Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Splendid Idea

These photos I took when I was strolling at the Ciwalk, Bandung. I love the idea using a bird cage as a pendan light. It was awesome indeed!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Batik fabric

Guys, look what I got here. These are batik fabric made in Indonesia. There are plenty of design that would admire you and make you confuse to select the correct one. Bandung is heaven of fabric especially cotton fabric and it can make you run wild. If you dont have enough moneyin you pocket, never mind. You always can suffice yourself with a credit cut.

These fabric going to be my ethnic design for my quilt project and hope everybody would like it.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Authentic Home Made Biscuit....

If you go to Paris Van Java, dont miss to visit this cookies shop. The shop's name is Menu Cookies. They sell all kind of delicious biscuit and you will be tpted to have at least one packet. Even if you need a special gift wrapping to present to someone special, they are providing this service too....

Hhhhmmmm.....I have not making biscuits since last Hari Raya....

Buying Bandung Snack

We have spent almost a day at Pasar Baru. It was so tiring ascending and decending from one level to the other to find  essorted fabrics and luggage back. We try to complete our shopping for the whole day but we just could not manage it... It was so huge crowd coming from every where.

Finally about 4pm we went downstairs and went to the next bazar which was fulled with Bandung snacks. It was no point to stroll inside the bazaar again. Our body were arching and or foot started to feel the numbness. It was time to go back to the hotel.....aiyooo....lets go...

Friday, April 26, 2013

My New Quilt Magazine

Just bought two quilt magazines. Need some information about the designs and combination of colours. Hope it would improve my skill.......yes!

At apoint of time, I thought I will never doing anymore quilt. The experience that I had while doing three single size quilts just enough for me to endure. The hard labour that I put on with my wife was very demanding. Cutting the fabric, finding the right design and to match the colours were time consuming and not to mention about the backache. All the effort that has been put to, has yielded a satisfactory results.

With the techniques that I learned through the internet and face book, really appreciate it and speed up my entire work....... Now I am looking forward to use batik fabrics for the next design..

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Trip To Bandung, Indonesia

After my returning from my first trip to Bandung, I realised that I still missed Bandung dearly. I missed the people. I missed the hustle and bustle of the city and the most importantly, I missed the shopping especially the Pasar Baru. I just did not have enough time to roam around every level to buy things thar compulsory for me to buy.

I missed to buy batik and kain pelikat that a must thing for me to have. I boughr quite a lot of cotton fabric to make my revival quilt works......I really appreciate that.

This Saturday I will fly again to Bandung with loads of shopping lists with a special mission. My son Ubai, my sister and nepheq will accompany me. I will be a tourist guide for them. Everything has been arrange and we are looking forward for thiswonderful journey....Bandung, here we come again...

Monday, April 22, 2013


Ubai has already finished his diploma. Now is what to do next? Yes, he needs to continue his study to a bachelor degree. He told me that he has already applied for UITM. How many more years to complete?

Anyway we have our plan A actually. To persue his study in UITM is our plan B. Today both of us went to GEN to get a proper counselling about study in UK. We were given few choices for us to decide later and would make our absolute decision at the very last minute. However the options are remain opened.

It would be a lot of investment for Ubai to study overseas. I would look it positively with different perception and thingking. And more importantly he should learn how to live and how to survive.....

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Labour of Love

I have yet to complete my star quilt but have come up the idea of love. Love that unites all the races. With love we would be good and better citizen and with love we would be cwring each other. I am looking forward to complete by this weekend and it would be nice to present for my daughter as a special gift from your beloved father.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My New Reading Material

Just started reading this new book two days ago. Anybody has read it? I dont know when to complete my reading and for sure it would be a very slow reading coz I only spend during my lunch time on the working day....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Baju Raya For My Wife And Daughters

I took a short break after zohor after spending 3 hours assembling and joining my patches of fabrics to form a beautiful quilt. My back was arching and I need to lie down to strenthen my bone before I could continue again...hehehehe... The spirit to finish my quilt that day was seemingly high.

Last night while I was lying on my comfortable bed, I received and alert a new email has arrived in my inbox. I opened it and it was a fashion website. I browsed one after another under my eyes could not open. There we many beautiful blouses for ladies and I thought of ordering them for my daughters and wife.

I told them about the website and permit them to order if they wish for our next Hari Raya celebration. I calculated the blouses are still cheaper order and worth the money. Then you know what would happen if you allow the ladies to make order of their choices.....hhhhhmmmmmm.

Has Been Booked...

Weekend was always packed for me. However, last Saturday was a little bit mild. Since Ikhlas has completed his football practice, therefore no more replacement class. So I can have full rest on Saturday. Hhhhmmmm....... Did I really have a full rest day? No...not at all.

