Monday, December 31, 2012

Nasi Padang

I love nasi padang very much and the way they serve you is magnificent. They would put all the dishes full the table and you would be astonished and wondered how could you finish all of them. And the next question is, am I going to pay for everything? How could I finish them? But once you have experienced the way nasi padang was presented, all the panic would be wash away. You only pay the one that you eat otherwise no need to pay. Just enjoy your meal. Yummy....yummy. is delicious.

We had our nasi padang for the third time at the R&R highway from Bandung to Jakarta. As usual my children didnt eat much and end up I need to finish their dishes. Orang kata tak makan membazir. Lastly aku jadi DBKL.....this is how I put on my weight! After I have finished my meal then only I saw cow brain or otak sapi hidden at the back. Memang tak ada rezeki....

Checked Out

We are ready to move on after 3 days in Bandung. We are visiting the mountain area to enjoy the beautiful scenery of volcanic panorama of Bandung. Then we will depart for Jakarta for another two night. Duit pun dah menyusut..hihihi.

Our number of bag has increase and I think that is it. What should we do in Jakarta? Only God knows. We have not have any definite and particular program yet

Nasi Padang

If you really want to try Indonesian food, it is nasi padang. I love nasi padang very much. Especially the gravy and the green chilly sambal. I have try nasi ayam penyet and it quite tasteless and dry. Rightly to speak that I dislike.

While waiting for a taxi we decided to have nasi padang at the restaurant just across the road. We we late for lunch and the menu was not very much. Shamim said she was not hungry. So I just order tempe goreng for here. I did not really know since when she like a tempe.

Rumah Mode

We went to Rumah Mode after our zohor prayer. I didnt have anything in mind what are things that I wanted to buy. The only thing that I want to buy are jeans for Adah and Ikhlas. Since it was weekend there were many vehicles on the road and every where is slow. Bandung is famous with its factory outlet, and I would like to investigate what they actually had

Pak Riki was our taxi driver. Once we arrived at the entrance, it was already jam cause people were looking for parking space. And the food court was large enough but spilled the people out of the area. I hate crowd very much and it ready pissed me with the surrounding.

We immediately went into the mall and the mall was packed with people. Its a weekend and the people from nearby city especially Jakarta came over to Bandung for shopping. We went to the children's boutique to find jeans for Adah and Ikhlas. Everything was in a rush. Errgghhh...... Shamim was already getting bored. After payment was made we went out to visit Paris Van Java.

The trafic outside was bad and very difficult to get a taxi. The government should improve public transport for locals and tourist. The taxi fare always main bedal aje with so many reasons. I think I have spent plenty of money for taxi. The public transport seemed horror and I dare not ride on them.

We managed to take few photos outside in a rush as well because hardly you can snap at the right spot because of the crowd. In Bandung everywhere jam until night......

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Second Trip To Pasar Baru

After I displayed the fabric that I bought from Pasar Baru in my Facebook, I got replies from my sister asking me to buy them fabrics for jubah and baju kedah. Since not to let go their hopes, after I finished my breakfast, I pack my handbag and went down to find a taxi. I asked my kids to stay put in the hotel while waiting for me to return. Shamim was there to take care of them. Anyway they already reluctant to follow me to Pasar Baru again because nothing of their interest.

I went to the same shop to buy 2 4m of fabrics for my sister and 2 pair to make baju Kedah for my mother. I was tempted to buy chiffon fabric from Italy for my wife and daughters for their coming hari raya next year. I thought that I qas ready to go back to the hotel. Worry about my children in the hotel. As I passed by rows of fabric shop I saw Sona Fabric that sells everything cotton. I was moving in for a while (that was initially that I thought) instead I stuck in the shops for more then an hour buying more fabrics. Those fabrics are just too gorgeous for me to miss and the splendid quality that worth the money. The price was so cheap

The owner told me that the tax imposed by the government was very small and they were considered as a small business industry. I bought plenty of fabrics for my wife and daughters and for my patchwork quilt project........hahaha. Just get ready to pay my credit card next month

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Shoppe

I found a unique phpto shop at Chiwalk. We taught to have few studio snap shots but we were told to wait for a week for them to edit and to make it ready. We saw everything was nice and the creativity was excelent. Just wonder whether we have somwthing like this somewhere in. ........

