Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sehari Di KLCC

Hari ni aku bawa anak anak aku mandi manda di KLCC water park. Yelah dah lama tak bawa depa datang ke sini kan. Bila datang aje aku nampak banyak dah berubah......tak terperasan pulak. Selalu juga aku turun ke KL tapi hari ni nampak lain skit. Anyway yang penting anak anak aku enjoy. Terutamanya Yusuff sebab dia tak pernah datang.
Smocking Dress : Ready to Start??

Entahlah...aku rasa semangat aku berkobar kobar untuk start my butik for children. Kadang rasa semacam semangat aku ni tak selari dengan semangat wife aku. I am ready but how about my wife's spirit? Is it when she said everything was ok just to please me?? Hmmm...nak berniaga bukan senang kalau semangat tak cukup kuat. Banyak perkara yang kena timbang. How about if there are many complaints from customers? How about if nobody going to buy the dresses.... Hhmhmhmh...if we have the negative thinking we are not going any where isnt it!


I have prepared few dresses that Im going to publish in my Facebook. I give it until end of February or end of March to launch my site. At least 20 dressess are ready to be sold. I have made that target and if it strikes well, it must be very encouraging and if not I will find another solutions and ideas.


February is coming and I am going to start my new job. Now I am thinking , ' Do I have time for that? How about to take care of my children homework and school? How about my time for ....oh god there are so many things to think of. It is not about money, but it is about my passion....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Excursion To Egypt : A Day Before Aidil Adha


A day before Aidil Adha we went to Jamibrahim ( I am not sure the speeling is right or not) to walk and strol around the market and enjoy the morning spree of the locals. It must be a very busy day since the locals were preparing for the last minute shopping. It was not as what I thought! It was not what we experinced in Malaysia. The morning was cool and calm and not many locals. Perhaps they were still enjoying their wonderful sleep and waiting for their wives to call for shopping. Let see what we were experiencing on that morning.

You can see many fruit stalls selling all types of fruit. Citrus, grapes, mangoes and other fruits that famous for its Mediteranien climate. I like grapes and pormeganade very much! Oh...I already told you how I purchase mangoes that the saiz of my head...

These boys were so happy when i took their picture with a bull that ready to be sacrificed for tomorrow. They were very coorperative and this time they failed to ask money from me.

That old man was sitting there quietly while looking at his son selling vegetables. He must be a taukey and ready to hand over his business to his chidren.

Our stomach were already kroncong and we were ready to have local chai. The breakfast was very plain in nature and there were no other alternative menu or food for you to request. The only food that we have was a local crispy bread soak into the chai. My son called it roti lantai (floor bread) just because after baked, they simply laid down all of them on the floor. Not only that' I have seen they put it on the fence wall as well. Never mind, makan ajelah kan. Because the stomach already craving.

I asked my son to buy the bread across the street for one geneh. Not that expensive though..

Ok...for few snaps and here we were... Life looked very simple and relax

Have you ever tasted pegions? As for me they were just like other birds. If you would like to prepare Pegion Tomyam , you always can get baby pegions in this market. That would remind me and other friends that we caught pegions at the mosque attic when we were student in Woolwich, London. I was the one who made that Pegion Tomyam.

If you want a free horse ride, also available. you still need to pay. Everything was not free.


The next day we prepared laksa and rendang for our breakfast and lunch for Aidil adha.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smocking Dress

One day, I posted a tread in my Facebook mentioning that I was going to involve in a new project. I got so many responses from my curious friends and colleagues. They asked me which and where will be my next oversea assignment. I did not give them a direct answer but let them guess and crack their head to find the answer. I have been thinking about my new project for the past 8 years. But nothing materialised since I was not around to help my wife or to convince her about my ambition and intention. Insyaallah let we start from something small and later we step into something bigger as a real challenge.


What is my plan? Yeah ....I like to have children boutique for girls.

