Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sheila Delivers 5 Cute Babies

I was worried about Sheila. She supposed to deliver her babies anytime. I used to call my wife to pay attention to her behaviour. She would feel unease and meowing intensely once the right time is coming for her to deliver. This was her second time to deliver. The first delivery ended up with casualties. All her three babies died. Two died  in her womb and the other she ate it.
The weather was not good presently. Haze covering the entire Klang Valley and most of the activities wasslowing down. It went along with my mood.....then to be little bit moody...hahahaha. As usual if there is not much work to do in the office, I would drive home early and sharp at 4.30 am. It took me about 1 hour to reach home. If the traffic was bad it might take more than that.
As I arrived home my wife approach me and lead me downstairs to Sheila. Automatically I knew that Sheila alteady delivered babies. And I heard Sheila was meowing consistently in the toilet. When I opened the door I was suprise to see Sheil's babies. It was fantastic! All four of them are blue colour. Unfortunately one has died. Sheila ate it? I just wonder why she ate her baby. This was a second time she did it again.
After my asar prayer, I attended Sheila and seemed that she did not know how to breast feed the babies. I brought Sheila into the box and let the to lie down. She was feeling uncomfortable and trying to leave. I cares her and massage slowly her body trying to calm her down. Immediately, all the babies crawling towards her to find her nipples. I knew they were so hungry. Sheila looked very exhausted.
Now everything is ok and Sheila is taking care of her babies very well. We have not given the name yet but let we see the progress in these few days first. I totally confused to determine the sex of the babies.........How happy I am to have these babies!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Birthday 15th June 1965

Time flies so fast that you never realise that you are almost half of century. I could still remember my childhood time where I used to catch fish with my brother in the stream. Both of us will climb the trees to find baby birds and bring them home, put in a small cage and feed them with rice. I was very lucky because mom never scolded us but corporative enough to take care of the birds. When I was small, I have a little bird 'Burung Gembala Kerbau', if translated it means the Shepherd Buffalo. I was playing with it and suddenly it flew and landed into a boiling curry. Everybody was panic and the bird died. There are many sweet memories about my life and if I were to narrate it, it would be my entire biography......hehehe.
Now is different! I have my own family and kids to take care and huge responsibilities are shouldered upon me. I am feeling older day by day and it is hard to catch the time. Last wednesday was my 48th birthday. We didnt really have a grand celebration but a mere simple, delicious red velvet cake and nasi briani. Special compliment to my wife for making this wonderful effort.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Growing Avocado

I know that avocado provides many benefit to human body. But I rarely eat avocado because we never grow avocado and it is not easy to find. You can only find in a hypermarket but the price is quite astonish. I have found the cheapest one at Giant hypermarket i.e 1.99 per piece. And the most expensive is at KLCC in the Coldstorage and Isetan. The price is rm5.99 perpiece from Australia. The taste is not that good compares to mango or apple. It is almost tasteless. Anyway, looking at it, I always have a thought that we can grow avocado here.

When I was in Bandung, I saw plenty of avocado fruits along the roaf leading to Tangkuban Perahu. They have different sizes as long as a cucumber, round like an apple and ellipse like a pear. I stopped by and ordered 3 kilos of them to take home. My first intention was to collect the seeds and grow them at home. I gave them to my wife and she sowed few seed to let it grow. It is so simple. Just pushed the seed into the soil. Thats it!

When I googled how to grow avocado, then I realised that I was wrong. I thought nothing will grow perfectly. Then I bought avocados from Giant hoping that I would grow them rightly. I soaked the bottom of the seed into the water hoping the root will emerge slowly. Until total the root not yet appear!

Finally I ordered three plants from my frend but by the time they arrived home, the leaves already dried, crispy and almost dead. Finally my wife told me that only one avocado managed to survive that she sowed few months ago.. Yes my experiment is going to be succeeded soon!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Home, My Garden

I just realised that my interest and hobby come and go like four seasons. Do you know why? You can browse my previous write up and you would realise that I have written about my hobby in certain period of time. Would it matter to me? No.....its ok since I keep myself busy negotiating my wonderful life.

I was once crazy about plumerias. Hhhmmmm.....I am still crazy but looking at my limited space of my garden and the plant has grown bigger, my interest has already subsided. I was an addict collector of heliconia years ago. I have spent a lot of money buying the varieties of heliconia from a nursery. It end up with a similar faith when the space of my garden undergone massive renovation. Some I passed to my friends and some I managed to grow along my house boundery.

