal...hehehehe.
My Heirloom

Quilt ni ada sejarah dia yang tersendiri. Dan aku rasa inilah quilt yang sangat rumit yang aku dan wife buat. Pertama we were not using cotton fabric but instead remnants from lebihan kain baju kurung yang kawan aku kasi. masa tu aku kerja outstation di Bintulu, Sarawak. Kami siap bawa dari Semenanjung semua kain remnant tu.Bukan apa at least d juga samthing untuk di buat dari tak tahu apa nak buat yang akan membuat wife aku boring. Sekarang usianya dah lebih 12 tahun kalau tak silap aku. This is my precious heriloom to cherish.
I Have Exhausted All The Ideas

Aku pun dah habis iktiar dah dengan si Yusuff ni. Sampai bila dia nak ke sekolah aku pun tak tahu. Bila tanya masih lagi kata esok nak pegi. Bila tiba hari nya dia tak nak pegi. Ok biar dulu nanti pujuk lagi. Dia lebih suka duduk rumah and kacau adik dia dari pergi ke sekolah. Nampak gaya aku rasuah apa pun tak jalan jalan. Nanti nak kena cari idea baru ni.....

Still Progressing....


Bagi orang yang pergi kursus untuk buat baju memang mudah bagi mereka. Semua teknik dan knowledge dah ada. Bila nak buat semua menjadi mudah. Tapi bagi orang macam aku yang tak pergi kursus and belajar dari buku saja nak buat baju rasa memang azab. Tapi itu dulu. Sekarang dah semi pro....hehehehhe. When we talk about making a smocking dress, the smocking part is the tricky one. First you need to pleat the fabric. Then you need to choose the tread colors to suit the fabric and finally the smocking pattens. If you have full devotion and concentration you can make it for a day. But if the spirit die out it can extend to another week. I would say that it depends on your mood. Anyway I have to get my spirit going or I would rather fly higher and higher. Thank god two have been sold and another 4 is on the way and I intend to get them ready by end of the month by 20 pieces. Am I exaggerating too much?

This is the one sold to Azman. If I forego the smocking part I think I manage to complete a per for a day. This is not exaggeratting...hehehe

These are the sashes that were tied into a ribbon. Very nice and elegant isnt it.....

The dress partially ready. The hem is going to be stitched by my wife. I hate to do this...hehehe

This cute little girl belong to Azman. Beautifully suited her and she adore to wear the new dress. I forgot to bring my DSLR camera. Just use my samsung SII.

The black fabric with little flowers make she looks and feels so pretty and gorgeous.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dimana Idea Ni.....

At one time there were so many ideas coming into my head. but when i wanted to pen down the stories, gambar tak ambil lagi lah...gambar tak download lagi lah...buzy dengan benda lain la.. Minggu ni nak kena update banyak story. Esok cuti satu hari lagi untuk aku manafaatkan update blof aku. Another thing, since I ve given my compact camera Sony to my son, I almost lost my touch to all the photos...hhhmmmm.....

My New Job

On the 2nd February I started my new job. Seronok ada and tak seronok pun ada. Seronok sebab ada gaji semula setalah sekian lama gunung yang tinggi semakin rendah. Tak seronok sebab office nun di KLCC sana. Dulu site office sebelah camp aje. Jalan 3 minit pun dah sampai walaupun lajan lenggang kangkung Mal Limah. Bangun pun setengah jam lagi nak masuk opis pun sempat lagi nak mandi and bersiap. Sekarang dah kena bangun pagi buta meredah jam di KL yang tak berkesudahan.


Proper assignment belum dapat lagi tapi dalam masa bulan ni adalah untuk sesuaikan diri dan memahami company system and procedure. Boss kata naki assign to one project. Project apa pun aku tak pasti. Sekurang kurangnya otak aku akan kembali berputar ligatla untuk bereskan semua masalah project. Tapi dah tak ada can aku nak tido lewah.......Aaaaaaaa.....