It Is So Beautiful

Every morning I would spend my time for almost an hour to water and pruning my lovely plants. Eversince I returned from my oversea assignment, I started to grow new plants and make sure the old plants will have sufficient nutritions for them to grow well. I will ensure that all the plants will be fertilised fortnightly to promote growth and flowers. We need not to wait for spring for the plants to bloom because the plants will bloom through out the year. What make me feel so delighted when my Gasing flower ( As Yusuff called it and I dont really know what is the name..) starts to bloom profusely and make my pergola look so beautiful and wonderful...
My Second Attempt

Last Saturday I promised to visit my daughter at her hostel. And I did also promise her to bring my decorated cake. My wife already baked the cake on that friday night. We were planning to decorate the cake tomorrow morning coz i was busy to finish up the dress. After we had a breakfast we clear the table and I called my children to join me for cake decoration. I was thinking and told myself that the result must be ok. First I started to make butter cream and this time we discard the vegetable shortening. After adding some colors I started to make roses. I tried by using a tooth pick but my rose cannot hold and started to slide along the stick. Probably the cream was soft or I failed to understand the proper technic. Then I changed the technic by using a rose base. When the rose was ready, when I try to lift and put onto the cake, the rose tend to distort. Now i knew that the cream was too soft. Finally you know what I did? I just make the roses direct to the cake and there you see the result.I was not satisfied but I will have another attempt to improve my skill. By the way, my children and wife were happy and enjoyed to witness my cake decoration skill.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yusuff Refuses To Go To School.....

Sudah hampir dua minggu sekola buka. Dan sudah dua minggu Yusuff enggan ke sekolah. Puas aku pujuk, rasuah, puji, puja dan sebagainya tapi tak juga berhasil. Bila tanya dia akan menjawap,'Esok dia pergi la..' Bila pagi esoknya dia enggan ke sekolah. Ada ketika dia kata ok dan dah siap pakai baju nak ke sekolah. Sampai aje ke sekolah dia teruk tak nak kuar kete. Aduh.....aku dah habis ikhtiar. Finally aku dengan wife aku decided biarkan dulu buat sementara waktu and ajarlah apa yang patut kat rumah. Yusuff di lahirkan pada 3rd December. kalau ikut tahun dia dah 5 tahun tapi hakikatnya dia baru sahaja masuk 4 tahun. Sebijik perangai dia macam anak aku yang no 2 tuh. Sabar aje dulu.....
My Youngest Child

Inilah anak aku yang bongsu Hana Nur Sarah. Umur dia sekarang dah satu tahun 7 bulan. Kalau nak ajak bergambar memang suka. Lagi satu sangat pandai nengok Youtube cite Upin dan Ipin. Tiap tiap hari akan ambil hand phone aku atau wife aku suruh bukakan cite Upin dan Ipin. Bila menangis memang kuat sekli sebab Yusuff suka kacau. Yusuff suka sangat picit pipi dia. Anak perempuan ni tak lah nakal macam anak lelaki. Tertip dan lemah lembut. Insyaallah next week nak buat baju dress untuk dia pulak.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smocking Dress For Syahadah


Aduh...hari ini aku spend sepanjang hari nak menghabiskan smocking embroidery. Baju parts semua dah buat tinggal nak mencantum bila smocking dah siap. Harap harap esok boleh siapkan semua and smocking dress untuk Syahadah siap untuk di pakai. Sudah 4 hari aku dok mengerjakan baju ni. Sabitlah mahal sangat baju ni kalau nak beli.... Orang yang tak tahu cara nak buat baju ni mesti tak boleh appreciate the price of one dress either bishop dress or yoke dress. Lepas ni nak buat baju untuk Sarah pulak. Orang ingat aku dok rumah dok relek toge. Depa tak tau aku dok rumah macam macam benda aku dok buat.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

My First Cake Decoration


As I mentioned earlier, I will make a cake decoration and here is the result. Two days ago I asked my wife to help me for cake decoration. I always would like my wife to participate or standby me whenever I'm going to start my new project. Even she may not know what were all about but her present beside me make me feel honourable.


The day before, I went to the cake shop to buy cake decoration tools. First I would say it just a trial and error. I never had any experience before but my Guru is only the You Tube and myself instinct. At first the cake was so terrible and to resolve the matter I started to modify the cream. All because I dont have a very specific tools. After few thoughts and going through all the difficulties and finding the right way to spread the cream, I think I have learnt a lot and for my second attempt it will be better. Anyway I was so delighted to present my cake to my children and they were so happy to see and taste the cake. I am thinking to have another attempt tomorrow and for sure it will be much prettier than before.


Oooppss......forgot to tell you about the roses..... First, I triey bu using tooth pick but my rose keep on sliding down. I put another try but the rose did not want to stick to the stick. I was so desparado as my wife was watching me. Then I switched by using the rose base but I did not have a proper tool.... You know what was I using??? I used a tiny little glass and alhamdulillah it was ok. Even it was not that beautiful but people still can call it a rose flower.

I was so proud to view my first cake decoration ever. No more buying a birthday cake at the cake shop!!!