Mr Bean Tshirt

I love to see Mr Beab Tshirt that I could not find anywhere even in the UK accept in Bandung. mst think that I might be kidding but you can have beautiful and colourful Mr Bean Tshirt. The quality is good and it is cheap. I bought few og them to my children. They are just creative and hard working. You could also find many other design that would interest you.

What Can You See Behind The Scene?

I have asked people who have travelled to Bandung what did they experience and what did they get? Some said that nothing much. Infact some said they really enjoyed it. It depends who you would like to see what actually happened behind the scene.

I was quite suspicious of what I would value about Bandung since I have not been here. But for sure I noticed that few people very passionate to Bandung. No wonder you can easily find Malaysians anywhere in the street of Bandung. In order for you to feel Bandung, you have to dive into their culture. Then you can claim how lovely Bandung is. First you got to try about their food.

When we had a lunch my kids complaint about the food. I have to explain to them this was about Bandung and Indonesia. You cannot compare anything near Malaysia. You must feel the environment and the scent of Bandung. You need to love them.

Just to tell you I just had my lunch with Nasi Bebek Cabe Ijo. Finally I just realised it was Nasi Bebek Cabai Hijau. That was the feel of Bandung.....

Sky Chiwalk

We took a short stroll to the Sky Chiwalk. It was about 400mtrs from our hotel. Our brisk walk have to be careful since there were plenty of vehicles passing by especially the motorcycles. I got to remind ans control my kids not to overstep into the pavement. I really give extra attention to them.

Chiwalk is very unique and you feel the pleasant of its surrounding and landscape. Plenty of restaurants that offer varieties of food. You just name it what you prefer to eat, but the price was not cheap compared to the stalls outside. I would like to stay even longer but my kids demanded to go back to the hotel because they wanted to enjoy a small swimming pool. Hhmmm......when you bring kids along, you have to understand their demands and desires....

Pasar Baru Bandung

Our first destination was Pasar Baru, a place to find fabrics, telekung, kain sarung,  batik and many more. It is a good place for older people and not for kids. The kids would get easily bored and you can detect the way their faces started to distort. Haaaaahhhhaaaaaa..... No wonder Malasians are crazy about this place and the sellers already knew what are the Malaysians searching for..

We reached earlier to avoid conjested crowd at all levels. We went to the fabric level and found out that the prices was so cheap and the design of many choices. I hardly found similar quality, design and prices in KL. Come to think of it, I would have come here long ago. I bought few cotton fabric for my quilting project and for my wife and daughters baju kurung. It just going crazy!

There are many laces fabrics suitable for wedding dresses and gowns with flowing beads of many colours. I will come again and buy when my daughters are going to get marry. We selected few telekungs for my wife, mother and in-law and not to forget for my daughters. Telekong for kid was not that good. It was haharzardly design and poor Adah have no choice.

Our bags already fulled with our shopping and it was time to go back to the hotel for unpack and rest while waiting for zohor.

We Have Arrived

The journey across the sky took us about two hours. We were served with simple diner i.e the vegetable pie. I thought we would have nasi lemak or briani. Hehehe..... Even we were sitting at the economy class but the legs room was so spacious. I was so happy looking at my children entertaining themselves with the games and movies. This journey is for them actually. Let them feel how to be at a foreign country.

We reached the airport about 7.00 pm and it was already dark. I was initially thought of to take a bus direct to bandung. By looking at our bags and my 3 naughty kids and the hassle to get a taxi to the hotel, I better consider another option. We were approached by a person and offered a charted vehicle. This was a better option and we could go straight to the hotel.

I was told by my friend that to drive to Bandung from Jakarta only for 2 hours. Unfortunately it was not true. The highway was ful of vehicles and we were snailing right in the motorway. My children already slept at the back. can not sleep! After for nearly 4 hours drive, we reached the hotel safely.

Today we are ready to roll and Bandung here we come!

Friday, December 28, 2012

We Are Ready To Fly

My holiday just started today with my three little cute children. We have planned a month ago to go to Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. For Ikhlas and Adah, this is their first time to board the plane and they are so exited.

