Saturday, August 31, 2013

Walnut Layered Cake

I always tell my chilren about my childhood life to my children and my student life. It is good to reminisce the good and the bad experiences to them. One of my fond memories is having almond layered cake during my weekend grocery in UK. Shopping is tiring but interesting.

I told my wife before I left for Munich and London to bring her
Walnut Layered Cake. I was not sure whether it is around since I had left UK almost 25 years ago. I rememembered going to Mark & Spencer purposely to buy this cake. For me, the taste was nice and always filled my stomach prior to my cooking time for the weekend.

When I arrived London last week, I took opportunity to go to M&S to get the cake. I was hesitated whether the cake was still available. I went to the basement and searching for the cake and thank god it was there. I never imagined that I would have a similar cake after 25 years!

When I arrived home I showed my family about the cake. It seemed that nobody was interested with it. When I asked my wife the other night to taste a piece of it, my wife told me that no more left. It truely a delicious cake!

Raisin Beef Fried Rice

I am having a very late lunch now. This morning after breakfast at the restaurant I drove around Bintulu and leading towards town. My thought was to roam around the fish market and trying to figure out what would be the best activities for me to manage while staying in Bintulu for one an a half years. I was here 14 years ago but Bintulu has been turned into a magnificient changes. Now you can enjoy many local restaurants with varieties of delicious menu.

One of it that I discovered was raisin beef fried rice. This is my second time I ate at similar restaurant. The taste is great and different with little sweetness erupted from raisins and the beef that was cut into cubes. I think I can improve the version better by replacing a cgicken and with a little smack of chilli padi. That must be awesome!

My Three Little Kittens

Aduka, Adinda and Teruna already grown up and now they are already 9 weeks. Sometimes it is not easy to identify them because of their similar color of blue. But I think now you can differentiate which is which because of different sizes and the color appears differently. My children asked me what I am going to do with them? My reply was, ' I am going to sell all of them'. I just started with my breeding program of pure pedigree persian and insyaallh everything would be fine. I hope to expect the first new born would be by nextvyear...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

With Yuna

I was hearing somebody was talking. I was not sure whether they were speaking English or Malay. I saw an english man at the table with a lady with a huge turban like. I thought she was from Africa. I continued my eating and browsing the face book until that lady walking across my table. Sponteneously I said, 'Hai Yuna, how are you?' And finally we start taking to each other and taking photos. I was Yuna who asked me to take a photo together....

Monday, August 26, 2013

It May Just A Dream

I took this photo this morning at Munich Airport. It must be a dream car for everybody. As I said, it may just be a dream. In Munich, you can see moat of the expensive cars on the road. BMW and mercedez are widely as a taxi. But for us those cars are untouchable by ordinary people unless he is a wealthy man or related to dot dot dot and being as a datuk syok sendiri.

The tax is too much. As of now none haa been seen that the car tax is going to reduce. Let me reserve my comment for now!

Jamuan Hari Raya

This was the first jamuan hari raya after coming back to KL. You know what? This is a special jamuan hari raya in Munich host by our Boss, YB.

We depart from Hosbunof at 1.30 pm. To be honest I can never spell and pronouce the German language correctly. Everything in the state of confusing! The weather was not good with drizzling almost the whole day. We thought that we could wandering along the lake and enjoy the sunshine.

I have seen few paintung from Firdaus and they are remarkable and still have rooms for improvement. Now I am already at the airport and ready to wish sayonara to Munchen....

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I love the lighting effect. It glitters like stars in the sky and would reflect a romantic reflection. I use to take photos that someting looks extraordinary during my travelling so that whoever is readong my blog they would get at least a little bit of information.

This candelier is not cheap. Eventhough it is cheap, I dont think that I would prefer to have one. I am not a type of person who is diligent enough to clean the sticking spider webs sticking to the crystals. But if someone would like to offer me for free, I dont think that I would turn my back on him....hehehe

The Cafetaria

I was assigned here for a week. There were few things to be statergised and understood because I press a full gear at site, Bintulu. What had impressed me was about the company cafetaria. The building looked very modern, futuristic and alegant. The color combination of black and white blended each other very well and define the concept of modern living.

The ceiling was put at a very high elevation to make it look very spacious and luxury. Each individual wall for intwrior and exterior were aligned at angular that look like a terrain of a padi field cascading down from the hill to the toe.

It just gorgeous and magnificent!

My Sweet Charly

Charly arrived in Malaysia on the 14th August. I thougt everything was fine when me made a clearance at the animal hostel. I went to the adjacent room to check Charly to ensure that he was fine. I removed him from the carrier and inspected him whether he is ok. He responded to us bravely and Ubai and myself took turn to share a photo with Charly.

We took all the documents and proceeded to the forwRding agent. It was already dark and late to settle all the paperworks. Tomorrow I will fly to Bintulu for my new assignment and time was not with me. I have not pack my belonging and the whole day driving around KL to settle many thing really drove me crazy and exhausted.

I was panic when I found out that the vetenary cert was not there and this would be a prolonged issue. Ubai came down to me and mentioned that the page 9 in the vet passport was not quite acceptable and requested us to deal with the quarrantine devision.

We went home with the praying that everything would be ok. I told my son what to do while I am going to leave for Munich, Germany. When the time arrived, on the 21st August, I got the message from Ubai that Charly cannot be released. Oh my god! That what I have been expected. I message Dr Rahim for help and was instructed to call him on the next morning. Everything Ubai is managing. I need to contact Anja again. It seemed that everything was not easy as I thought.

