Sunday, February 21, 2010

Betta Fish (Fighting Fish)

When I was at home, from time to time I will introduce a new pet for my children. Hoping that they will show interest towards pet just like me when I was small. But everything was a failure since my children lost their interest along the way and end up I have to manage all those pets. Anyway, I never give up but keep on encourage them to have a passion for pet. The way I look at it, non of them ever show any serious interest. My children rather spend their long hours to watch TV, browsing the internet and playing electronic games. This is what we called modern era that people tend to be individualistic.
The above prologue reminds me to talk about my new interest to breed Betta fish. I have tried for several times but end up with casualties. I just wonder why won't I search in the internet on how to breed the Betta fish earlier. What I did was I put the male and female together in an aquarium and expect them to get acquaintance, mating and breeding. ridiculous I was. Everytime on my way home from KL I will stop by at the aquarium shop to check for the Betta fish after I enjoyed the best rojak under the tree cooked by the taukey named Kulum Kadar (Now he has changed his name and no more 'Kulum' printed. May be it quite an obscene name to be mentioned). I will buy few males and females and as usual mix them together expect them to produce the young. Hahahaha........ I failed again.
Few days ago I started browsing the internet on how to bread a Betta fish and now I think I know what to be done. My next home leave, I will seriously operating my new interest. I would ask one of my children to share this new interest with me and to ensure that our program will be successful.

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