Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reading Habit

I always have a book in my office bag. And only god knows when I am going to finish it. I have made a point that my reading would commence during lunch hour whereby I would sit quietly at the corner of the food court. One hour is enough for me to complete 3 to 4 chapters. I estimated by the third week I would finish the entire book. That was my plan.

When I am at home there are so many plans I have made and not all are fulfilled. Hhhhmmmmm......I got to be more istiqamah for doing things. To maintain the mood and momentum is another challenge. Recently I checked on my books on the shelves and browsing which one to read. I picked up a history book entitled The Second World War. I should have read The First World War instead. I was sitting upright leaning on my bed and about to complete the first page.

Then came my two naughty Sarah and Yusuff casing each other and climbing on my bed and sort of disturbing my reading. I was not mad to them but my focus to the book changed to their gigling and I started to tease them. Until today, the book is lying near my lampshade undisturbed. am I going to start all over again????

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It Is Over

It is going to be over today. The last paper is biology and hopefully she would be able to answer the questions well. The previous papers she told me she could do it. My prayers always for her and hopefully she could get a good result. Yes, this is about my daughter's SPM.

Could you imagine that they have spent almost a month for the exam? Yes this is a very long dates of examination. I could have prefered them to finish it immediately. The more you are waiting the exam dates the more you become vulnerable. The mood and the momentum would dissappear and you need to gather all the strength to remain focus and energetic.

Not only she feels relief, I as a father shares the same feeling. Now is the time for demanding me to take her to places that she would enjoy. Forget about books. Forget about loads of assignment. And the best part she wants to break free of all the rules....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plant to the Roof Top

People used to say di mana ada kemaguan di situ ada jalan atau that would be the way if there's a will. For those who are hard working, there are no excuse to succeed. And success is the combination of hard working and discipline. Period. This is what is happening to me now. Since my garden is so small like kangkang kera, I allow my plants to grow up to roof top. My neighbour might thought that I am a lazy bone but who cares...... Anyway it allows me to demonstrate my bizarre creativity......hihihihi....

Butterfly Quilt

A lot of patience we have put in to complete the quilt. I only assist my wife for the design and she proceeds with the opplique ang stitches. Now is the time to finish the padding all over the area before the final finishing. When I see her carefully and gently stittching the quilt I noticed that she loves to do it. This quilt is specially made for Shamim.....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Elephant Creeper

I asked my friend what is the name of this plant? She replied as elephant creeper. Hhhmmmm.....little weird the name is. I tried to figure out what was the reasons? Finally, my conclusion was because of its big leaves and looked like elephant's ears.

I thought of pruning the plant at the front because it already covers the facade of my house and is blocking the natural light. Part of it I would push to the roof so that it could creep freely over the top. People might question why I let the plant grow all over the roof? My simple answer is for natural cooling system.....hahahaha. Am I right???


I would like to share a photo of teapots that I took at Untie Ester's shop. It was a very unique collection of teapots. I asked how much was the price? She mentioned RM70 for each. Wow......... Those teapots were from China that famous with its pottery work.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It Is School Holiday

One week already passed and now is the second week of school holidays. My children are keeping their time playing each other at home. Adah and Syamim we send to madrasah every morning to memorise the quran. Similarly we send Ikhlas to other madrasah for boys to learn the quran. Sometime Ikhlas would request to stay over night in the madrasah. However he would like to stay at home whenever there is a football match on TV.

I have been planning to take them to few places that they would enjoy like the Legoland or the Universal Studio. I really need to sit down and make a proper schedule so that everything will be smooth as planned. Ubai is working and his study leave will end by this month. If he is available, he can help me to take control of his little brothers and sisters.

Most likely we would go to the Legoland but I would wait until Che Mat returns home. How about this weekend to Genting Highland? I think this is a bright idea. Hopefully with this supplimentary trip will keep my little children happy. U know they are getting bored day after day.....

Monday, November 19, 2012


Last Friday I went to collect a new lampshade that I ordered from Untie Ester. When I arrived home, immediately I arranged on a small wardrobe near the door entrance. For me, it just looked fine. Dont you think it looks gorgeous?


I was at KLCC recently for a meeting. The meeting was suppised to start at 9.00 but nobody turned up. I was wondering where was everybody. It was already 20 minutes passed and not a single person appeared. Hhhmmmm...... Might they have already changed the time I would not know. I thougt of leaving coz I have other important matters to resolve.

While I was looking outside and enjoying the scenery of Kuala Lumpur, suddenly I saw something unique in front of me. Wow...this was the opportunity to take the photo and little bit of academic. It was the pin connection of the support structure that held the tower bridge on KLCC. I was a ball type of structure that permit the displacement to rotate.

I posted the picture and questionin my fb and started to get few answers. Yes I was right. The connection to cater for the sway in every direction. Do you know that the maximum displacement of the sway can go as 1 meter? It sounds great but relatively small compared to the height of the building. I learn back about theory of structure....