Dont you think it is gorgeous....

Can you comment that artificial roses with my roses???

My children were so happy and enjoy the beauty of my cake...

Friday, January 06, 2012

My New Glasses


Kalau nak ikutkan hati aku malas nak buat glasses baru. Tapi apa kan daya mata aku agak kelabu kebelakangan ini. mahu tak mahu terpaksa aku buat juga. harga jangan tanyalah....memang mahal. Aku pun terkejut dengaq harga glasses aku ni. Tak apalah niat hadiah untuk diri aku sendiri pada tahun baru ni..

This is my new frame. I was forced to buy it because my present frame was not big enough to fit the multifocal lenses. After gone through much confusion for the selection of frame to suit my handsome face, I have selected this frame...BOSS.

Wow....this frame I really like it. I will look like a professor. That is what I feel...... This is for my reading and computer activities. Now I already told myself that...' I am growing older'

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Excursion To Egypt: Makam Nabi Saleh

Inilah dia makam Nabi Salleh. Tapi Ustaz kata kesahihannya belum pasti. Ada orang kata ini kubur seorang alim dan banyak version lagi. Since kerajaan Mesir telah istiharkan yang ini adalah makam Nabi Salleh, kira betul la kot. Inilah dia Egypt, bumi para ambia yang penuh dengan sejarahnya yang unik dan tersendiri.
Cake Decoration


For the past three days I have spent my time browsing You Tube for cake decorations. There are many informations that I gathered and it would be very nice if I could try one of them. Eventhough no proper guru to guide, I still believe that I will manage to do it. Practice make perfect. Just like the way I learned how to smocking and complete a bishop dress for my little girls.
And howIi spread a very nice patchwork quilt onto my daughters' beds. Those art works I learned all by my self and obviously there were mistakes at the beginning. What I am going to do for this weekend is try to prepare and decorate a cake. I am not sure I should start with fondant/gumpaste or using butter cream icing. The only thing is that I always dependent on my wife for the finishing because my glorious mood tend to fade by the end of the session. By the way it is good for my wife to learn as well.

This a butter cream cake

This is a fondant cake


I like colours and combination of them. That make me feel so lively....

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Excursion To Egypt: Kubu Israel di Semenanjung Sinai


Semasa melawat Mesir baru baru ni kami berkesempatan menziarahi kubu Israel semasa mereka berperang dengan mesir. Kalau tak silap aku, mulanya Semenanjung Sinai telah di tawan oleh Israel pada perang yang pertama. Tahunnya aku tak berapa ingat. Kemudian pada perang yang kedua, Semenanjung Sinai telah dapat dimiliki semula oleh Negara Mesir. Peperangan ini telah berlanjutan begitu lama sekali sehingga pihak Mesir telah habis idea untuk mendapat kemenangan. Akhirnya seorang alim telah bermimpi untuk di simbahkan pancutan air pada kubu Israel. Asbab dari mimpi itu Mesir telah berjaya mendapat semula Semenanjung Sinai. Ini ustaz yang cerita. Sehingga sekarang tiada pembangunan langsung di sini sebab telah tertakluk kepada perjanjian antara Mesir dan Israel. Perjanjian ini telah di katakan berat sebelah dan memihak kepada Israel. Apa apa pun kami puas bergambar di sini.....
Flowers of My Garden


Memang seronok berkebun atau gardening. Terutamanya apabila kita telah dapat meningmati hasil kudrat dan titik pelu kita. Bayangkanlah apabila garden kita tellah berbunga dengan semaraknya dan di sirami dengan berbagai bagai haruman. Banyak idea yang masih tersimpan di dalam otak ni. Cuma nak cari masa untuk bereskan satu persatu. Untung juga dapat cuti sendiri yang panjang.

Benih Dahlia yang aku semai sudah mula bercambah. Bila anaknya sudah besar aku akan ubah ke pasu yang lain. Warnanya belum lagi pasti tapi kalau berbagai bagai warna yang ada memang bagus. Begitu juga pokok pokok cili aku telah semai. Ada cili padi dan ada capsicum. nanti bila anak dah besar aku akan ubah ke pasu yang besar dan apabila berbuah dengan warna merah kuning and hijau pastinya menarik sekali. Pokok cili ini bukan sahaja boleh di makan tetapi juga boleh di jadikan hiasan. Baru ini aku sudah mendapat pokok halia bara yang berwarna pink yang menunggu masa untuk aku ubah ke tanah. Tapi di mana tempat yang sesuai ya.....