Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time For Fajar Prayer

Today I managed to perform my fajar prayer at Masjid Haram. This was the first time since I arrived on the 25th September. The time for fajar began at 4.55 am. So to walk to the mosque about 20 minutes. Struggling to get a lift for another 5 minutes. Preparing for own self and wuduk about 20 minutes, therefore you are required to wake up as early as 3.00am.

To wake for fajar prayer is very mujahadah. You know lah how difficult to open the eyes and remove the blanket. But all these need to fight the desires that associate with setan. Aiyoo...I myself felt defeated most of the time. However when coming to Mecca everything bad must be changed to good deeds and expect to maintain when kita balik rumah la. If not tak laku la sudah naik haji kan....

You may think that the people not that many but you would surprise that the people walking towards Allah were so many with their tongues continuosly made zikirullah. They ubiquitiously gather right from outside the mosque until arranging their sajadah along the footpath. It was so incredible when people would sacrifice their comfort sleep just to please Allah......

Oh Allah please give us strength to be istiqamah in all the amal. Orang kata tak adalah hangat hangat taik ayam........ Jom from today, let's make a promise never to miss fajar prayer with congrigation....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Frida Prayer

We prepared ourselves earlier to get ready for Friday prayer. We would expect there must be huge numbers of worshippers going for the Friday prayers as well. Since we have not taken any breakfast, we were planning to go to D'Saji for brealfast. Time for prayer was 12.14 and we would have plenty of time.

We decended to the ground floor from building lift and ready to start our own journey. The sun has risen and it was 8.30 am. The heat still bearable and not so many people were on the road. It really does not mean 'not so many' as you might thought. We have a gentle walk and strolling down the valley towards the Big Clock. It took about 20 minutes to reach passing the increasing crowd.

The food food court is located on the second floor and they served all kins of food from western to asian. Do you think we missed nasi lemak? Not really. Food normally was not my priority and I would prefer local food. I saw D' Saji but my appetite would go for the italiano. Let try pizza with a cup of tea....

Now I have time to star my blogging duringy infradi period. Update my facebook, blogging, reply the whatsup and reading nonsense news. It was almost 9.45 when we cleared pur table and walking along the alley to find few things in the bazar. We should move to the Masjidil Haram by 10.30. We thought that we would manage to secure places for the prayer.

As we moved out of the building, arrays of people laying their sajadah especially under the shades. I was confused! Ok...let think about it layer. First is to find a toilet and perform our wuduk. I went to thw gent first and later waiting fory wife out the lady. People were flocking and increasing. The guards were curfewed few of the street to release the crown gradually until they found their space. Wow...we need to find the space. All the shaded are already booked. Masjidil Haram already closed. It was so hot and I would presumed the temperature was 40 degree. We did not bring the sajadah and nothing to cover from a scotching sun. People are pilling amd the spaces being squeezed by the late comers. Time for Jumah another half and hours.

I opened my small hand tower and placed on my head and searching for my quran. I just could not believe millions of people performing friday prayers durong Haj period. Everybody came to seek the pleasure of Allah, hoping to enter Jannah without rechonning. Make doa that everybody would be saved from the wrath of Allah because of our sins.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Going for Haj....

Alhamdulillah Allah dah pilih aku dan isteri ke Mekah tahun ni. Kami bertolak pada kapal KT60 pada pukul 1.30 pagi,  25hb September. Kami bertolak awal kesana dalam suasana hujan yang renyai-renyai. Ayah mertua, Ubai, Wan, Ikhlas dan Yusuf turut sama menhantar kami berdua. Perasaan aku biasa sahaja sebab aku memang selalu tinggalkan mereka demi tugas. Tapi wife aky lain sikit. Terpaksa melodrama dgn anak anak. Maklumlah dia yg sgt rapat dgn anak anak..... Aku pun rapat juga tapi contro macho la kan.

Kami mendarat di Jeddah pada pukul 5.15 pagi. Penerbangan yg memakan masa lebih dari 7 jam. Alhamdulillah urusan tabung haji memberi kidmat yang sungguh awesome. Memang aku thumbs up gitu. Lebih kurang pukul 12 tengahari baru sampai di hotel dan zohor.

Bilik seramai 6 orang dan merekalah rakan2 baru di sini. Wife aku bilik di sebelah. Nak panggil aku kasi coded knock. Yelah...tak boleh main main intai kan. Nanti terjerit pulak orang orang dalam bilik. Semalam dah buat umrah yang bermula dari pukul 10 mlm dan tamat hampir pukul satu pagi.

Selesai aje umrah aku dan wife terus balik ke hotel. Badan letin dan mata sangat mengantok.... Nak kena cari tenaga untuk solat subuh berjemaah. Waktu umrah memang ramai orang bersesak2 dari setiap cerok dunia dengan tujuan yang satu.

Nak dapat quality amal harus banyak bersabar......