Umi just dropped us at KLIA and we are having our late lunch right now. I am not keen to have my lunch coz my stomach does not show a good sign. Hhhhmmmm...... Ok I will keep on updating my travel and tour in Indonesia. Please stay tune....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sheila And Sheina

Sheila and Sheina are our new persian cats at home. We had Yoko and Kenzo but they were disappeared without trace. It was Yoko who was missing first and left kenzo alone and trying to find his soul mate. Finally be brought Sheila and Sheina home and unfortunately Kenzo was also missing. Perhaps somebody had taken them away.

I Need A Rotary Cutter

It is all about passion that drives and motivates you to do something. That is what happen to me for the past few weeks engaging myself doing patchwork quilt for my children. I will ensure that each one of them will have their own quilt that would be spread over their beds.

Now I am finishing the quilt for Ubai. Everything is stitched by hand and takes a lot of time to complete one quilt. Yesterday I have finished patching the blocks of squares and hopefully today my wife will preapare the padding and ready for hand stitch. It was a tiring effort but the product must be overwhelmed when everything is ready.

When you are doing quilting, to cut and stitch to an accurate measurement is very important. If not the size of the blocks cannot be matched and you have to adjust here and there and might distorted the shape. Do you know why it is happening? Firstly it is the tools that you are using. We always taught that using scissors is ok to cut fabric. But to cut fabric for making quilt might not to be suitable. The fabric may not be straight and twist a bit and end up the straight line might not be achieved. The final result would be dissatisfactory. However, we could get the precise dimensions but we need to pin here and there on the fabric.

In order to have a precise measurement, I need to use a rotary cutter. You can get it here but it is quite expensive. I have made an order in the internet for a rotary cutter, blades and sharpener to make my quilt activity much easier,better and faster. Hopefully I will receive all of them in 10 days time and I am ready to roll!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Patch Them Together

Yesterday I had all day meeting. The same explanation we have to give over and over again. It might as well we video taped and leave them to listen in the room or just send to their offices. But that would be incorrect and unprofessional. I was consistently looking at my watch and hopefully everything would complete by 4.00pm. Yes my timing was perfect!

I rushed for LRT Masjid Jamek. The crowd was increasing during the peak hours and I need to walk fast to KAMDAR at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. I was going to buy few meters of fabric for my next quilt projects. First I went to NAGOYA but the selection of cotton fabrics were quite limited and there were few attracted me temporarily. Then I went to KAMDAR hoping to have better selection.

Yeah plenty of quality cotton fabric to choose and it was mad to decide which design and colors suit to match each other. My brain was spinning to decide which design and colours suitable for the design. Everything was in my head and made my full imagination to work. It was not that simple as ABC.

Finally I have made my random selections and I knew that I have made the right choice. I showed my wife of all the fabric and she really loved them

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Patience And Endurance

I would say that my wife possesses  greater patience and endurance than mine. However she can not follow the speed of my thinking for being creative. I need to tell you this? There few more positive points about her and there are few negative points about me. Am I being a little bit fair now? Hhhhhmmmm.....

I returned home yesterday little bit late. The meeting was dragging until 6.00pm. Why need to conduct a meeting at the late hour? I started early and would expect to go home early. I have my time for home to relax and play around with my children. Now I wanted to claim that I am a very fatherly person. It is ok?

When I greeted with salam and I entered the house, my wife told me that the butterfly quilt was already completed. Wow...that must be great. Her patience and endurance to stitch bit by bit and day by day was paid off. I really appreciate that. I took the quilt and spead over my grandfather's chair and snapped a photo. It was beutiful and awesome.

I thanked my wife for her hard working and sincerely willing to complete my design. It just a simple design....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Caged and Aviary Birds

My second trip to The Big Bad Wolf Sale was really worthwhile. I have been thinking to buy this book in near time and I found it! I could not find it during my first visit last two weekend. This book gives you all the informations that you need of how to breed and take care of birds for business or as a pet.

Lately I was thinking to have a bird cage in my garden. What I need to do is remove all the heliconia shoots, level the earth and install the cage behind the brickwall. There is no other suitable place to set up the cage since my garden already compact with plant pots and my water lily pool. I told my wife about my new and crazy ideas but she never gave a negative note. I knew deep in her heart she worried about how to take care of additional ' babies' apart from her hectic schedule.