Friday, November 16, 2012

My New Order

Do you remember the post that I published about my exquisite lampshade? I got a very good response from my friends in Facebook. Not only that, my wife also gave a positive remark about it.

I have many exotic vases from China that I bought years ago. I can say that I am a collector of it and still looking for pottery exhibition especially from China. I did write about my chinese vases in my previous blog. Since I have an extra vase that worth to transform into a lampshade. I have made a special order to Untie Ester to make a new design for me coz I would like to display it at the entrance of my house.

Hai rasa tak sabo nak pasang balik ni....

Cinnamon Roll

What would you do when you are getting bored while you are at home? Sleeping? Ooo...not for me. I would rather doing something beneficial rather than doing nothing.

For me kitchen is a nice place for you to enjoy yourseft. Why dont you entertain youseft by cooking a new recipe and the whole family can enjoy it? Sure you children would love to eat and you would be happy when the new recipe that you tried yielded a good result.

Not only cooking but there are so many other things that you could do. I have so many plans in mind to start but I have to do it one by one. If not I would get confused and end up I start nothing...hahaha.

I attach the picture of my cinnamon roll that we baked last week. Unfortunately, it was not from my handy hands but from my wife. It was nice when you eat it when it is hot. Everything was vanished within an hour.

Local Fruit

Do you know that our local fruits are expensive than the imported fruits? It is cheaper to buy apples or oranges than to buy durians or cempedak. The local fruit are sold base on per kilogram and not per unit. For example, if you buy a durian, it could cost you rm20 per unit depent on the size. If you are not prudent enough you can bring home the rotten durian. You can see it is nice from outside but inside it may not be splendid. I may say that the onus is on the seller to choose the good and the bad. No wonder some people would bring their own container and ask the seller to open the fruit. They would only pay the good one.

I love fry cempedak. Do we call it jack fruit? Yesterday, I asked my wife whether any more cempedak left? She replied with no. She told me to buy at Ulu Yam on my visit to my daughter. That was a good idea. On my way I stopped by at the two fruits stalls. I asked the first stall and asked for rm8.5 per kilo. But the fruit was not ready to fry. Then I went to the other stall and the fruit looked very welcoming. He charged me for rm7 per kilo.

I choosen the biggest one coz many people Were going to eat. You know how much was the cempedak? It cost me for rm30. was very expensive! Since I already got addicted to it, I would rather buy. What to do......

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My New Handbag

Hhmmm.......sometimes it is not easy to arrive to a decision and whether I have set the right priory. People used to say whether is it nice to have or necessary to have. It is all about how to control you desire. If given a chance, we would like to have everything nice. When we have a second thought, we might set a wrong priority. I also confused with my conscience wispering that you could have it while you are alive but not to burden yourself. A simple words is ' ukur baju di badan sendir'.

I bought a new handbag last Monday while I was wandering around in KLCC mall. I wish I could have moved home earlier but I was trapped in the mall due to the heavy down pour. The traffic was getting worst. I was walking around level one and was searching for a Couch Boutique. After making a round trip I found it at the end near to Ampang exit. I came hear once where I desired for a new bag. My revisit just to confirm that I might purchase the bag.

The rain was still heavily pouring outside. I better take my leisure time to select the most appropriate bag for me. Yes....I confirmed this was the one that suited me....haha.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good bye

We have to say good bye after being together for 9 years. It was a tough decision to let you go forever. What I can say is, thanks for everything. You have been loyal and provided good services for the family. Definitely we will miss you very much. Finally we wish that you can establish a new relationship with a new owner and always be a good boy.

Good bye my love.....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Window Shopping

I had a half day meeting at KLCC. We agreed to adjourn the meeting at five. Tomorrow is a public holiday for Dewali. Its going to be a wet Dewali. The rain was pouring heavily outside. The traffic going to pile up and create a massive jam. I knew that I was going to be in the jam for how many hours only god knows. I was contemplating weather to proceed to The Intermark or wandering around shopping mall for window shopping.

Being in KLCC you can feel the heat of temptation and sometimes it is not easy to resist. One more advantage is the credit cards are in your wallet. Have it now and pay later. Infact you can make an installed payment. you can understand how to resist the desire.

There are plenty of designers and branded shops at the 1st and 2nd levels of the mall. I was passing the Bvlgari shop and accidently I saw few new design of men's watches. Wow.........they are beautiful and elegant. I was not sure to enter or not but I pushed the door and go straight to the cabinet. Those are gorgeous watches and I called the sales lady to enquire about the price. She smiled at me charmly and replied RM79,000.00. I almost chocking to death. I told her if that was the case, I need to insure my hands. It was a pure crafted gold. I dont think I ever possess that watch in my entirw life. Unless somebody kind enough to present to me......

New Look

I had replaced my new lamp shades with the old one. It really made a difference in term of the light intensity. The photos that I took from my hand phone cannt really visualise the actual lux of it. I should have using my canon SLR to have a better picture. However, I love the way everything was change.

