Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Untie Agnes

Of all the spots in Kuala Lumpur, the place that I like to go is Ampang Pack. There are two places that I love the most. First, is to visit my friend Jenny, who owned the craft shop at level 2, and secondly visiting untie Agnes who possess special skill to make a lamp shade. Whenever we met, we would talk anything about politics, hobbies, families and so on. Normally, I would visit Jenny first, then I will visit untie Agnes.

Recently I gave a visit to both of them. As usual Jenny would greet me with her chubby smile. Then she introduced me to Fujico, her student who was learning ribbon embroidery. Fujico is a quilting teacher in Japan and she stays in KL as her second home. Wow......since we have common interests, we managed to exchange the ideas in many things even hardly she speaks english. She shows me he gadgets for needleworks and some of her craft work.  I was so amazed with her creativity and time she has put forward. I ve spent about an hour taking to Fujico and Jenny and I just realised that Jenny could speakJapanese and she became my good translator.

I wish goodbye to Jenny and Fujico coz I need to meet untie Agnes. Her shop just another seconds to walk. There was nobody inside but I knew, untie was sewing or stiching the lamp shade at the back. As I entered, the door bell start to ding dong and untie emerged from the back to greet me. Untie is old just like my mom but her hard work and creativity is wonder. She should take a rest and enjoy this beautiful life but her beautiful life is about her lamp shade.

Friendship and relationship is beyond boundary. Anybody can be your friend as long as we adhere respects to each other.

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