That was not my immediate plan but still under strong consideration. I had my old cage that I stored in my other house but that need to refurbish. It got rusty here and there. Anyway let me learn all the technics and the nature and character of the bird first before I embark into this new hobby.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Star Education Fair

I brought my daughter to Star Education Fair at KL Convention Centre yesterday. While I was driving my car, I asked her what she wanted to do after her SPM? She was thinking to take up dentistry or pharmacy. Ok that was fine for me but I always would prefer her to be an English teacher. Oh my I remember Adibah Noor. Its funny isnt it! Nowaday nobody would like to be a teacher and becoming a teacher is the last choice.

We wandered and squeezed ourselves among the crowd and there were many booths promoting their universities and colleges, local and international. There were so many new colleges and I myself confused with different names and locations. It mushroomed every where. They really exploit the opportunity to run a business.

Now let we see and ask and what daddy can do. We went to few private local universities and colleges asking about the course especially dentistry and medicine. The requiments were not stringent as the public universities. But the tuition fee was many fold compared to the public universities. In fact they are much more expensive if I were to sent to middle east, India or Indonesia. I have not decided anything yet and let see the SPM result first. Then we will take off from there.

Let see what daddy can do and what remain the pocket.....huhuhu

Patchwork Quilt For Ubai

Yesterday was very hectic for me. I call it Sunday Biz... As usual I have to send Adah and Mim for their piano class.The class starts at 9.00 and finish at 10.00 for half an hour each. Ikhlas painting class starts at 11.00 and finish at 1.00. In order not to ferry them twice to their classes I would rather take three of them together and wait from 9.00 to 1.00 pm. It means that I have to wait for 4 hours! What should I do then? Staying in the car and listening to the radio? Or lepaking somewhere and having shopping here and there...... No...I would rather stay in a coffee shop and let my reading starts.

I arrived home about 1.30 pm. The cars and other vehicles on the were not many and the weather was no good. It rains almost everyday. I have been thinking of making a patchwork quilt for sometime. And if I dont get it started, I would end up sleeping all day long. Hahahaha.....such a lazy man. I had already planned to start my quilt today and asked my wife to prepare my materials and equipment. I was thinking to have a simple design just to finish my fabric remnants from going to waste.

I took half day to complete 24 blocks of patches for Ubai's bed. I could have finished with the white fabric blocks but I was already drained. I can feel the ache on my back. I better stop now and wait for tomorrow to complete the joins. It would be a memorable present from me to Ubai.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It Finally Blooms

I could not recognise what is the name but I envy aquatic plants especially water lilies. I still remember the moment I purchased this plant at Sungai Buluh plant nursery for rm40. It was years back. The plant was germinated in a large polyplastic pot and I transfered it in a round terracotta pot. It was a big, round and specially made fot aquatic plants.

It bloomed for a while and start to vanish until today. Water lily requires full sun lights and spacious area. From time to time you need to trim the leaves to make it grow bigger and hardy. Most of the time you need to try an errors to make it perfect. Anyway it really contributes to your experience and understanding.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maroon Waterlily is Blooming

I have planted 3 types of waterlilies in my pond i.e maroon, pink and purple. Since the pond is small they are fighting each other to grow and make up the space. At first the pink waterlily succeeded and started to bloom and produce bid leaves. The other two were hardly grew and retarded for sometime.

I was wondering what should I do to ensure that all my waterlilies blooming at the same time with sparkle of colours. I thought of inserting the pilled fertiliser inside the pot but it might poisoned my fish the I bred for years.

Finally I got an idea. I trimmed all the leaves and let everybody enjoy the sun light at the same rate, and let the grow with consistent rate. Finally I saw my maroon waterlily growing at tremendously and the leaves have expanded the size. idea was fruitful.

Yesterday when I reached home from office, I went to the pond and I saw my maroon waterlily was about to bloom. I think it was actually bloomed in the morning because this waterlily doesnt last its bloom very long. I can guess it by looking to the size of the bud.

I have been waiting for more than a year...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Travelling Plan

I really need a break. I have been working on this project for a long time and hopefully I will achive the desired milestone this week. Now I want to break free for awhile and enjoy the advanterous of this beautiful globe.

