Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life is Hectic

After coming back from haj, hardly I have time to pen down my writing. My blog seems been abandoned by me. It is not that I am too buzy like a corporate figure but my mood to write already disappear. Oh my god, give back my enthusiasm to narrate in my wonderful blog. I have been without income since I came back from haj. My contract already expired and I refused to extend further. I have few ideas what I should do but I just too slow to makeit happen.

Tomorrow I leaving for Guangzhou,  China. My core intention is to find fabric for my quilting work. I used to hear how people went to Guangzhou for businesses, and making a round trip again and again. I am joining the 'borong' group to roam around the city to find something worthfor business. I got few ideas but better wait and see what isgoing to happen.

At the same time, my mom is not feeling well. And the age at this stage she is vulnerable to handle herself. I have to make few trips in a month to look after her and she is adamant to stay in her home. What to do? I ask her to stay with us until she is fit to handle herself but it is not thateasy. Her heart and soul are too attached to her own home. I would rather try to understand her feelings rather creating another set of argument with her. Oh got please help me......

This all about lives. Whether welike it or not, we got to deal with it.

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