I asked my wife whether she liked them and she gave a positive result. Hehehe.....yeah she always gave positive opinions perhaps just to please me. Haaaahaaaa..... The old lamp shades that I ordered from my friend with ethnic Sarawak design, I kept them in Safwan's room and going to be transfer in my new home.

Friday, November 09, 2012

The Lamp Shade

Do you remember, I told you about the lamp shade shop at Ampang Park? I have made the order and they are ready now. Wow it must be marvelous to have them and they are very unique with hand made by Untie Ester. I am so impatience right now to take them home and install at my leaving are.

One thing that I am very sure is that my children with be caught into surprise. Hahaha..........

Thursday, November 08, 2012

My Exquisite Hobby

I love to collect armed chairs and it is my exquisite hobby. So far I have about 7 different types of them. Some they come in pairs and some in a single unit. Are they expensive? No... Not all I got as brand new. Some I collected from the garbage heap and some I got from the second hand shop. I brought all of them and sent for upholstery. I also bought a brand new one mainly during Fella Design sale.

Since there are no more spaces available in my house, I dont think I will continue this exquisite hobby anymore even my passion and desire to collect different design still burning. The only thought that I have right now is, is it necessary for me to buy a grandfather's chair with stool?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

He Wants To Work

Is money is everything? Not really but there are people addicted to it like drugs. When you have money, you can have everything you want but happiness never guarantee you. Money will actually turns you into a slave of everything is you are not in control. Yes, you can accumulate plenty of money but be sure they come from halal sources. Now this the most difficult part. Most of the times money would lead you to easily transgress the command of Allah. But how to reducw the seduction of money? Only one solution i.e fill you heart with the greatness of Allah. I myseft feel the challenge when dealing with money.

My son Ubai, is enjoying his holiday for one and a half month. I told him to take the opportunity to help umi managing the house. There are plenty of work to be done. Nowadays children detest dealing with house issues. Even they are too lazy to manage their own room. They always thougt that mom is around and can to it for them. Hey, your mom and dad are not your koolie ok...... What they want is for you to be responsible.

Now Ubai is working at Petrosain as a part time worker. That was what he has chosen what can I say? Every morning he would follow me to work. Its a virtue for me to have him as my driver. That would give me a space to peace my mind and relex while he is driving. How nice to have a driver....hehehehe......

Let he learns how hard to earn money.......

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Pineapple Tart Cake

My passion for cooking never die. I dont cook everyday at home because my wife is handling that. I only do some cooking when I desire to do that. Since the kitchen is not totally belong to me, rather under full control of my wife the mood of cooking sometime disappear. The worst is when you want to find whereabout the utensils and ingredient. Thereforw, I have to inform my wife earlier for all things that I want so that she can easily prepare them. If not I will keep on asking her until my mood subside.

To experience a good and enjoyable cooking you need little bit of creativity and technic. I did follow some of the recipe books and for my puneapple tart cake I did it by my own creativity. If you were to ask me about measurement of the ingredients, I would say I main campak campak aje because everything is very sounds so easy isnt it! Everybody can do it!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Buying Tropical Fish

I love to have tropical fish whether in the pool or an aquarium. I used to have two 4 feet aquariums where I put my gold fish and other tropical fish. Rearing fish is not difficult but rearing gold fish might need extra attention. The water must be clean all the time and the filter system must be efficient. Now I have no more aquarium and have no intention to get one again after experiencing plenty of casualties.

However, now I have a water lily pond. In order to prevent the mosquitoes breeding place,  I threw few guppies, swordtail and gold fish inside the pond. The guppies and swordtails can live without any filter but the gold fish only can last for few days. It just cannot live in the hush environment.

Yesterday I went to the shop to buy tropical fish to add in my water lily pond. I could not remember the name but their body shape were just like the swordtail. Since the males were not available, then I selected the matured females so that they can produce more babies. Hihihi.......see how clever I am! When I arrived home and picked up the fish, I saw the small babies appeared healthily swimming in the bag. I showed to my children and how fortunate for us to have extra fish.

One of my daughters asked me, 'Arent they die when they deliver the babies?'. ' Why?'. ' Dont you think their stomach will explode?'. Now I have to correct their understanding of how animal and human bear babies.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Long Time No See

You all must realise that I have not appeared for sometimes in my beloved blog. I have plenty of ideas and things to write but all because of my smart phone Samsung Note. My phone suddenly turned into total black out. At first I thought it was because of the battery. I continued to charge for the entire night but still I could not on the phone. No sign of power and my phone was totally dead. Pergghhhh.......I was quite annoyed because I just bought this phone for the past three month. It also happened to my Samsung SII.

I send to Samsung service centre to rectify the faulty and I have to wait for a week. Can you imagine to live without hand phone for a week? I would appreciate for not having hand phone coz I feel free of everything. My SII the warranty was already expired and the cost to rectify it about RM700. Wow that was too much! Might as well I buy a new one.

I collected my phones yesterday. Now I am back to normal browsing my favourite applications and updating my blog. The blog is very much dear to me. A place where I pour all the ideas and memories and the place to cherish every moment in my life.