Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Khofta - Meat Ball
Years ago, I used to go to Algate East mosque every Thursday night. I would travel from Dartford after finished my classes to Charing Cross, London. From there I will take a tube straight to Algate station and walk briskly to Christian Street, where the mosque is resided. After the program completed we went down stairs to have a late dinner before we went home. The locals cordially will invite us to share their varieties of homely made curry. I was intrigued with the meat ball curry that was called 'khofta' and from there I created my very own recipe of meat ball. Those days were not that easy to get the recipes that you wanted unless you went to the bookshop and browses all the recipe books that provided special recipes that you prefered. Now you have the internet and just a touch of the button you are able to find anything that you wanted. Ok here is the recipe and hope that you will enjoy it.


minced meat
chopped onion
black pepper
cumin powder
turmeric powder
coriander powder

Very simple and no need to complicate the procedure. Mix everything in the bowl and shape the mixture like a ball and ready to fry. You can chose to have a deep fry or normal fry.

This is the result that will appear and will give you a very spicy aroma fragrance that will give everlasting desire to taste it. Actually you can use the fried meat balls to prepare curry, tomyam, soup and even masak lemak.

This is what I did. A soup with potatoes, tomatoes and jeruk chili padi. The result was so marvelous and magnificent if you were to taste it. Sorry lah puji diri sendiri skit kan. Nak masak soup ni tak susah pun. Cuma campak semua dalam periuk. Eh...sebelum tu fry garlic and onion dulu sampai garing then masuk air dan segala tok nenek tu dalam periok. Selamat mencuba..... Kalau korang cuba and tak sedap jangan blame I ok.... Sebab setiap cook mempunyai 'air tangan' yang berbeza.... Hehehhehehe.....


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Anonymous said...

macam sedap je yg ni... hmm...

k said...

i remember those days at Aldgate East mosque - lovely days, great curry and lovely people

Abu Ikhlas said...

nostalgia tuh.....by the way sapa 'K' ekk......