Since my new quilt work has brought a new passion into me, I dont think I really relax on the weekends. I just completed 3/4 way on my new project. I thought of to complete it yesterday but when I spreaded over the floor and noticed that the alignment was offset, I thought of having a break. I need to amend the stitch line and then to introduce a border. It is near but yet to far.

That was what I had mentioned when you are approching a finishing line, keep going and maintain the momentum. Eventhough, it was nearly completed, I managed to upload into my facebook. As usual, it was liked by many friends and finally booked by one of them.

The only problem I am facing now is how to expedite the quilting stitch by hand. Even my first queen size quilt was already on the frame over a month. My wife is stiching it everyday as part time basis and not sure when to finish....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cotton Batting

Finally my cottob batting arrived yesterday. It was great! However, I still need to order from Rizal and Scubee to buy for me from Turkmenistan. It is cheaper even the quality quality is not very good. So Rizal and Scubee please remember my permanent order. I need 15 to 20 meters every time you are coming home. Sorry to bother both of you again.....hihihi

I have search the availability of cotton batting locally but the price is very expensive. The cheapest I managed to get is about rm90 per meter. I also asked few suppliers for the queen size that already been packed in a precut size, and the price is morw than rm200 for 93x100 inches more or less.

Aftwr doing some home work with respect to price, size and quality, it would be much cheaper to order from US even with courier service charges. It would ask Cyinthia whether she can bring the price even lower....

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A New Block

Still a long way to complete. I have to prepare for additional 19 blocks to make a perfect queen size quilt. I am not sure whether I could continue during the week days after my working hours.

The whether is not promising at the moment and the time taken for driving is getting much slower. It has absorbed my entire energy by the time I reach home. My mom is here. I should spending more time with her to talk and gossip for many topics. Hehehw.....we never intend to gossip about people but it could be inevitable.... 

Anyway quilting is bringing a passion into me at the moment and I really enjoy spending my time arranging all sort of dimensions and colours of fabric into a very nice pattern and design........

Hand Railing

While I was walking from booth to booth and seaching something that I, myself was not sure, I came across this little booth. They are a vendor to fabricate and install for the hand railing. There were quite a number of designs especially made of tampered glass and staintless steel. You can also have a combination of solid wood. The price range from rm200 to rm300 per foot.

I was contemplating to order but I kept on asking myself whether necessary to have or nice to have. My house having so many hand railing because of its split levelled design and a concept of 2 in 1. If I were to measure the total length of my handrailing, it could sum up to 40 feet in total. Wow....that is too much! How much would I Spend for that? Let me do a quick calculation. Rm200x40 = rm8000. My current hand railing is still good and safe. But the white paint slowly peeled off and it looks patches here and there.

Yeah.....Do I need to change? Decision has to be made based on the practicality of it. Yes it is nice to have but it is not practical since both the new and old serve the same function. So.....I have made a wise decision

Monday, April 08, 2013

My New Mixer

On Saturday I asked Balqis and Adah to accompany me to KL. I knew Kiss was getting bored staying at home without doing anything. Actually there are plenty of things to do if I were to list down the activities. Anyway after I finished my tuition class at school, we went to KL. First we stopped at IKEA. I ended up buying clothes for me and my children. Hhhmmm....another rm500 gone. It was nice to start our early lunch at the IKEa cafe and to have salmon with lemon source was a good one.

Then I drove to PWTC for Home and Living exhibition. By the time we reached there, it was about 1.00pm. I have only one and a half hours to deal. It was a big event and plenty of showrooms about the product. I didnt really think that I need to buy anything and I didnt really have any specific intention. I move from one hall to another until I settled at hall no 1.

While I was walking through the huge crowd, I landed my eyes on this mixer. I never have the intention to buy it coz I already have my Kenwood. The sales lady approached me and started to demonstrate the benefit of the machine. I stated to contemplate whether to have it or not. It came together with additional free bowl and a coffee maker on top of rm500 discount. Wow....it was a very good bargain.

You know what did I do? Just close my eyes and offer my credit card and ready to take them home. It was rm1999 only!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My Latest Project

It is already April. Never realised that 3 months have just passed by. Hhhmmmm.....time flies too fast now and not easy to catch up with lots of activities. This year started not that good for me especially to my health. Yeah.....getting older day by day and life is so demanding!

My finger is recovering but still I need to go to the clinic for cleaning and dressing. I hope in two weeks time it got to be fully recuperated and ease my life tremendously. Now it just limited my movement and activities and what would I say? Be patience and make a lot of prayer to be close to Allah. Everything is about test from him to bring me near to him. Never mind, we make every moment to create life as wonderful as before.

I just completed my latest project. I thnik this is the most complicated one compared to the others. I have put a lot of energy and mental to finish the design. Finally I am too exhausted at the moment!