Innocence - David Hosp

Attorney Scott Fin has returned to the tough Charlestown streets of his youth, where he ekes out a living from any legal work he can get. But noting has prepared him for a case as twisted as the one he now faces.

Fifteen years ago a doctor and illegal immigrant Vincente Salazar was convicted of a brutal attack on a female undercover cop. Now he finds support in his claim for a new trial and Finn is the only one able to fight to find the truth.

Allying himself with maverick detective Tom Kozlowski, Finn uncovers a web of deception and corruption that stretches from Central America to Boston's suburbs which could threaten the security of the nation. Before Finnand Kozlowski know it, it will be their lives that hang in the balance as they search desperately for the thin line between guilt and innocence.

Another story similar style and plot like typical novels by John Grisham. Nevertheless, he manage to plot his story in the way the suspense really biting your nerves. Little bit confusion here, why didi they aimed to track down the Slazar family in particular quite unclear. But the rest of it is acceptable.


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