Today Anja managed to pass me the certificate but I really doubt that it would be accepted. However I just pray so that everything would be ok. Oh my poor Charly, please pray for me will you.....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Special Working Gudget

I better buy one! I saw this shop while I was walking at Munich city centre. It would be useful for me as being a handyman.....hahahaha. The price is ok but the most importantly they are not easily available in local. Yes...this is in my bucket list

Sweet Little Girl

I met this sweet little girl while I was riding on the train yesterday. She was smiling at me and staying closely to her mother. It reminds me of Sarah that I missed. The potatoe pie in her hand looked so delicious where she enjoyed every bite of it. Her mother looked slander and continue talking to me and informed me that she is going to have another baby. Life is so wonderful. That i love to stay.....

Cookooo Clock

Have you ever heard a cookkooo clock chiming when it strikes 12? would remind us the suspence of the ghost or vampire stories. I like to have this clock too and I would surprise Sarah and Yusuff a lot.

Yesterday I went to a souvenir shop and having fun enjoying the chiming of the clock. There are many designs that would attract you to have one and you can choose either to have manual or auto. When I checked on the price...masyaallah....mahalnya mak datuk...... Anyway this one of the trademark about Germany. Just like their decorated glass beer....

I am still enjoying my walkabout after office hours in the city of Munich.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

London To Munich

Heathrow airport is bigger now. I need to move to terminal 5 from the arrival hall. Just follow the direction of the sign board, it will lead you to the transfer passengers bus. The drive was a lady and direct us to board and ready to go. It was quite a distant driving. Maybe about 10 minutes. When we arrive at the gate, same thing just follow the direction, take an escalator, passing the security, here you are at the departure hall.

What should I do with 2.5 hours waiting time? M6 stomach were already full and roaming around the shops must be a good ideas with many offers on the racks. My first intention I needed an internate browsing. I click at the internate signal and 45 minutes free browsing was available. First I need to send a message to my wife. Second I need to check my emails.

I had the opportunity to compare the prices of goods when I was here 25 years ago or at least something compatible to Malaysia. However, the prices are no more the same!!

Flying To London

I have not been in a long journey flight for sometimes. Especially to Europe. The last trip was in 1998 when I did PDH project where I was station at Miltom Keynes for 2 weeks. Since then there was no opportunity. I always keep my intention to be back to UK to meeting my old classmates and the least to send my son to study.

When I joined a new project, I was istructed by YB to go to Munich and took a direct flight via Heatrow. Not a direct flight actually but connecting flight via London. It was amazing to fly with A380 a double decker cabin with full of 500 passengers. It was a nice and smooth flight staying at the business class enjoying good food and entertainment. The 12 hours flight was an easy riding with MAS hospitality.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My New Serama

I got this pair of serama from Dr Rahim for rm200. They are so cure and gentle. Thanks Doc forvthe offer.

My Last Day

I have resigned. I know it was not easy to deal with.  However life have to go on....that was the easy way out. If I could remember, I have been into this building since January 2013 and then I got to leave. And my new assignment would give me a better challenge and opportunity. Bye everybody.....

Hari Raya In Bintulu

I started my new job in Bintulu again after leaving for the past 15 years. I never thought I would return again. Why do I need to come back? Everything has changed when a beutiful offer landed on my table. Yeah.....we plan but the plan of Allah is the best!

My friend Fozi has been leaving here for the past 33 years. I knowcthat he had not lost his touch for being absolute Kedahan. When I told him that I would return to Bintulu, he was quite astonished. Well.....he was trying to find me for sometimes and finally he got the infos about my where about from my father in law.

I been here for two days. Tomorrow I am flying to Munich. Last night he brought me for raya to his friends' house. As I expected, all the houses serving kek lapis Sarawak, a special delicacy to the local residents. They were decorated in layers with vivid multiple colors. I just enjoy them!

Cute Dress For My Daughter

Hari Raya is over. But the spirit of Hari Raya is still alive. It would end for a month. Preparing clothes, biscuits and home decoration is so enjoying and challenging. Can you imagine I got to prepare for my children especially the little one.

I was very busy during the weekends in the month of Ramadhan. There were always unplanned matter that I have to entertain. Until I took a long leaves then only I can settle the dresses for my girls. Sometimes I would rather buy from the kid's boutique but the challenge to prepare the dresses on my own were always there. Furthermore I already got the patterns and fashion.

It took me 3 whole days to prepare these dresses for my girls. I called it Cinderella dress. People always cannot imagine how I could prepare this beautiful dresses in a very quick and handsome way. I tolg them ' Dimana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan', i.e. If you want it, there always be a way to achieve it.

When Hari Raya arrived, my wife put on this beautiful dress to them and it was so sweet and gorgeous....

My Three Little Kittens

Almost one and a half months I have not blogging. First, the blog android always pass me a problem when I want to posting. Always the message came out with errors. I was fed up after numerous attemp, still replies with the same answer. Today I try to activate my blog by writing about my little kittens. Hopefully It would not cause anymore trouble.

My kittens almost achieving 2 months of age. They are growing well. Once the have vaccinated, I would release them for adoption. Because the are almost having similar blue color, I always confused by the name given. But now it is easy to recognise them. I named them Benji, Benny and Benjo. My wife says that they are weird name? Never mind coz those are temporary names. Let they have their permanent name with a new owner.