Thursday, November 14, 2013

Masjid Solihin

This is Masjid Solihin, Bandar Seri Bagawan, Brunei Darul Salam... I was here three weeks ago when visiting Hassan. It situation at Brunei Government Administrative Buildings. The unique moroccan architecture impresses everybody who has opportunity to make a solat. Very quite and tranquil to offer the prayers....

Monday, November 11, 2013

Similajau: Jungle Tracking

Hari Sabtu lepas kami decided untuk time out ke Taman Negara Similajau. Iye lah dah terus berkerja perah otak elok juga amik masa untuk rehatinda dan berehlah. Orang kata tenangkan minda. Jadi aku kasi Pak Mat and makwe aku Elizabeth utk uruskan segala petsiapan.. I give them freedom utk buat apa saja aturcara.

Salah satu adalah jungle tracking. Aku dah agak dah kalu pegi, esok tu mesti kaki sengal sengal. Maklumlah lama tak exercise. Ni mau kadi join and segala muscle longgar skit. Kami berjalan menuju ke teratak view selama setengah jam. Tak adalah penat sangat tapi. ...... Esok pagi tu memang muscle aku sakit sakit. Mahu seminggu nk sembuh.

Anyway the trip was very exciting!

Stitch, Cut and Patch

This is one of my latest design. It is mot difficult. All you need to do is stitch, cut and patch to make this beautiful quilt. The difficult part is when to choose the design and colour of fabrics. Sometimes the colour already matches but the amount of fabric is insufficient. Now it is open for booking and ready to put onto the frame for batting and hand stitches.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Simple Lunch

Just finish my cooking for lunch. It is still early but to make everything ready I would have enough time to do my reading, tidy up my room etc. I just called my friends to enjoy the meal with me. Eventhough it is simple, but it is very traditional and authentic. These are my menu:
1. Fish curri
2. Fried fish
3. Fried long beans with soy sauce
4. Salad marinated with shrimp paste sauce

This is what we say finger licking good.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Rapid Fire Lemone Star

I have started and i have succeded! At first I thought it was difficult to construct the rapid fire lemone star and it might be imposdible to complete. I have seen the design and how it was done in the video by Deb Tuckervand it seemed so difficult. I should give a trial and immediately I ordered from Studio180.

The design ruler already arrived but the spirit yo get going was never happened. The mood was not coming and eventually I have to move to Bintulu for a new assignment. Oh my to develop my spirit and mood that I have lost? I might miss it forever! But my might still remain cautious to start this new design that would bring me to another level of skill.

Last weekend I went back to Rawang and I desperately walk-in to my studio and wondering which fabric to match the patterns. I picked up one by one and rearrange the colours and the back ground to ensure that combination was right. Let get going. I watched the last video in the youtube and I really triggered me deeply to remember how to make an excellent lemone star.

Yes, my first attempt was successful and i need to continue for few numbers of blocks to get a beautiful quilt.

Tongkat Ali

If you want to know what this plant is, all of you would prefer to grow it at your backyard. I forgot what is the scientific name of the plant but we call it 'Tongkat Ali'. One thing that I never realise that this plant could bear beautiful reddish waxy fruits like cherry and you can find it easily in the rain forest of Similajau Taman Negara.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Love Bird

I love the love birds because I adore the colours and it's gentle moves. I ordered a huge cage putting in front ofy garden and they look so beautiful flying from one end to the other end. At first I thought to have two pair only, and now I ending up having 6 pairs of them with varities of colours.

My zorrow musk died last week and really saddened me and I am not sure whether the one that I have is female or female. I was surprised to see these birds start changing their partner and becoming another bonding pair. No wonder they called it lovebird.

Leaving in Bintulu making my hobby quite difficult coz I rely upon my wife to take care of them. Hhhmmmm.........