Now I have planned my trip to Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. The flight was already booked on the 28th Dec via KLM flight. Hotel already booked in Bandung and Jakarta. Once arrived in Sokarno Hatta Airport, I would take the coach straight to Bandung and stay there for 3 nights. On the 31st December we will return to Jakarta and stay at Maangga Dua for 2 days before depart to Kuala Lumpur with KLM flight.

This time around I will take along Adah, Ikhlas and Shamim with me and hopefully they will enjoy the trip. I have asked Kiz to join us and she refused to go of whatever reasons only God knows. There is nothing in the list yet what we would do but obviously

Monday, December 10, 2012


If I have a license, I would also want to have a superbike if only I am still young and energetic. But looking at my age now I dont think it is appropriate to have one. I would prefer to drive a car to KL because it is safer and cool. Didnt I say it right????

I used to talked with Ubai alot about life and experiences. He would listen attentively and would comment about is ideas and thoughts. Perhaps, being the eldest in the family making him improving his maturity. Yeah I shoud not compare with his other siblings. Anyway they dont share similar characters but have their own unique one.

Ubai told me he would like to have a superbike once he started working with a permanent job. I would argue with him of the reasons and instead to have a car and start a family. He would say that I was back on my conservative society. Hhhhmmm.......I would explain to him what is the purpose of life.

Anyway it is up to you but that must come from your own pocket money. The credits are almost full in my pocket and I need to squeeze hard to save the butget. By the way, I bought you a book about superbike at the book sale. How you will like it and give you a simple idea about superbike....

Big Bad Wolf Sale

I always waiting for the sale event. I have been once but the torture that I went through made me think twice whether to go for the event. People were packed in the small hall without much space to walk between the aisle. I felt like suffocated to squeeze my body amongst the book seeker. My heart was telling me just leave this horrible place. When I finished and ready to pay at the counter, the que was zigzag long like a snake and just couldnt find a tale. I was really paranoid with the condition and asked my son Hadi to que for the payment and I waited outside.

That was before. A year ago. I went again with Hadi last Saturday. We departed from home around seven and by the time we arrived tha Mines, hoping that not many people were around. But there were quite a number of them and lets see whether we have to invoke our plan B. There were millions of books around and nicely arranged so the we felt comfortable to roam around.

We were there for almost an hour. I bought few fiction, travels and craft books that worth to buy for rm8 to rm15 each. The are was big and if I were to go through every corner one by one, I could have spent more than a day. I knew Hadi was bored to follow and carry the books and asked him to wait for me near the counters. Altogether I have spent about rm300 for more than 30 books. For sure I would not know when to read them.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pastry, Tart and Pie

Have you ever watched the TV program ' Baking with Anna Olson'? This is one of my favourite channel in Asia Food Channel. I try not to miss her program whenever I was at home. She taught you various recipes and cooking techniques that related to baking of cakes, pastries and many others. I would recommend all of you who are interested in cooking to follow her program. You would appreciate and love it!

I bought a book, Pastry Cook yesterday at Ampang Park which cost me for rm22. I is a nice book and illustrates various method of how to make different type of pastries and few recipes for us to try. Thats is how I am going to fill my weekends by cooking tarts and pies for my kids and family.

When I returned home yesterday, I called Kiz and informed her that this cooking book is a special present for you. Then she showed me her big round brown eyes. I knew what she meant!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Might Be The Last One

I collected my last order from auntie Ester last Friday. I took my own collection and pair it with the one that auntie Ester have and made them a beautiful pair. These might be my last order since I already have plenty of lampshades now.

Since the body of the vase is collasal and round I decided to have an oval shape of shade. I was advised by auntie Ester who is a lampshade specialist. I really appreciate her service and they are very much pretty.

Happy Birthday

We celebrated Yusuff's 5th birthday last night with a simple party. He is growing up to be a big boy now. He dressed himself with baju melayu and after finishing his maghrib prayer with Ikhlas, we all gathered to enjoy the food.

I told my wife that I was going to buy a cake at TESCO and just prepared a simple food. My wife thought of celebrating it in the coming weekend so that she will have time to prepare the cake and other delicous food for the party. This coming weekend we have many thing to manage actually.

Yusuff was so happy and ready to be a big brother for Sarah.