Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Have Been Lazy....

My followers might realise that my blog is facing a very slow update. Yeah...this new office is different from the previous one. The food court not as luxury as the food court at the Intermark. Its stuffy and uncomfortable with the feel of heat from the cooking kiosk. The only good thing is the food is cheaper and could save up to 50% from my budget. Because of this reason it would be crowded during the peak lunch and breakfast period. It just killed my ideas.

Oh I should not blame the circumstances, should I? It is more the idea to write is not comming as regular as before. My target to post as minimum as 20 articles per month is never materialised in February. Hhhhmmmm......I am so tired.....

My Queen Size Quilt

I have finished it. It took me the whole Saturday to complete the remaing blocks. Finally I put them together and the border was not big enough because it cannot fit to the frame. Anyway I have measure the bed and the drop length just nicely laid abouve the floor.

I just wonder how long I would take to complete the hand quilting. It is a very easy task but the most difficult part is how to make it perfect or nearly perfect. The lines need to be straight and the bottom layer fabric must be free of any wrinkles.

Last night I was exhausted adjusting all the layers to the quilting frame to get them right. I did few mistakes and I have to redo adjusting and layer the fabric. Thank god my wife was patience enough to assist me preparing it. Hopefully today the quilt is ready to be hand stitch.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quilt Magazine

It is already 11.00 am and I need to go to KLCC to collect my medical claim. I almost forgotten about the claim. If I could remember, I submitted the claim about a year ago. Just wonder why it needs to be too long for the process to approve and get it prepared. Never mind, at least I have the money to buy quilt magazines at the Cold Storage.
So I walk slowly from my office to KLCC and by the time I collect the cheque and bank in, it would be time for lunch. I dont need a lunch but fruits would be better.

The magazines costed me about rm60 for two. I wouldn't really mind about the price but its contents of designs that would really matter. Some of the designs I already knew the tricks and turns but the commbination of colours would also matter. Let finish the one at home first than we think about the next project.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ulek Beach Resort

I like to stay and relax here whenever I go for outstation. First because I can meet and dine with my son Ubai. Second, because it is located in front of the beach. You can enjoy the druming of the waves like and orchestrated music. And third, this hotel is a Malay traditional look and architecture. Even it is not catagorised as a five stars hotel but the surrounding is magnificient. You can drive along the beach and enjoy the varieties of seafood.

I got to start packing now for check out. Ok for now......and have a nice day

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nilai 3

I havent been here and this was my first time being in Nilai 3. I have heart a lot of story about rhis place but never triggered me to come here. This morning I was nt sure why I asked Shamim to come with me to Nilai 3. First I thought to seek for cotton fabric and ultimately I ended up buying a carpet. is cheaper here. A lot cheaper than Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Spend Your Long Holidays

I always looking forward for long weekends and it would give my more time to stay at home. With 4 days holiday plus the weekends, I was struggling to finish my new quilt for my own bed. It was very tiring measuring and cutting the fabrics for the required sizes and infact more challenging to sew them together to make a beautiful design. Ultimately you satisfaction and endurance that count.

I thought that I was about to complete yesterday but I need to alter the arrangement since the colour of the fabrics was out of stock. I have to amend and reorganise with different tones and colours of the fabrics to make it coordinated. Now I have to complete another 20 blocks and join them together. The hardest part was to position every cut and block as accurate as possible. Dont you think it was an interesting hobby?

By the way, I have next weekend to complete the design and ready to frame and stitch....

Morning Shopping

Last Saturday morning, I got a chance to go to IKEA with Kiz for my early shopping. The people were not many except for those who were enjoying their breakfast. Perhaps people were rushing home to celebrate the Chinese New Year or enjoying long holidays with their family. As for me, better stay at home and and avoid a massive traffic jam at the highway. Or else spend my precious time with my kids.

I bought a small working table and a swirl chair. I needed those desperately and cannot affort to mess my dinning table anymore. By the way you know how you will end up when shopping at IKEA...

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Thanks Jenny

I would like to thank Jenny from the Missouri Quilt Company for her willingness to share her knowledge about quilting. I think this is the latest tutorial she uploaded in the Youtube.

When you are about to do the quilt topping, the foremost questions are how to select the fabric,  and the design. How am I going to match the colours and how am I going to have an accurate dimensions.

I have created the squares of red and blue polka dot fabric which I have done last week. After joining everything together, I realised that the dimension was lacked by half inch. cannot be like that. Then I saw from Annie website the combination of design using squares and it look so beautiful. Fortunately, I saw Jenny's tutorial illustrating a quick technic to complete the design. I cannt remmember the name of it but it gave me courage to complete.

Last weekend I finish my design and asked my wife how does it look? It is beautiful isnt it. Anyway many thanks to Jenny for her sincere effort to share the knowledge.

Ready To Quilt

My quilting frame had arrived a month ago whic I ordered from I tried to place order from unfortunately they dont ship to my country. After browsing through the internet about the suppliers, finally I made an order from The shipping cost me more expensive from the material itself.

Everything was in good condition and Hadi helped me to assemble everything. On Sundah I taught my wife how to layer the fabric and cotton batting. It took about half and hour to manage it and now it is ready to go....

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Shoes For My Children

Hadi told my wife that he needed a jogging shoes. I told him the budget was rm150 only. We went to Jusco Rawang last Friday night and visited Al- Ikhsan. Shamim and Ikhlas accompanied me as well. When we browsed the price, not many selections within the budget. Oh my god! Why they are so expensive?

Ikhlas gave me his rm50 to by a ball. He trains regularly at school so that he will be selected in the school team. Finally I said to them that I was going to belanja all of you for the shoes. I know all of them were so happy but my pocket was unhappy. Never mind. Just swiped the credit card and loaded more hutang. Aiyooooo......

Finally Ikhlas got his futsal shoes and a ball. Hadi got his jogging shoes and casual shoes for Syamim. This is how you salary goes....