Similarly what happen to my waterlilies Luckily I have made a permanent pond and they grow nicely in the water with beautiful flowers. Now I am planning to grow roses and let it climb over the wall. It would be a nice terrace with colourful buds....... Hopefully I never give up!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Group of Plumerias

Can you see my group of plumerias in front of my house? They are about 10 varieties of wondeful colours and they were so frangrant. This is the only land available for my plumerias. People used to say,"Sekangkang kera". Never mind...... Since no more land to squeeze any new plumerias, i have no addiction to it anymore. Lets we get new plants to be crazy....

Makan Kenduri

Weekend always be a very busy moment. Time just simply goes as it wishes. My mom was at home. She came to my house with my sister on Friday. I must give her full attention so as to keep her entertained. If not, she could easily getting bored and started to think about her home. We talked a lot and I could feel she has so many things to tell me.

I wanted to go to IKEA and asked Hadi to accompany me. I was a bit late to prepare myseft with early shower. Ohh....Leo and Lea were waiting for the bottle feeding and needed my early attention. They were too small to manage themselves for everything. It might be easier for me to handle them in 3 weeks time. By that time they would be nearly 2 months. I tried not to disturb my wife to mingle with them coz she has many more house keeping to be managed. I was late and feeling guilty to IKEA while my neighbour was having the wedding feast. Finally we cancelled our plan to IKEA.

I saw people started to come for the feast and the food was ready. It was 11.30 am and all the food was laid on the table. I saw beef curry, masak lemak nangka, kerabu pucuk ubi kayu, rojak buah and many more. I would expect about 800 people were invited for the feast. Wow...let get started. I liked the beef curry and bubur kacang with durian and I admitted that I ate a lot!

By 2.00 pm people started their karaoke which I think quite disturbing with lagu lagu ke laut. So what to do? This is kenduri ma....they thought they can do anything for a day....

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Our New Family Member

My house going to be hectic next month. With my 9 children around running up and down stairs chasing each other would make my routine more kelam kabut hassle. It does not really mind and not really matter to me. As far as I am concern if something or somebody is willing to make me happy and jovial, I am for that. Life is so beautiful!

We are preparing for our new family member coming from Russia and Mordova. From Russia her name is Thumbelina and from Moldova his name is Oscar. They are from different country but they will be solemnised in Malaysia i.e my house.....hahaha. Dont you think it is wondetful?

All the correspondances and paperworks are in placed and jush waiting to be shipped after all the minor issues have been settle. People would wonder why I want to breed the cats? There are so many answers I could reply but my only answer is I like cats. I afore cats! The only thing that would happen to me is to manage and rearrange my daily and weekend program. With Leo and Lea still dependent for bottle feeding, it would demand additional attention from me.

This is is about how to make you a happier person.

Monday, June 03, 2013

My New Exotic Pet

Of course it is not a tiger cub. This is the cub of Asian Leopard Cat. I never knew that this cat exist in the wild until I saw in the facebook, Pasar Kucing Malaysia. For the first time I saw a picture I knew this must be a beautiful animal. The dotted, strips and and spots were amazing. It is really like a mini tiger.

Before I decided to rear the cubs, I went to the Youtube and search for this cat. I acknowledged that there were many people keep it as a passionated pet. It took me a while to understand the behaviour and character of this cat before I made a decision to own this pet.

The hardest part was to convince my wife. I knew that she has to take part in sharing this pet. I might burden her with additional activities...... could I do this? Finally, I made a call to the owner and forwarded him so many questions about caring this unique cat. Since the babies were separated from the morther at the very early age, bottle feeding might be tedious. Can I manage this hassle activity? After receiving the explanation from the owner, I was quite convince that everything would be ok. My wife started to feeling good to have the cats.

Last friday, the owner delivered straight to my house and everybody in my family was quite hypnotised with this new has been domesticated quite fairly...

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Pineapple Quilt

If I would say that doing this intricate pineapple design is like a tiring journey, would you agree with me? Hhmmm....I am so exhausted today trying to complete and join the blocks. I was sitting for the whole day in my studio attempting to finish my project. Finally I have to surrender after completing almost half way through and my backache has called me to stop stitching. Never mind, I have another day to spend to complete my quilt top with boarders.

Sometimes, I told myself to stop making quilt and let focus to the other areas. thoughts had always asked me to do something rather than eating, sleeping and doing nothing. I have not been to my lovely kitchen for a while baking new pastry and recepies to my children. Roasted chicken with buttery rice and colourful salad. Do I really missed those activities having Adah and Yusuff helping me messing the Kitchen? And my little Hana keeps asking me so many questions about what I am doing?

Yeah....time is to precious to be wasted. This coming Thusday is another public holiday. I already have my plan. I thought of doing dress for Hana. I could finish it within a day and it must be very beautiful for her to wear during Hari Raya.